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RU 15+16/2009 - PARIS, WORLD

- PARIS AND CHRIST-KING: On Tuesday April 7th, upon the initiative of Sylvain Garel, long haired chief of the Green Group of the Paris City Council, and the Socialist mayor of the 18th section of Paris, the ancient minister of Interior Matters Daniel Vaillant, the City Council voted in favour of a request to the chief mayor of Paris to forbid the mass celebrated each year, since 20 years, on the Montmartre hill on Monday of Pentecost as final event of the pilgrimage Chartres-Paris which is organised by the FSSPX founded by Mgr Marcel Lefebvre in 1970. A decree should be signed soon by Bertrand Delanoe. chief mayor of Paris. At the ballot, the UMP rightist party (Sarkozy’s party) abstained from voting, and the centre split up, Jean-Marie Cavada voting in favour of the interdiction. During the argumentation which was presented before the vote, on could only distinguish one single fundamental accusation by the socialist mayor: “This Christian sect preaches the return of Christ-King”. ». This fallacious argument has already been heard 2000 years ago, during the process of Jesus before Pontius Pilate. Seen from Heaven, on does not attack without risk the Saint Pius X Society. The last time, when 200 illegal immigrants occupied, on December 8th 2003, the church St Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris, the two leaders happened to be very badly treated little time later: one year later Romain Binazon, boss of the illegal people’s squad, died by a particularly atrocious car accident, and some time later Sylvain Garel, president of the Greens’ group with the City Council of Paris, got bitten and wounded over 4 inch by a Rottweiler dog. -  But let’s rather look at the bottom of the argument concerning Christ-King. Of course, this heavenly Royalty is awaited for by the Church for the end of times when “one sees the Son of man coming on the clouds from the sky with power and glory” (MT 24.30). Of course, this is not a political and immediate kingdom of Christ that His Church “preaches”, but a divine, eschatological and universal Kingdom. Under this aspect the accusation spelled out by the mayor Vaillant, suspecting an imminent takeover by this “king”, is just infantile, ridiculous and poorly instructed. On the other side, one must also be careful not to reduce the Royalty of Christ to a simple intimate conviction, hidden in the heart of the faithful, without public visibility. It’s the fundamental topic of the advent of the Kingdom of God, implored by the Christians from God with each Our Father prayer. This Kingdom “is coming”, i.e. it’s not yet here (the proof!), but at the same time it’s already here, reigning mysteriously over the faithful, and through them gradually over the world. It’s the “City of God” admirably described by Saint Augustine, which is progressively getting into shape by piercing, transforming and exceeding the political terrestrial city. The latter, in this vision, is only the pedestal of the Kingdom of God and must unrelentingly end up by conforming itself to the superior requirements of the Kingdom of God. It’s the kingdom of Love instead of money, of the worship of God instead of the golden calf. This always increasing participation in the Kingdom of God “who comes” is the basic reason of man on earth. If the mayor of Paris XVIII thinks of that when formulating his infantile charge, well in this case he understood some very true things. He understood, like Pontius Pilate, that this king Jesus Christ could enormously be in opposition to his sights, his projects and his intrigues. And like Pontius Pilate, he took fear while trying to bar the road to Him. – Let’s mention here that the association COELI (UNEC) has been carrying out, since two years already, a “Crusade for Christ-King” which goes right into the essential questions. Beyond the prayers in this intention, the crusade includes a mailing campaign of postcards to the Holy Father, from all of Europe and, why not, from the whole world, of which a few hundreds if not thousands already arrived with the Vatican. The exact request formulated on the postcard is that the pope may accept to declare the Shroud of Turin authentic, a way of replacing physically Our King Savour into the very centre of mankind. For more information, or to procure yourself some of these postcards, consult the new blog COELI:, or the site of UNEC:, under the heading Costa-Coeli (sorry, only in French). – Anyway, for the time being nobody can predict which will be the outcome of this Parisian dispute between the foolish ones of the tower of Babel and the wise ones of the City of God, in other words between the sectarians of the City Council of Paris XVIII and the crowds of pilgrims of the Sacre Coeur Basilica on Montmartre hill. To follow up closely. - (Ru; cf. PRESENT Apr.11)

- WORLD : As the Kingdom of God is under construction, the one of Satan is also, by pure challenge. Its goal: to harm God and his Church. Its permanent source: hatred. Its tool: the lie. Thus we currently observe the installation of a new false religion, the globalism, or New Age. One of the pillars of this false religion is the “gender mainstream”, a concept which is, in its desired English opacity, fortunately untranslatable into clear French language. It aims to erase the sex received by nature, or better from the Creator. Simone de Beauvoir, concubine of the smoky and disastrous nihilist Jean Paul Sartre, was one of the unhealthy precursors: “One is not born woman, one becomes it” (“Le Deuxieme Sexe” published in 1949). First they want to reverse everything: men have to become women, and women men, the old ones must become children and the children should be… gods. Once all the traditional system has been blown up by these manipulations, they want to enter into a 2nd phase: interchangeability, even on a daily base. One day I’m a woman, next day I’m a man. One day I go to bed with a woman, next day with a man, and - why not? - one day with a child. And nobody should be permitted to bother about that, are claiming always stronger the ultra-feminists, homosexuals and pederasts. It must be ensured to be able to choose one’s sex freely, as often as one wishes it. Not to accept that, would be an unbearable “discrimination”, extreme fruit of the most disastrous of the French revolutionary principles: EGALITE (equality), prototype of Man’s revolution, inspired by Satan, against the magnanimity and the diversity of the God-given goods and graces. This forced adaptation of humanity to “gender mainstream”, where one cuts all the heads which exceed, in particular the Christians who would not accept this totalitarian utopia, must prepare humanity to the New World Order, with the new planetary all Coca-Cola religion. Naturally education must closely follow the movement, from nursery school. Some examples: At the Swiss railway station of Basel there are available only mixed toilets “men/women”. In the state of Colorado in the U.S., a new law prescribes that it’s forbidden to have separate toilets for girls and boys. In California, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also granted, since October 2007 already, that boys can use the toilets of the girls, and girls those of the boys. Nobody has the right to prevent them, in all the schools of this immense state of 10 million people. The Ministry for the Family in Germany, under the feather of the ultra-feminist Ursula von der Leyen, published a book “Counsels for Sex Education of your children” aged 1 to 6. This book is distributed freely, by several hundreds of thousands of copies, where one requires parents, grandparents, and educational and babysitting personnel “to stimulate sexually the children from lowest age”. Indeed, after heavy protests from a few well known Catholics, the booklet was withdrawn by the ministry, but the permissive and perverse tendency remains unchanged as long as that minister is responsible for the families in Germany, under “pious” Angela Merkel. The combat against the marriage and the family flares up everywhere in Europe and the world, without mentioning the extermination of the babies by the hardly dissimulated new genocide “abortion”. The Church, and particularly the pope, become the preferred object of journalistic attacks. “Extinguish the infamous one”, shouted Voltaire at the time of the French Revolution, and this fight is not finished. In Germany, since 1966 (“scientific” congress CIBA), one could hear publicly that the Church would make of humanity “a reign of death without future”, because it would crush all intellectual, scientific and social development “by maintaining an objective truth”. - In short, let’s be vigilant about the “gender mainstream”, a true suicide attempt of humanity, imposed like a universal diktat - by Satan. - (ru; cf. I.M.F. Jan.25, 2009)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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