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- USA: The United States remains the country of the Far West and the easy revolver. On May 31st, the chief abortionist Dr. George Tiller, famous because of his `speciality' which is late abortions (babies to be born of 5 months and more), was shot to death at Wichita (Kansas) by a man called Scott Roeder of Kansas City, 51 years old. The scene took place on Sunday in the local Lutheran church while Tiller distributed parish fliers. Tiller is known to have killed, since the opening of his abortion mill in 1975, the appalling number of 60,000 babies to be born. Already on several occasions, abortionists were shot in the United States (NB: always by Protestants or agnostics, never by Catholics!). Killing a man is, according to God’s 5th commandment, a criminal murder, a mortal sin and an act which deserves eternal damnation. Therefore one must pray in this case as well for the victim as for his attacker, both in danger of hell. According to the multi-secular doctrine of the Church, to kill a man is never licit, except in 3 quite precise cases: 1) in the event of death sentence by a legal court, 2) in case of a State’s defense war, 3) in the event of an unsupportable tyran when all other means of driving him out or making him abdicate have been tried out in vain. In the latter case, it can be a simple laic who takes care of that killing. One can correctly think that for Hitler or Stalin, for example, this situation was given, but nobody rose up to do it (except for Stauffenberg who tried but failed). Thus millions of innocent men died: approximately 50 million by Hitler and his Nazism, and 150 million by Lenin and Stalin and their Communisms. For aborted babies, we are - according to a figure given by the U.N. - at more than one billion victims! Under these conditions one can understand - but not excuse - a simple minded, and perhaps even arrogant and excessively self-justifying man, who ends up wanting to kill one of those outstanding abortionists. But an abortion clinic boss is not a Head of State. Moreover: how to fight by violence against violence? By slaughters against slaughters? Nothing is stronger than love, Christian charity, since “ubi caritas ibi Deus est” (where is love, there is God), according to the liturgy of the Holy Thursday. Especially the abortion, which is the sin against (maternal) love, can only be overcome by love. Let’s remember the S.O.S MOTHERS association which saves each week 1 or 2 babies of pregnant women and young girls whom they find in tears on the street, in the coffeeshops, on the benches of the public parks, in the medical laboratories… S.O.S MOTHERS informed us that its cash box – may be because of the ‘financial crisis’? - is hopelessly empty. How can you help a mother to save her baby without a banknote of 100 Euro in your pocket? If it is possible to you, please help them by a check to S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France. Here is the Christian answer to the killings of Tiller, Roeder and Company. - (ru)

- FRANCE: The Foundation Jerome Lejeune announces in his Genetique Bulletin of May 2009 that “in France 92% of the cases of Trisomy are detected, against 70% on average in all of Europe, and 96% of these detected cases are terminated by abortion, which fact reveals an individual practice of almost systematic elimination of the carried fetuses”. Horrible news! Do whom does humanity owe the discovery of the chromosomal anomaly which is at the origin of Trisomy 21? Precisely, professor Lejeune. How could this man, universally recognized as a high level scientist, and even in the Catholic Church as an exemplary faithful (preparations of the canonical process of beatification is in progress in the Vatican) and personal friend of our pope John-Paul II, justify the publication of such a dramatic discovery? Because to scientific discovery is one thing, but to make it public to the world is quite another thing. Mystery! In any case, today the evil is done and towers to heaven: ten thousands of babies having a trisomic deformation are systematically exterminated before birth, not only in France, but in the whole world. We are living in full fledged eugenics, dear friends. It’s not worthwhile to lament noisily the horrible Nazism of olden days: it’s enough to look around yourself, and it’s worse. Hitler was an altar boy by comparison to the ambient general feeling nowadays: “Of course, a deformed kid? Must be removed!” Doesn't one hear this king of horror in all living rooms, coffee shops, Parliaments, courts, and even in each stairwell? Worse than that, these people praise themselves saying that they are unconditional defenders of the “Human Rights”, while subscribing to the elimination of a part of humanity from the very beginning of their existence. Without God humanity does not progress, it regresses. - (ru)

- EUROPE: Who is Daniel Cohn-Bendit? One knows that it was, at the European elections of June 7th in France, head of an ecologist list and that he was elected member of the European Parliament. How could this man, called earlier Red Danny, and now Green Danny, allure 16% of the French electorate? Go to see the Internet sites and , and you will discover what this German, known since the Parisian riots in May 1968, declared on April 23rd, 1982, on “Antenna 2” TV program “Apostrophes”. It’s absolutely shocking, even nauseous. Two quotations of ‘Danny’ taken from this video: “Oh those small drugs `H'… Moreover I took one of them this very evening, just before the broadcast, it’s fantastic!” And further: “When a 5 year old little girl starts to strip you, it’s fantastic, because it’s a play which is absolutely erotico-maniac… The sexuality of a small kid is really fantastic!” Such events prove the ‘fantastic’ madness of democracy which makes it possible to people to vote for anyone who comes along the street, even along the gutters. It’s time to return to the monarchy of divine right: if not so, Europe will be lost. - (ru)

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