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RU 12+13/2009 - WORLD

- WORLD: The utilization of condoms, which is recommended, if not imposed, everywhere and at all times to everybody (think of the poster: “For holidays, I never forget my condom!”), by ministers, physicians, educators, media and other irresponsible people, is based on an enormous counter-truth: the so-called ‘security’ of this means. To allow an effective counter-argumentation, here are some scientific realities proving that the condom is not a means favouring life, but leading early or late to death in the form of AIDS. If you want to get AIDS, take the condom! The propagators of this piece of rubber are criminals, either unconsciously, or - what is much more serious but unfortunately probable since the truth now has been revealed in front of the whole world - consciously. The courageous explanations given by the pope at the time of his recent trip to Africa put this carefully dissimulated crime under limelight. Each Christian know the solid scientific arguments proving the accuracy of the remarks of the pope:


-         Quality standards for the condoms allow a rate of 1.3 % of defects (material breakage). Thus a condom manufactured “according to the present standard norms” doesn’t guarantee anything.


-         In reality, in 1/8 % of vaginal sexual relations, the condoms tear; this percentage increases up to 7.3% in the case of anal intercourse (Dr. Vincenzi and others in the 7th Conference against AIDS, 1991).


-         Because of the coital movements during sexual relations, it’s necessary to take into account a real rate of slip or breakage of the condom of 15.1% (James Trussel and others, “Condom Slippage and Breakage Rates”, in “Family Planning Prospects” 1/1992 pp. 21-23).


-         Particular studies showed that after one year of use of the condom, 22 % of the healthy users had contracted the AIDS disease (Dr. April and others, in “Medizinische Klinik”, special ed., May 1993).


-         In the case of anti-conception, the condoms have a failure of at least 2 % (Dr. Hoffmann, of “FRG Pro-Familia”, in “Medical Platform” N° 11/1987); it is known that the HIV virus is 30 times thinner and 600 times shorter than human sperm: from this one can understand that there is a much stronger probability of failures of the condom when facing an HIV virus.


-         The average failure rate of the condom compared to its effectiveness against the transmission of AIDS is of 7 % (Ministry for Health, Berlin, 1993)


-         Are to be added to this the recent revelations of the section head of the Polymeric Properties of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, C.M. Roland (retranslated into English): “The surface of a condom looks like an area covered by craters having a diameter of approximately 15 microns and a depth of 30 microns. Even worse, under the aspect of the transmission of the virus, we discovered channels of 5 microns in diameter, which go across from one end to the other. This  means that there exist passages which establish a communication link between the interior and the outside of the condom and whose diameter is fifty times superior to that of the HIV virus.


In short: practically all specialists admit today that the condom can perfectly transmit the AIDS disease, and in fact it does, even if that is happens with some delay. It is absolutely necessary, against winds and tides, to protect the younger and less young people in the whole world of this tool of death disguised in “medical auxiliary material”, and even to warn them against the stubborn and criminal propagators of the condom, by recommending - with the pope - “the humanization of the sex”, in particular the single weapon ensuring a 100% safety against the AIDS virus: sexual abstinence before marriage, and fidelity during marriage. It’s not the Christians who would be unreasonable, but the propagators of the condoms who are criminals. (ru; cf.  RU 33/2000, A.Toulza in „Sida, the vaccin of truth“, 1995).

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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