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- VERSAILLES: In January 2009 a group of distinguished politicians and English and French business men, called “Franco-British Colloque”, met “privately” at Versailles, nevertheless in presence of the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon. On this occasion, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, a member of the inner circle of advisors of president Sarkozy, Mr Alain Minc, declared: “When the Lisbon treaty is ratified (!), Europe will move into a new phase. Europe will need a strong leader and Nicolas Sarkozy will nominate Tony Blair for the position”. He justified that by saying that Blair is a strong figurehead, that he is “entirely respected around the world” and that he will be “a commanding leader at the helm of Europe”. - Little Nicolas continues to have little ideas in his head: amongst other things the transformation of the European Union into a single federal state, according to the model of the United States, with a president, a Foreign Minister, and - why not? - an army, a police force and a ‘justice’ as they call it. Not as a goal in itself, but as an essential step towards the establishment of a world government. In a recent video circulating on Internet one can see Sarkozy gesticulating: “We need now a world government, because time plays against us”.  This last remark can astonish, but can also give courage to all those who are bravely opposed to the European Union and the future world government. As to Blair, former British Prime Minister, it should be recalled that he is one of the most anti-family and anti-life political leaders in the world. In spite of his ‘Christianity’, and even recently his ‘Catholicism’, he never once voted with the pro-life lobby. Fourteen times he voted for the pro-choice (pro-abortion) lobby in the English Parliament. In 1990, he voted on three occasions to extend the time limit for abortion to birth in case of handicap. In December 2000 he gave personal backing to regulations permitting stem-cell research on human embryos; and his government enthusiastically promoted the morning after pill. Blair, after his ‘conversion’ in 2008, never changed his opinion on these topics, which should have been an absolute requirement before the catholic baptism which has been granted especially by the pope, in spite of the resistance of cardinal Cormac Murphy O' Connor of Westminster who had refused his baptism. This pro-death monster would thus become the strong man of Europe? That would be a perfect tandem with the other pro-death champion, Obama, who wants to remove, by the Free Choice Act (FOCA), all limitations to the practice of abortion in the United States - and in the world. This tandem would already be the world government against Life. OK, this is probably not yet the Apocalypse as some are fearing it. According to +Rev. Fr. Serralda it will yet be necessary to wait at least for another 30,000 or 40,000 years of Odyssey of the Church, because God, said the priest, would not have created the paradise without having there many people… - Anyway impressive clouds are accumulating on the horizon. All signals are flashing up, including the hazard warning lamps. Therefore, everyone on board, and let’s combat for natural and spiritual SURVIVAL! - (ru; cf Feb.9)

- BELGIUM: The law of December 19th, 2008, related to obtention and use of ‘human body material’, intended for human medical applications or scientific research, gives the following definitions. “EMBRYO: the cell or the functional cluster of cells of an age ranging between the fecundation and 8 weeks of development and likely, while developing, to give rise to a human person. - FETUS: the functional cluster of cells of an age higher than 8 weeks of development and likely, while developing, to give rise to a human person”. One remains stunned about such definitions. The human being before birth is simply degraded to a cluster of cells called “human body material”. After such counter truths - the human person starts according to the Church with the conception - one should not be astonished that on a lower scale, in particular in the schools and the hospitals of the country, one treats the embryo like a true cluster of cells, “hair or nails which one cuts”. Worse, the young girls are triumphantly indoctrinated by their professors and parents that one can dispose of embryos like of other human waste. In one word: babies to the waste bin! The culprits are the deputies, true criminals against Life who will have to account for it, one Day. The worst is that this monstrous law was voted on Dec. 4, 2008 in the Belgian Parliament by 95 ballots for, 34 abstentions - and zero against. The same thing with the Belgian Senate: 42 ballots for, 4 abstentions, no vote against. No amendment was proposed. Where were the ‘Christian’ members of the Parliament on that day?  In the bar, drinking Champagne with the triumphing FM deputies? Help! - (ru; cf JML Feb. 8

- NETHERLAND: The pro-life association ‘Cry for Life’ of Mr. Bert Dorenbos distributed 5 million small size human fetus models to the population, deposited on the doorsteps of practically every home. The model is of 5 cm length and is supposed to represent a 4 week old embryo. The heart beats already at this stage of human development, one distinguishes clearly the hands, the feet, the nose… Mr. Dorenbos explains that by this action his association wants to react to the 100 abortions committed every day in the country. 150 models were even sent to the members of the Dutch Parliament, but the Parliament intimated that these packages would not be delivered to the members of the Parliament, and destroyed if the association wouldn’t come to recover them. ‘Cry for Life’ answered that they would continue their countrywide action in order to say the truth about the unborn babies “in this once so Christian country of tulips and windmills”. - (ru; cf Feb.5)

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