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RU 52/2005 - FRANCE

- FRANCE: Extracts from the bulletin UNEC INFO No. 34, of our mother-association UNEC, of January 1st, 2006:

- " Two major achievements of the year 2005: first the rehabilitation of the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil/Paris! Our symposium 'The Holy Tunic face to Science' of Nov. 12th, 2005, at Argenteuil, with 14 lecturers and 130 participants, brought the proof, thanks particularly to the professors Gerard Lucotte and Andre Marion, that there is Blood in abundance on the Holy Tunic, and, thanks to the eminent specialist of the Carbon 14 method Mrs. Claire Oosterwijck, that the dating method of the Holy Relics by C14 is almost necessarily wrong. The dating by Carbon 14 of 2004, financed by the Prefecture of the Val-d'Oise and the township of Argenteuil and executed by the Atomic Energy Institute CEA at Gif near Paris, dating the Tunic to the "6th/7th centuries", is ridiculed and swept away, and we wait for Mgr Riocreux, ''custodian' of this holy Relic of Christ confided to France, an adequate clarification. We will publish, with the editor F.-X. de Guibert, the Acts of this noteworthy symposium, for Easter 2006 (subscription price through UNEC 10 Euro, including postal charges).

- The other big achievement of 2005 is the rehabilitation of the FSSPX by the Church. Here are two quotes of cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, charged by the Holy Father of the traditionalist movement in the Church: 1) He stated in an interview granted to the Italian newspaper 30 GIORNI of the month of September 2005: "The audience (of Mgr Fellay with Benedict XVI in summer 2005) is part of a process that started with a very important intervention by the one who was then the cardinal Ratzinger, who signed with Mgr Lefebvre a protocol of understanding, before the latter decided to proceed to the episcopal consecrations of 1988. Unfortunately Mgr Lefebvre maintained his decision to dedicate bishops and this fact created the situation of detachment, even though it is not positively a schism".      2) On Nov. 13th, 2005, the same cardinal declared in relation to the same issue before the Italian television TV Channel 5: "We are not facing a heresy. One cannot say in correct, exact, precise terms that there is a schism. There is, in the fact to consecrate bishops without papal mandate, a schismatic attitude, but they are inside the Church. There is only this fact that they lack a full, a more perfect it has been said during the meeting with Mgr Fellay fuller communion, because the communion exists.‹ So they are neither schismatic, nor heretical, nor excommunicated! The association UNEC expended much energy for this noble cause, including a private audience of 50 minutes with cardinal Ratzinger, today Benedict XVI, and we are happy about this result. But how many slanders and roorbacks the traditionalists had to support during the last 20 years, especially from the side of the bishops, but also from the common laymen! The time of repentance has come! We wait for it, especially on behalf of the bishops of France, as they know so well how to do that. It's necessary that the hate inside the Church 'Mystical Body of Christ' - disappears: this is our dearest wish for 2006.

- Our action SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) could save, since 10 years, 246 babies from abortion, while going directly to the encounter of women and girls on the public benches, on sidewalks, in bars, subways, pharmacies etc., offering them moral support in often extreme situations, and proposing them solid material - and financial - help. Currently SOS MOTHERS searches, for a young couple of which we could help to save the baby, a F2 or F3 flat in the Paris area. It's for Fatima, a Moroccan Moslem girl of 19 years, and for John Baptist, a Catholic young man from Martinique. They would be able to assure a decent rent. The baby just arrived, and our shelter studio of 9 m2 becomes too small. Help us, if you can!

- Without prayers, no Christian Europe! Our COSTA (UNEC) group formulated the idea to restore the ŠConfraternity of the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil‹. But before launching this project, we would immediately like to invite you to become Špilgrims of the Holy Tunic‹, while choosing one day per month when you would pray alone in front of the Holy Tunic, in the semi-obscurity of the Basilica St Dennis at Argenteuil (5 km north of Paris, opening from 3 PM to 5 PM during week, and from 4 PM to 6 PM on week-end). Kneeling down before this precious Relic of Christ's Passion, let's pray for France, for Christian Europe and Christian America, for the saving of the babies from abortion, for the conversion of the Moslem. Our prayers can change the course of things! Therefore please choose one day per month (e.g. "the first Monday of the month"), and let us know, so that we can send you the corresponding 'pilgrim card'. It's essential to achieve a real permanence, with pilgrims every day, not only for the physical protection of the Relic (because there are some obscure projects, as the insidious dating of 2004 revealed it so cruelly), but also to 'touch God' in the difficult world of to-day: 'If I only touch his gown, I will be healed', thought the anonymous woman in the Gospel. God is good, He listens to the prayer of the humble ones. Goodness is the divine Power to transform the Evil into Good. The Evil is accumulating in front of our doors, so the Good is not far away. 'It's sufficient to ask for it', say the French.

- Happy New Year A.D. 2006! For our UNEC association, it will be the year of Islam. Now that we will have soon - against our will - Turkey in Europe, we won't spend our time in interminable Jeremiads: no, we will save them, we will bring them to Christ, and that's how we shall save our own souls. We will save their babies by SOS MOTHERS, we will evangelize them by RADIO-SILENCE (future broadcast "The Good News for Moslems" starting from Lent 2006, over, we will visit them by our PILGRIMAGE TO TURKEY in 2007. Towards God!- Signed: UNEC" - (ru; cf. UNEC-INFO 34 of Jan.1, 2006)


- - A.M.D.G.- -

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