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- TURKEY.  Certain information is relevant and significant. An Italian weekly ‘people’ magazine - `Diva e Donna' not to name it - published a letter signed in a Turkish prison by Ali Agca, the perpetrator of the assassination attempt against pope John-Paul II on May 13th, 1981 on Saint-Pierre’s square in Rome. In this letter, written from prison where he will remain locked up until 20l0 for the murder of a Turkish journalist, he affirms that he “abjured since May 13th, 2007 the Moslem faith” and that he “became faithful to the Roman Catholic Church”.  This is undoubtedly some result of the sincere mercy of the pope towards Ali Agca when he visited him in an Italian prison in 2003. Pardon is an act of major love which, by itself, is often creating good. But not always. One remembers the forgiveness that O.L. Jesus-Christ offered - still before the act of treason - to Judas: “Friend, why did you come? ”, with the success which one knows.  - (ru; cf. LF Apr. 28)

- AUSTRIA. A catholic pro-life personality raised strongly his voice to affirm again that the authorities of the Church in Austria are guilty of complicity with the inexpressible evil, abortion. The man is Mr. Andreas Kirchmair, former president of the catholic movements of the Austrian diocese Steiermark. Quotation: “The murder of the little boys of less than 2 years by Herode at Bethlehem, 2000 years ago, was terrifying… But what occurs since tens of years to Austria, is quite worse: in our country each 2nd child is killed already BEFORE his birth… In my eyes, the leaders of the Church carry a heavy responsibility in this situation which becomes increasingly more dramatic. Why?

1) The murder of the children promoted by the State is an injustice established in Austria. In our country a quiet industry of slaughter of the children, partly subsidized by the State, has been established since long time. The bodies of the children are mistreated like human primary product (for vaccines), or are recycled as special waste and not even buried. The public pressure on the pregnant mothers towards abortion is immense, and most of the gynaecologists and many people of the medical community employed in the hospitals already took part in abortions. The civic rights and the freedom of thought of the defenders of life are continuously restricted, the Supreme Court considers the handicapped children as a “damage”. In one word, the slaughter of the babies promoted by the authorities is an obvious injustice, by consequence we are no more living in a state of law. Face to this catastrophic situation there is a peremptory necessity to have, on the side of the Church, absolutely clear words, as well as proportioned actions and resistance. Because those would prove if she is really defending innocent children, lonely mothers and defenders of life. But she does not do it.

2) Bishops continue to defend the law to kill the children. Most of the Austrian bishops… and civil servants of the Church defend since tens of years in public the legal conditions resulting in innumerable killings of children (Mgr Kapellari: “As to abortion, criminalisation is not a viable way”) and became the accomplices of the Austrian industry of slaughter of the children. Consequently they also refuse the `criminalisation' by the Encyclical “Evangelium Vitae” and the doctrine of the Church. The cowardice, the contradiction and the duplicity of our bishops paralysed the action of our Church in the protection of the life of the children to be born, and consolidated always more the abortion lobbyists in Austria (and in the Council of Europe) in their intrigues.

3) The Catholic Church in Austria is directly implicated in the system of slaughter of the children. We recall: during years the pope pushed the German bishops to leave the action “Donum Vitae” (FD), until the moment when they finally were forced by the Vatican to quit it, in 1999. The movement “The Life Action Austria” (ALÖ), which doesn’t care about the doctrine of the Church, is identical with that one of “Donum Vitae”. The ”Catholic Action” (KA), under the authority of the bishops, delegates itself collaborators to the ALÖ which, according to reports in the media, emits consultation certificate being used as instrument to proceed to the abortions. Since tens of years the dioceses and the Conference of the Austrian Bishops send important amounts of money to the ALÖ. On several occasions protests rose, also in public, against this abuse of the donation money of the faithful and against the systematic disavowal of the Holy Father: in vain!

4) Why one continues to leave alone the mothers in distress and the threatened children? “The credibility of our speech also depends on what the Church does herself to assist the women concerned” (Benedict XVI). How many priests were imprisoned, during the 34 last years, for having defended the mother and the child? Did You, Monsignor, stay up against the discrimination of the unmarried mothers and their children? Did You, Monsignor, protected the mothers against the enormous pressure towards abortion? Did you speak in conscience with the fathers, for whom the abortion is a `good deal', since it’s much less expensive than the monthly payments to the mothers during years? Did you encourage your priests to go towards the private abortion clinics and hospitals where today almost as many children are killed than men and women die naturally? Or would the alliances of the Church with the political power be stronger than with the mothers in distress and the children in danger?

5) Many alliances of the dioceses with the abortionist State. As to that, there are terrifying parallels in history. In 1938 the bishop of Linz, Mgr Jaegerstaetter, had suffered much because of the electoral recommendation from the Austrian bishops in favour of the Nazis (at the time there was only one single bishop to oppose it, the one of Linz, exactly like today auxiliary bishop Mgr Laun of Salzburg). Many dignitaries of the Church, 70 years ago, initially cooperated with the Nazis, against the will of the pope. You also, Reverend cardinal, raised, in June 2008, in spite of vigorous protests, a Viennese political woman – famous abortionist – to the level of “Commander of St Gregory”, one of the highest distinctions for laics in the Catholic Church. Alliances with the abortionist State are so strong here that even the resounding speech concerning the abortion of the children to be born, delivered by Benedict XVI in autumn 2007 at the Hofburg, evaporated very quickly. Your representative, at the time, immediately skewed (“the declarations of the pope are not to be understood as an interference into the established legislative order (concerning abortion) of our country”, declared Mgr Kapellari). The pope should have spoken first with his episcopal colleagues instead of the politicians!

6) The bishops sacrifice the children to be born to “social peace”. In March 2008 You, Reverend cardinal, criticized severely, at the time of a sermon in Jerusalem, your predecessors because of their attitude towards the Encyclical `Humanae Vitae'. But your own refusal of the Encyclical “Evangelium Vitae” (EV) and that of the majority of your episcopal colleagues, as well as of many persons in charge in the Church, is still much worse, proved by the following assertion of a man of a high position in the Church and well informed: the bishops would also keep silent face to the innumerable abortions “because, if not, the `social peace in Austria' would be in danger”. In other words: the killing of the children to be born would be, in our country, a human sacrifice in favour of what is called “the social peace”, to which the majority of the bishops feel more obliged than towards those children.

7) Even on the catholic cemeteries the killed children don’t find asylum. In Austria it’s known that each 2nd mother is concerned with an abortion (often perpetrated under pressure) or with a miscarriage of her child. Through the centuries, unimaginable sufferings and rages thus accumulated. Many men, even the priests, have an enormous fear of it, even in ecclesiastical organisations under their own responsibility. The burial of innocent ‘dead born’ or aborted children depended on their dimension and weight, or even on their baptism, since as well the State policy as 'the Mother Church' acted until there, through the centuries, often in a cold and pitiless way. Millions of children dead before birth were refused the last rest on the cemetery; instead of that, their bodies were abused as human primary product (for vaccines) or were recycled as special waste.

- Summary: massive resistance in the Church against its doctrine as well as hypocrisy about the protection of the life of the children to be born reached with the authorities of the Church in Austria, under Your presidency, until now an unimaginable dimension. It’s true that the majority of the bishops confess `with the lips' the “protection of the human being starting from conception”, but at the same time they defend the abortion laws and promote an advance policy face to the abortion lobbies (Mgr Kapellari: “I’m not an abortion snooper”). They do not announce the Gospel of Life, nor support the pope in the fight against the slaughter of the children, but they speak, when dealing with the protection of life, with a “split tongue” and try to serve two Masters (Mt 6.24). The official voice of the Church – which has become itself part of the wall of silence and lie around the abortions of the babies - is today without force nor credibility (cf. the parabola of the salt, Mt 5.13). How many children have yet to be killed until the Church will change?

- After having exhausted all the other means, I feel obliged to criticize our ecclesiastical authorities publicly. I accuse You, Reverend cardinal Schoenborn, president of the Conference of the Austrian Bishops, and your representative Mgr Dr. Kapellari, of joint responsibility in the abortion of the children in our country. Even if my voice is weak like the one of the innumerable killed children, I humbly request the Holy Father to delegate an Apostolic Visitor, so that he can place his episcopal colleagues in front of their conscience, carry out the necessary clarifications and promote a vigorous action towards the children at risk. Because only a papal investigation can initiate this fundamental return towards the protection of the life which will durably renew the Church and the society. With my serious greetings, Mag. DI. Andreas Kirchmair, Piberegg, Austria.”  End of quotation. - (ru; cf. AK April 8)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - - 

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