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RU 01/2006 - SUMMARY OF THE YEAR 2005

WORLD: Like usual, in the beginning of each year, please find beneath as well a negative as a positive summary of the events commented by UNEC during year 2005, according to the main news of our weekly press bulletins RU.


- A powerful Tsunami, plague sent by God, devastated the coasts of Asia and killed 300,000 people. "All of you will perish in the same way", announced Jesus 2000 years ago (RU 01/2005) - The present disinformation implies that it is better to know nothing than to know a truth which is only partial and deformed, i.e. an untruth, a simple and true lie. Don't read the French daily 'Le Monde'! (RU 02) - Cardinal Ratzinger sealed the cell of Sister Lucie who died in Portugal; are there any other embarrassing secrets? (RU 07) - A nightmare letter written by an embryo of today (RU 07) - The barbarian methods applied by the euthanasia Institute DIGNITAS at Zuerich (RU 08). - Cardinal Ratzinger pronounces a resounding 'Mea culpa' during the Way of the Holy Cross on Good Friday in Rome, describing the Church as 'about to sink' (RU 11). - The Christians, with the whole Church, practiced papolatry, during the last weeks of John-Paul II's life (RU 12). - The world cries 'Never again!' remembering Auschwitz, but forgets that it's now sinking in a sea of blood of 1.2 billions of babies assassinated by abortion (RU 12). - In Guatemala children are sold for 15,000 Dollars each (RU 12). - Summary of the pontificate of J.P. II: a Church which looks like functioning independently of God, its emblems being the imaginary death of Communism, the absence of fight against abortion, and the loss of unity (RU 14). - Everything goes wrong in the Iberic peninsula: marriage between homosexuals in Spain, and a referendum about abortion in Portugal (RU 16) - The personal 'mea culpa' of cardinal Ratzinger (RU 18) - RU installs a meter to count the number of days of the unjust and invalid 'excommunication' of Tradition from the start of the pontificate of Benedict XVI (RU 18) - Scandalous ratification of the 'European Constitution' by Austria (RU 19) - Benedict XVI rushes the opening of the process of beatification of John Paul II (RU 20) - Catastrophic nomination of Mgr Levada, new president of the Congregation of Faith (RU 20) - Solemn visit of Benedict XVI to the synagogue of Cologne (RU 20) - The living martyrdom of the Carmel at Bagdad (RU 22) - The wrong liberty, equality and fraternity of the French Republic (RU 24) - The Catholic diocese of Essen in Germany closes one third of its churches, emptied by the quickly advancing apostasy of the faithful (RU 24) - Sober analysis of the 'terrorist attacks' in Iraq (RU 29) - Alarming number of nervous breakdowns in France, especially among women (RU 30) - Israel wants to give lessons to the Vatican (RU 30) - Sale of aborted embryos in France (RU 31) -Potent questions before the start of the Catholic Youth Festival at Cologne (RU 31) - Desperate appeal of a Catholic to the Holy Father (RU 32) - A first - alarming - summary of the pontificate of Benedict XVI (RU 33) - The protestant Roger Schutz of Taize receives Holy Communion from the hands of the pope - and dies (RU 34) - 75 % of the 13 to 18 years old pregnant girls are aborting their babies each year in France (RU 38) - Against the will of the Europeans, the E.U. opens access negociations with Turkey (RU 39) - Desperate cry of the women living under the regime of Islam (RU 40) - Jacques Chirac marked as the motor of the adhesion of Turkey to the E.U. (RU 40) - The unjust 'trial' of Sadam Hussein (RU 41) - Discovery of subliminal messages on all EURO checks in France (RU 41) - Russia is aborting itself by the massive rejection of babies (RU 41) - Already 35 million babies aborted in France and Germany (RU 43) - France funds the construction of mosques (RU 44) - The rate of 'Christians' in England fell from 72 pourcent to 35 pourcent (RU 44) - Sober analysis of the rebellions in the suburbs of France (RU 46) - Not very Christian compromises of Angela Merkel, the new chancellor of the 'CDU' in Germany (RU 47) - Gloomy report of a teacher in a suburb of Paris (RU 49) - Indictment against Islam by Mgr Louis Pavy, bishop of Algeria ... in 1853 (RU 50).


- On Jan. 23rd, 2005, there were 5000 demonstrators against abortion in the avenues of Paris, powerfully bearing witness in favour of Life (RU 03). - A capital letter of Mgr Fellay/SSPX to cardinal Hoyos asking for a 'normal place' in the Church (RU 05). - The Anglican 'Church' is on the verge of explosion in front of the homosexual problem et and the priesthood of women (RU 07). - The Federal Court of Germany declares that the word "catholic' is not an exclusive privelege of the official Church, thus allowing the SSPX to maintain this denomination for its churches and chapels (RU 07) - The cardinal von Galen who dared to oppose Hitler in public, will soon be beatified in Rome (RU 08). - Daily life in the only contemplative Catholic monastery in China, the Trappist abbaye 'Our Lady of the Joy' on the isle of Lantao near Hongkong (RU 09). - The bishop of Montpellier in France evacuates Muslims from a church which has been, for the last 20 years, an 'Islamic prayer room' (RU 12). - The Anglican 'Church' in England continues to implose unter the plagues of homosexuality and feminism (RU 15). - John Paul II concedes in his book "Enter into Hope' his personal doubts: the Second Vatican Council 'rather provoked the walk-out of the faithful from the religious and human communites' (RU 15) - Cardinal Biffi at Bologna declares courageously, concerning the present massive immigration into Italy, that there doesn't exist a 'right to invasion' (RU 15). - Enormous expectancies regarding the new pontificate of Benedict XVI (RU 16) - The appeal of SOS MOTHERS to universal rescuing of babies (RU 17) - The Christian news 'RU' from now on available on Internet, in 4 languages (RU 19) - At Tur Abin in Eastern Turquey, monks persevere under the Islamic rule (RU 21) - An "Institute of Catechesis for Muslims" in Vienna aims at the 'impossible conversion' (RU 23) - 1000 American Jewish rabbis of America forbid the abortion advocate Simone Veil to speak at Auschwitz (RU 23) - Examples of rescueing from abortion, in the 'log book' of SOS MOTHERS: the fate of two pregnant Iraqian girls (RU 25) - The crushing NO of France against the 'anti-Christian Constitution' of the Europe made in Brussels (RU 26) - Big European march in Brussels against the homosexual invasion (RU 26) - Announcement of a 'Pilgrimage to Catholic Sweden' by UNEC (RU 27) - Summary of the fights of UNEC (RU 28) - Marvellous fruits of the pilgrimage 'to Catholic Sweden' organized by UNEC (RU 35) - Hopeful events in France in October 2005 (RU 36) - Program of the colloquium 'The Holy Tunic face to Science' at Argenteuil (RU 37) - The EURO banknotes used as ballot papers against the entry of Turkey into the E.U. (RU 38) - Signs which announce the potential abolition of abortion in the U.S. (RU 38) - The European flag is definitely of Christian origin (RU 39) - Benedict XVI opens the door to the Orthodox (RU 40) - Strongly increasing numbers of Christians in China (RU 41) - The millenary reflex of rejection of Islam by the Christians (RU 42) - The evolutionary thesis is under attack before a U.S. court (RU 42) - The 'Frauenkirche', destroyed by the Anglo-Saxons, has been solemnly reopened in East-German Dresden (RU 43) - Numerous English intellectuals demand the ancient Catholic Mass in Latin (RU 44) - Report of the wonderful colloquium about the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil (RU 44) - Princess Sophia of Liechtenstein declares war on abortion with a personal Fund for rescuing babies (RU 47) - Mgr Laun of Salzbourg courageously denounces the scandalizing 'art' works of certain modern artists (RU 47) - Portrait of +cardinal von Galen who dared to oppose Hitler from the pulprit of his cathedral (RU 48) - Pro-family measures taken by the new Family and Youth Minister in Germany, Mrs Ursula von der Leyen (RU 49) - Benedict XVI wants to stem the commercial noise around Xmas (RU 51) - Summary of the year 2005 with UNEC (RU 52).  

NB: One can obtain any one of the RU communiques without cost from l'UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/F +33-134120268,,, or even all 52 RU issues of 2005 against 12 USD, and the same for all other years since 1997, specifying the language: French, English, German or Russian. - (ru)


- Count on the negative counter: 269th day of continuing 'excommunication' of (the big majority of) Tradition under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

- Count on the positive counter: So far, 249 babies rescued from abortion by SOS MOTHERS (UNEC)   - (ru

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