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RU 22/2009 - FRANCE, vote "Solidarity" !

- FRANCE: Let’s talk about the European elections of June 7th. All over France one can count 160 different ballot ‘lists’, but only 7 of them are presented in all 8 French electoral ‘regions’. In the only area Isle-of-France (Paris), 27 lists are on the run. A record. All that for 72 parliamentary French MEP seats in Strasbourg and Brussels. Let’s look at the objectives of the various candidates. It’s remarkable how each one looks only at his own navel: the Government party UMP (ex-RPR) wants to keep its deputy rocking chairs, the REDS of any tonality want to recover money, the MODEM (Mr. Bayrou) wants to get decorated, the hunters want to polish their rifles, the identity parties want to save the good earth of France for themselves… EXCEPT ONE LIST, whose candidates do not think of themselves. They think of others. And not of any others: they think of the babies before birth, of the million human beings continuously assassinated in the very womb of their mothers, which is the case of already one third of the babies to be born, a genocide of a dimension never seen before. It’s the first time that an polling list for the protection of human LIFE as an absolute priority, has come up in France.

          The name of this list is SOLIDARITY-FRANCE. A couple of very few people have established, in May 2008, that party in order to descend to the political arena for making hear the voice of the voiceless, the silent cry of the babies executed before birth. They are convinced that this is the essential combat of the present hour. Because abortion does not only kill the babies, it kills the society in its most intimate realm, it kills the heart where resides love. It removes the deepest and most tender bond on earth: maternal love. Without that, earlier or later, a nation perishes. It’s the disastrous road towards which France and Europe are heading. SOLIDARITY wants to stop that, to swim against the current, to save what can be saved, in short: to restore love. Naturally no party, no institution, no major organization - neither laical nor religious – gave any assistance to this upcoming heroic party. With a few thousand Euro, produced from their own pockets of family fathers and mothers, they succeeded in assembling a list in two regions for these European elections: in the Isle-of-France (Paris) and in the south-eastern region (Grenoble-Nice-Marseille). They currently are sacrificing their nights to stick their posters (panel No 12 in the Isle-of-France, and panel No 3 in the South-east); they succeeded in printing - with their meager purses - 2 million ballot forms; they are distributing fliers where they can… But no Catholic or Christian media made it known (except for the “Salon Beige” on Internet). By fear? Prudence? Pusillanimity? Cowardice? However some few associations understood the major interest of this initiative and quickly ran to assist SOLIDARITY, and even to provide several candidates on their lists. These are the following associations: TRANSEPT, S.O.S MOTHERS, UNEC, and our own very new party AMEN (Arrêtons le Massacre des Enfants à Naître = Let’s stop the Massacre of the Children to be Born) which did not yet succeed to assemble an electoral list by lack of financial means (the financial means of the association UNEC are basically and mainly directed to its rescue activity S.O.S MOTHERS…).

          Now, dear readers and dear friends, it’s up to you to play and to do the remainder. Act like us, VOTE for Solidarity, at least in the Isle-of-France or in the South-east, if you live in those areas (even foreigners from the E.U. living in France can cast their ballot in France in the case of the European Elections!). For the case where you would not find the ballot forms of SOLIDARITY in your polling station (the list is called exactly: SOLIDARITE-FRANCE, or SOLIDARITY - FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND PEACE, because of its complete Christian program based on the Social Doctrine of the Church), it’s better to prepare things in advance. We invite you to go to Internet site (by copy-paste procedure). There you will find, on the first page, a frame called “Ballot forms to be printed” (in French). You can thus print them by yourselves on your own printer (on blank paper, 80 gr.) and deposit them on June 7th in the ballot box. The A5 format and the presentation have been perfectly validated by the administration, of course with the provision not to add or to cross anything. We ask you this gesture today, to save the babies of tomorrow; it’s the gesture of the Good Samaritan. RESCUE HUMAN LIFE, that is at present the most important objective in France - and Europe. Tomorrow, if God wants so, it will be the issue No 1, and together we shall have been the pioneers. High the hearts! - (ru)


- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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