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- USA and FRANCE:  There is a video out there on Youtube which you should absolutely see, 8 min.: What does one see there? A priest in cassock, Rev. Fr. Norman Weslin, aged 80, carrying symbolically a big cross like Jesus. He is apprehended on May 15th by the police, during the talk of abortion president Obama at Notre Dame University in Indiana/USA. The priest is handcuffed before your eyes, falls down and is laid on a stretcher.  In the film you can see this prophetic priest. Observe his glance which he poses on the police officers who came to bind him and carry him away: like Jesus face to Judas! Until the last moment, on the video, he keeps singing the Ave Maria (of Lourdes). 39 other demonstrators were arrested, out of thousands of upright Christian demonstrators against the arrival of Obama, released later in the day by a payment of 250 USD each. Between them was also Mrs Norma McCorvey, i.e. the lady who, under the name of Jane Roe had provoked, by her failed abortion, in 1973 the judgment “Roe v. Wade” which banalized the abortion in the U .S. and caused since in this country a horrible butchery of 50 million assassinated children “in the name of the law”. This lady, meanwhile, deeply regretted her gesticulations against Life and converted to the Catholic Church.

Dear friends, we are in this same noble combat, for those small ones who do not even have a voice to defend themselves: the tiny babies. If you live in France, do not hesitate to en commit yourself at the sides of AMEN (and of SOLIDARITY at the time of the upcoming European elections). We are proud to be able to defend such an ideal, such a human necessity, such a noble Church, for such a God of Love! For the honour of these first candidates in history on an electoral roll in France against abortion and for Life, please find hereafter the list “Solidarity France” for the Paris area: 1 Axel de Boer, aged 39, President of “Solidarity - Freedom, Justice and Peace” - 2 Edwige Chorew, 26, Graduated Historian  - 3 Antoine Picard of Estelan, 47, President of “Transept” - 4 Jacqueline Robert, 48, President of “AMEN” - 5 Jean-Marie Audrain, 50, Musician, assistant documentalist - 6 Nathalie de Montgolfier, 43, Auxiliary of Child welfare - 7 Winfried Wuermeling, 72, Secr. General of UNEC and of SOS MOTHERS – 8 Beatrice Buesa, 37, professor of physical science – 9 Florent Trolley de Prevaut, 26, student – 10 Guilaine Victor-Tutein, 34, professor of French language – 11 Philippe Farges, 44, employee – 12 Blandine de Dieuleveult, 42, family mother – 13 Pierre Regnie, 24, informatician – 14 Victoria Morand, 52, nurse – 15 Michel Dumas, 52, professor – 16 Audrey de Boer, 25, student – 17 Stephen de Boer, 23, student – 18 Sophie Brossard, 39, medical secretary - 19 Gerard Tessier, 70, retreated accountant - 20 Catherine Lazaro, 48, human resources adminstrator - 21 Roger Balabau-Latour, 82, Musician and Christian trade unionist - 22 Simone Lenoir, 83, retreated aesthetician - 23 Jérome Heliot, 35, school helper - 24 Dominique Panis, 40, family mother - 25 Maurice Audrain, 88, retreated - 26 Marie-Francoise Victor, 64, retreated. - Disposing, by lack of means, of only one million ballot papers “Solidarity” (2 tons of weight, to give you an idea!), on 3.5 million voters in the Paris area, and thus being obliged to make aerial choices, if these bulletins are actually in your electoral office, take the chance and vote for Solidarity, in the name of the babies who are continuously assassinated in France (officially 600 per day!). These babies are waiting for us, very urgently. “What you will have done to the smallest one among my brothers, it’s to Me that you will have done it”. Who is this smallest one? - If you want to adhere to AMEN, send a check of 20 Euro - or 10 Euro in delicate situation - to AMEN, c/o UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France. - (ru)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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