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- GERMANY: A serious argument rose between The Priest Society Saint Pius X and Mgr Robert Zollitsch, archbishop of Freiburg in the Black Forest. According to the SSPX, this archbishop would deny the expiatory character of the Passion and the Death of O.L. Jesus-Christ. In fact the archbishop declared on radio (with HR, on April 11th, 2009) that God “only showed his solidarity with mankind” (!) by the Passion and the Death of His Son. Although he carried the weight of the men’s sins on its shoulders, he did not expiate them, but only carried them “to be close to the men”. The archbishop said textually in the interview, after the question if God gave his Son because the men were lost in sin. “No! He gave his own Son by solidarity with us, up to the extreme distress of death, in order to tell us: I love you as much!” In short, the archbishop degrades Our Saviour Jesus to have been a simple therapeutic adviser. According to Rev. Fr. Schmidberger (SSPX), this is a heresy, and it requires that the archbishop disavow his remarks. Indeed, the whole Bible, Old and New Testament, give testimony of the expiatory character of the Passion and Death of Jesus: “By his wounds we are healed” (Is 53.5); “This is my blood which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” (Mt 26.28); and the pope Saint Pius X clearly condemned, in his Syllabus, the assertion “the doctrines of the expiatory death of Christ is not in conformity with the Gospel and is Paulinian”. This frailty is not the first one of Mgr. Zollitsch. Let’s recall that he is a priest of the very disputed Company “Schoenstatt”; that he obtained the doctorate in theology in 1974 in full aftermath of the Council Vatican II; that he was appointed archbishop of Freiburg in 2003 by the anti-traditionalist pope John-Paul II; that he has become in his diocese - as an excellent decline manager  - the champion of closings of parishes and deaneries; that he regards Protestantism as a `Church' (instead of an agglomerate of heresies); that he judges that the State must propose a regular partnership to homosexual couples; and finally he thought it wise to beam in 2008, the year when he became for six years the president of the Conference of the German Bishops (!), that we owe mosques to the Moslems in Germany. In short, a clarification by Rome becomes necessary. Let’s hope that the pope intervenes, for the comfort of the disorientated hearts. Of course, one can understand that the Holy Father is obliged to pilot the boat of the Church through the storms in some way like a general who guides his army through the war, i.e. while relying on his officers; but one would not understand that he would not replace, one after the other, those officers who are not faithful, worse, if they attack the `supreme commander', in fact O.L.J.C. - (ru; cf Katholisches May 22 , Wikipedia)

- ENGLAND: All Churches in England will be forced by the new “Equality Bill’, introduced by the Socialist Labour Government, to hire active homosexuals, and even “transsexuals”, in positions of youth workers and similar functions, “even if their religion holds such behaviour to be sinful”, commented deputy equalities minister Maria Eagle. She specified that this law will concern practically all employees of the Churches, except for those who conduct liturgical celebrations or spend their time teaching doctrine. The law will come into force in 2010, and the Churches fear the worst. Already several catholic organizations for adoption had to close their doors with a new law imposing the adoption of children even in the case of homosexual couples. Encouraged by the recent “Equality Bill”, Ben Summerskill, head of the British homosexualist activist group Stonewall, called for churches to be forced to employ homosexuals and for the police to stop Christians protesting against ‘gay right’ laws outside Parliament. Soon, in England, there will be jobless people like everywhere in the European Union, but not between the homosexuals, thanks to the famous `positive discrimination'. New posters will appear: “You are looking for a job? Become gay, and you’ll find work tomorrow! ”? It would be the world upside down. – (ru; cf LifeSiteNews May 23)

- RUSSIA: A former Russian dissident, Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky, who spent 12 years in a Soviet Gulag, again warned Europeans of a gigantic danger. “It’s really puzzling to me, says Bukovky in the documentary ‘Britain on the Brink’, that having just buried one monster, the Soviet Union, another remarkably similar one, the European Union, is being built… The two systems are based on the same ideology. The E.U. is nothing else than the old Soviet model, presented in a Western way”. For him, it’s a gang of leftist oligarchs in Brussels who, with some allies in the national parliaments, are creating a European super-State of communist style in which national sovereignty and democracy will be things of the past. He warned Europeans that the E.U. uses “an intellectual Gulag known as ‘political correctness” to suppress opposition”. - “It’s the beginning of the Gulag, the beginning of the loss of freedom”, he hammered. According to him, with a thin pretence of democratic practice, the European Parliament exerts the same function as the Supreme Soviet: it only ‘rubber stamps' the decisions made by a small number of unelected leaders. “In the Soviet Union, the people were taught to forget their own nationalities, ethnic traditions and customs, to become `a new historic entity, the Soviet people'.  The E.U., he said, follows the sa me principle of cultural eradication. They do not want that you are English or French. They want you to be a new historical entity, `Europeans'. They want you to remove all your national feelings and that you live like a multinational community.” Thus, according to Bukovski, Brussels wants to absorb the national States, they must cease to exist. Bukovski prevents that the E.U., in spite of its apparent success (27 countries, 500 million inhabitants, a common currency, 30% of the world’s NGP), “contains, like the Soviet Union, in these undemocratic principles “the seed of its own destruction. Unfortunately, when it collapses - and it will -, it will leave immense destruction behind, and we will be left with huge economic and ethnic problems”. In confirmation, let’s simply recall that the Treaty of Lisbon, which will be imposed on us early or later, if we want it or not, establishes “competence and primacy over member states’ own laws”! Already in 2006 Bukovski, who currently lives in England, declared in Brussels that the “monster” of the E.U. must be dismantled before it becomes a true and single federal State. In the same year, when he was candidate with the Russian presidential election, he declared in Budapest that he saw documents of Politburo and Central Committee, back in 1992, which confirmed the existence of a `conspiracy' to transform the E.U. into a socialist organization. “These documents proved clearly that all this idea to transform the Common Market into a federal State was agreed upon between Moscow and the leftist parties in Europe”. They wanted to create `a socialist transnational super-State' to stop what they called wild capitalism`'. - (ru; cf LifeSiteNews May 23) 

- CANADA: The only comforting news is that the young Lia, aged 12, who had become known recently in Canada for her remarkable little speech about abortion - speech published on Youtube and viewed up to now 650,000 times! -, showed up again. She could repeat her impressive 8 minutes talk, slightly adapted, in front of the 10,000 participants in the “March for Life”, face to the Parliament of Ottawa. Under a beating rain she hammered into the microphone: “Every day, 115,000 are being put to death through abortion. 115,000 ! Look around at this great sea of people. This is only about 10,000 people. Every two hours, this amount of children are killed because of abortion.” She continued without hesitating in front of the crowd: “Almost one third of our generation never made it out of the womb. All those lives are now gone. All that potential, gone, and all that hope and future, gone.” And while referring to psalm 139 she added: “Foetuses are definitely human, knit together in their mother’s womb by their wonderful Creator”. And still: “I know, some people say, ‘the mother has the right to abort, after all, her life is dramatically affected by having a baby’; but I’m asking you to think about the child’s rights that were never given to it ! No matter what right the woman has, it does not mean we can deny the right of the foetus!”. As to handicapped persons, she launched: “What doesn’t make sense to me is that on the one hand, we provide special parking and elevators for the handicapped, we sponsor the Special Olympics, speaking of the joy they are to us and how they inspire us. But, when we find out that a pregnant woman is carrying on of these very children, we counsel her to abort it, not giving the child a second thought.” And she finished with these serious words: “Even though you can’t hear them, or see them at all, a person’s a person, no matter how small!” - You can view the speech of Miss Lia Mill of May 14th, 2009 in front of the crowds of the Ottawa March for Life, on Youtube: - (ru; cf LSN May 22)

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