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RU 01/2009 - FRANCE, Press Release from AMEN



by AMEN of January 5th, 2009



« At the Press Conference of the new French and European anti-abortion party AMEN, which took place this morning in the hotel Claude Bernard, center of Paris, the « friend  and enemy media » (which have been nominally invited but were absent at the conference) have been informed about the birth of this political party, and about its first leaders: president Mrs. Jacqueline Robert, general secretary Mr. Winfried Wuermeling, and treasurer Mr. François Storez. AMEN was announced in the Official Journal of the French Republic on October 25th, 2009. The name AMEN is an abbreviation of the principal goal of the party: ARRETONS LE MASSACRE DES ENFANTS A NAITRE (Let’s Stop the Massacre of the Children to be Born). The president particularly insisted on the very recent abominations, which are abortion related prostitution, modern slavery (in Paris!), and the fact that “terrible mothers” are ready to sell the embryos of their daughters to research laboratories or even directly to patients of Alzheimer.

Then the general secretary explained that AMEN doesn’t have the support of any major party in France, but has already several friend parties in Europe with which they want to rally at the proper time. AMEN is not welcomed neither, for the moment, by acclamations from other Christian associations in France, nor from any religious authorities. AMEN, in addition, proposes to break with all the inveterate and calcified practices of the present political parties, while innovating on the militant level, in clearness of the program, and in the financial practices, and while lending itself in no case to corruption, freemasonry, or religious modernism. AMEN is conscious that its way can be long, but regards it as absolutely necessary to save the human life created by God. - Beyond a complete program of Christian policy, AMEN has the special goal to subsidize, as a party, the pro-life movements.

The crenel of the voters that AMEN aims at, is the mass of the catholic abstentionists (estimated at 25% of the electorate in France) who are totally disillusioned of politics. AMEN wants to encourage them to take again things in hand, by not leaving the field free to the anti-Christian forces in France. In the current political, economic and moral disaster, only Christianity can bring a solution which will avoid the final catastrophe. It’s thus necessary to take the decision to descend to the political arena, in order to fight for the babies who are assassinated in mass today, and the remainder of the sick population or politically not correct people later on, even if one takes the risk to be possibly  killed in that arena. But at least, stated the general secretary, one will die upright and not lying on the ground. A Champagne, appreciated by the militants, sealed these resolutions - and closed the conference.

 One can adhere to AMEN by sending a check of 25 Euro (10 Euro for poor people). Coordinates: AMEN, c/o secretariat UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien,, site.”  - End of quotation (Ru)


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