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RU 25/2009 - FRANCE, 2 news

FRANCE : Véronique Courjault has finally been sentenced, on Thursday June 18th, to eight years of prison for having killed at their birth three of her children between 1999 and 2003, maintaining two bodies in the freezer. Here is what a faithful reader of our press releases RU wrote to us : "I am shocked, disgusted beyond any expression by what I have just learned : this mother, on trial for the killing of three of her children, has just been sentenced to eight years in prison, and she will certainly leave the prison after a year only, by the game of remissions of sentence . Obviously You understand why there is shown so much benignity to this child murderer : for not challenging the ‘right’ of abortion. This means that now the concept of authorized child murder - until now limited to the foetus - extends to the child already born! Up to what age the mothers are they to be authorized to kill their children? I knew abortion at birth is already being practiced in the United States, hidden under the name of D&X (dilatation and extraction). The remainders of France - that infamous country which committed suicide in 1789 – wants to do even better. What a shame and what a mercy! » - In fact, we also, the editor board of RU , are horrified. This woman who has killed her baby 1 hour after birth, is sent 8 years to prison; but a doctor who kills a baby 1 hour before birth, e.g. for trisomy 21, is not only released by the law, but he is reimbursed for the assassination costs of the baby. 1 Hour would make the difference? Of two things one must be true: or they are schizophrenics, or we are! Taking into account the mountains of corpses on the other side, it’s rather them. They are worse than crazy: madmen. One wonders for how long we yet will be able to eat with them at the same table, without becoming by this fact members of the same band of criminals, the sad gang of abortionists. - (ru)

FRANCE again : The crisis? A forgery ! That’s what explained to us a friend banker in retirement. According to him, in order to extract even more taxpayers' money, in France and in the world, it was necessary to create a crisis, or even a mass psychosis, in order to make the populations totally frustrated and malleable, so that they entrust themselves entirely to their governments and their bankers who are trumpeting: "Trust us!". In fact, the problems are piling up: insolvency of the whole world, economic crises in chain, break-downs of banks, masses of new unemployed.. . And what do they propose to get us out of there? Inject money, by increasing even further the debt. In short, they want to extinguish the fire by the fire! France is already in debt of 1,300 billion Euro. To this amount are added every month astronomical new sums: deficit of the Social Security system 20 billion Euro for the last year, billions of Dollars to support the banks for avoiding their bankruptcy, rescued business while laying off their employees in masses, deficit of France’s State budget of 100 billion for 2009 (and this is not finished yet), etc. The interests of the debt of France will exceed, from 2010 onward, the huge sum of 50 billion Euro per year, as much as the total cost of National Education. (By the way: who is receiving these huge interest sums? … again the Banks!). Let’s take the case of a person taking a debt of one million Euro: we would put him under tutelage. But for the State, there is no trial and no tutelage. It can waste billions, nobody will criticize or control it. Any good father would do a better job than those criminals who are governing our countries in such a way. Please try to calculate what debt we are bestowing to our children: by dividing the total debt of France, i.e. 1,300 billion Euro, by the number of its inhabitants, one obtains the incredible debt of … 21,666 Euro (or 31,850 USD!) per person! This amount is to be reimbursed one day, and we are leaving that time bomb irresponsibly to our children, or to future generations, because one generation will never be able to reimburse. Dear readers, remain faithful to the Christian hope. We recently built a new party called AMEN which defends in all areas the Social Doctrine of the Church, especially in the field of protection of newborn, weak, or sick life, but also in the economic, cultural, educational, military and other areas. Instead of retracting yourself by disgust, or even no longer to go to vote, do join us, be one of the first members of AMEN (we are already 60 !), pioneers of the future, because their economy is world bankruptcy, their art is degeneration, and especially their culture of death has no future at all. All what they are doing, is to dig a vast tomb for everyone. May they do it, it’s their business; but as to us, we are not masochistic. Saint Benedict taught us: ‘Ora et labora’, pray and work! It would be vain to want only to pray, when God already gives us some opportunity to work. With God everything will be possible, even the rescue of Christian Europe - and of its heart which is Catholic France. You can send to AMEN (Arrêtons le Massacre des Enfants à Naître = Stop the Massacre of the Unborn Children, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien) a check of 25 Euro (35 USD) - or 10 Euro (14 USD) for persons in delicate situation - for membership in 2009, and you will receive your membership card of the new party AMEN which is 100% Christian and pro-life ! One day your grand-children will look at this card, saying with pride: "Oh, our grandparents, they were courageous! Let’s stand up as they did !" - (ru)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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