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RU 24/2009: WORLD, Peace without Jesus Christ?

WORLD : Everyone feels that humanity is tending to become one single comprehensive unit. This is surely an effect of the informative revolution of the 20th century, as important as the industrial revolution of the 19th century. We end up knowing everything about everyone, and that almost instantly. We feel that, behind the thousand facets of politics, economics and media, certain forces are working to build a world government, using thoroughly these newly discovered capacities and giving its orders and instructions to all of us, from one end of the planet to the other. This is not necessarily a good thing, it can even be the worst of what ever has been experienced by mankind until now: the mega project Babel. Imagine a boat – or an Airbus - which perishes and disappears in the sea. This is sad, but thousands of other ships and aircrafts are continuing to circulate. Imagine now a gigantic boat, kind of Noah’s ark, which would contain all humans, a tower of Babel which lodges them all, a Super Airbus which would fly all of us in the same aircraft. In this case, things are quite different: the slightest disaster would mean the extermination of humanity. This is why some ones, and not the least of the thinkers, are questioning themselves as to this race of humanity in which it seems now engaged.

It’s in this context that the Vatican proposed last week a new document called "In search of a universal ethics: a new perspective on natural law," published by a certain International Theological Commission near the Congregation of the Faith and available on the site (French and Italian versions only). It says beautiful things, in particular that the natural law is engraved by the Creator into every human heart and constitutes a sort of initial revelation, before the plenary revelation in O.L. Jesus Christ. This natural law would culminate in some way in the Decalogue of the Ancient Testament and could, according to the document, serve as basic ethics for a global common life of humanity in peace and justice. Of course, all this seems plausible, but does it not mean to put the carriage before the oxen? One remembers Paul VI and John-Paul II speaking in New York to the United Nations, carefully avoiding the name of O.L. Jesus Christ as if this would disturb, limiting themselves strictly to the human level. As if humanity was able to live together in peace and justice on the only bases of intelligence, natural law and some good feelings, yet fully being aware that mankind, chained to sin, is unable to act in this way, and never did ! "Without Me you cannot do anything," revealed Christ to us. But our theologians seem to know better: without Jesus-Christ we can do a pleasant and peaceful little club on earth, a kind of Mediterranean Club for all. This is precisely the role that the Freemasonry wants to assign to the Church: she should remain in its corner, providing just the grease to run the wheels of mankind which became adult, autonomous, and global; they want the Church to provide a bit of pretence of ethics, a little elevation of soul, some dream, some classic organ music in the background, not more. And especially, the Church should not speak about a Saviour, a hell which threatens, about Jesus-Christ Son of God who came to save us, about lost eternal life recovered by Him.  

Let’s be serious: who is able to observe the Decalogue, except the one who gave up the ‘old man’ and who lives in God? There we arrive to the decisive point: the document starts from an absolutely erroneous analysis of the signs of the time. The Vatican theologians consider, in paragraph 113, that the natural law "is the moral law written in the heart of men and of which humanity is more and more aware as it advances in the history," and they finish by referring, in full admiration, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - which by the way takes its roots in the French Revolution and not in the Words of God. Thus, according to those ‘theologians’, mankind would “progress” ? Fatal Error! Mankind, in almost all aspects of life, is engaging always more in the evil, leading to eternal damnation, of course under a thick cover of nice ethical names, a misleading never reached before. One billion human beings thrown into the trash bin under the label “free choice”, known by everyone and almost with nobody standing up against it! A quarter of mankind abandoned to misery and hunger ! The wealth of the world concentrated in the hands of 10% of humanity! That’s where we arrived with the ‘Human Rights’ without God! That’s where we arrive in establishing Man as the centre of everything, instead of God: "The source of inalienable human rights is located in the dignity of every human person" (paragraph 115 of the document). With those utopias, humanity has arrived at such a level of degradation and baseness that some are starting to speak, rightly or wrongly, about "apocalyptic” events, i.e. the end of times. Never there was such urgent need to announce the Saviour of mankind, O.L. Jesus-Christ, Lamb of God, King of the universe, calling everyone to convert and live in Him. It’s only in Him, with his supernatural grace, that men can live along the ethical norms of the natural law, and not the other way round. That’s the only imaginable peace among men, the Peace of Christ. There is no other way. - (ru)

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