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RU 04/2009 - FRANCE, Sos Mothers (follow-up)

- FRANCE: Here is a new continuation of the “log book” of the association S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC).

Friday, December 26, 2008

We recovered - liberated? - Melody, a French girl aged 17, pregnant since 2 months, from a colony of tents planted by the SDF (homeless without identity papers) somewhere on the circular boulevards of Paris. Incredible! How did she manage to live, young as she is, with a baby in the womb, so poorly between the immigrants and the beggars? The bitter cold would certainly achieve to kill his baby, in one way or another… The first things to do were to heat up both of them in a small restaurant; to go to the next supermarket to buy a set of clothes for her, and especially a pair of good winter shoes, because she had only one small bag on her, plus a foldable tent which she returned in front of us to a beggar who had lent it to her; then to lodge her one night in Paris, the time to organize a place of permanent reception for her; and then to send her by TGV train down to the south of France to a new lodging lady. - This same day we meet Gina, Italian, 20 years old, pregnant, lost in the streets of Paris. She trembles of fear to cross her ex-friend who, as she said, wanted “to kill her”, if she wouldn’t abort her baby. Two nights in a small hotel, some meals with Mac-Donald and hop! towards one of our two lodging families in the Benelux countries, out of the French territory. There she is in the calm. These mothers are even poorer than Jesus in the crib of Bethlehem: they wander in the street, without residence, nor money, nor affairs. And the baby wants TO LIVE! But precisely, Jesus came to their encounter… Gloria in excelsis Deo, sang the angels and the shepherds, and we join our voices to theirs. One could wonder how these young girls went down the road to that point? But frankly, did the Good Samaritan of the Gospel ask this question to the poor devil lying in the ravine, “left as dead”? No, he saved him, in the simplicity and kindness of his heart. And above all: he placed him! That’s what we try to do, without asking useless questions. Currently our principal job is to ensure to our little mothers some lodging, normally during the whole pregnancy. Our lodging families provide this service free for us - and even more for the future mothers - and we are helping them only with a poor compensation of 100 Euro per month per young mother. But even with this minimal aid system, it comes up to considerable sums to be found and distributed in each beginning of the month: for Nath 3 motherss, i.e. 300 Euro, for Granny 400 E, for John 200 E, Baba 100 E, “the Benelux family No. 1” 300 Euro, for “the Benelux family No. 2” 400 E, for Francoise 300 E, Mapie 100 E, Pascale 200 E, Edith 200 E, and the little house “of the 3 bears” in Normandy 300 E. Total: 2800 Euro for 28 future mothers. Without mentioning the new cases which we have to face, i.e. the future mothers from eastern Europe (mostly young prostitutes) to be repatriated towards their families (until Vladivostok!), the birth premiums to be ensured each time one of our little rescued babies is finally born, the monthly payments - or rather ransoms - to be paid each month until the birth to the `terrible mothers' who practically sold us the fruit of their own pregnant daughters (currently we are paying, month by month, to the `terrible mother' of Sabrina 300 Euro, to the one of Zina 450 E, of Audray 400 E, and of Agnes 350 E, total of the current monthly ransom 1500 Euro. All that amounts to figures which made us tremble at the beginning of our work, because we do not receive any subsidies from the authorities and administrations, all abortionists. Perhaps we would even refuse them even if by chance they would like to help us, because we consider that such subsidies of the Good Samaritan are a privilege exclusively reserved to the Christians and to men of good will. Today we know that our cash box is a special thing of Our Good Lord, completely unforeseeable, and managed by Him, and co-manageable by us from the moment that we give up our traditional ways of thinking about accountancy and precaution, and leaving up the financing entirely between His Hands. The cash box of S.O.S MOTHERS is a permanent miracle, it’s an empty barrel which fills each time we need some money. What is surprising about that? God can touch the hearts, and the hearts then send checks to us, just enough to be able to follow up our little mothers. The Gospel was written 2000 years ago, and can be seen living today, by the grace of God. We Christians have the amazing chance to be a part of it. Once again: Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Friday, January 16, 2009

We meet Babouchka, 18 years a Bulgarian girl, pregnant since 2 months. She contacted us by telephone. Apparently our secret number circulates between these young future mothers, owing to the fact that we rescued already some of them. “Rescued”? Yes, Babouchka is locked up in a `clandestine dormitory' of 20 young prostitute girls, without passport (this one is in the pocket of their `owner'). Babouchka says that these girls are all forced by their patrons to abort their babies if they get pregnant. She had been lured in Bulgaria pretexting that she would be mannequin in Paris… TGV train, Riviera, placed for lodging, finished. Now the little baby can arrive! - We met this morning another new mother of the east, Vola, from Russia, in similar situation. Impossible to return her to the east, as we often do with the mothers from eastern Europe, because there the coherence of the family is stronger than in the west and one always finds an aunt or a grandmother who accepts to accommodate them when returning. But Vola’s family is already in the west, she has no family members any more remaining in Russia. We sent her to our people in the south of France. - With her, in the same TGV, we make leave Sophia towards the south, a 23 year old new mother, from Cyprus. We met her by chance at the police station where she deposited a complaint against her boyfriend with whom she has been living in Paris since 3 years. This one had violently beaten her up, and expelled to the street. In fact she was bleeding and looked for assistance. Even in the TGV her haemorrhage continued and it was necessary to look for a doctor in the train to care for her temporarily. Arrived to the Riviera, our lodgers went immediately with her to the hospital, made put a ring so that the baby will not descend prematurely, supplied blood pockets for the transfusions after the blood losses… Now this future mother is well and is happy. Baby can come! - The fight against abortion passes by HELP! That has nothing to do with arguing, convincing, persuading or other. The little mother who wants to get an abortion, gives up IMMEDIATELY, like stricken by a magic – supernatural? - blow, her disastrous plan as soon as one takes her hand up to help her. One can think of the famous painting of Michelangelo where God touches with the end of the finger the hand of Adam, and ADAM LIVED. It’s like that with all our little mothers. There is no need for convincing them: they ARE in favour of the life of their babies, but everyone around them wants the baby to disappear… What we do is simply to assist these mothers so that the love which is already in their heart can appear, and we have only the honour to make it explode. In fact, it’s each time a secret story between God and each mother. One should not interfere in it, God is strong enough! We are only providing the match to light this fire, and even that we do not deserve. But this is another story, the one between God and each saver of babies…

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alice, 22, from the south of Paris, 2 months pregnant. The father of the baby quit her, leaving the young girl alone face to her parents-in-law… who did not find anything better than to chase her from the family home, no matter if she is pregnant. She had only one handbag, and the clothes she wore. We ensure 3 nights of hotel lodging in Paris (95 E), new clothing and shoes (50 E), 6 restaurant tickets (81 E), a set of metro tickets (12 E), and a train ticket to our lodging family in Normandy (40 E). Total expenses: 288 Euro. One baby saved! Duration of this rescue: 3 days. Place: Paris. The book of Life is written as straightforwardly as that. - We are at our 497th saved baby (since 1995), including 44 yet to be born. Please help us, because tomorrow we’ll meet other young mothers in danger, other babies who await us urgently… They wait for the firemen of the Good Lord, and He will not leave them alone.” END. – (ru)

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