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RU 48/2008 - FRANCE, appeal of SOS Mothers

- FRANCE: The association S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC) which goes towards pregnant young women and girls facing the abortion alternative, in order to help them to welcome their babies, has just published a list “How can you help us?” who could interest our readers.


“Some ones of you are asking us how to assist us in our rescue work? Here are some suggestions: 

- to make a money donation, either from time to time, or by automatic monthly bank transfer; this last solution, even with small amounts (10 Euro, 20 Euro…), are helping us best; ask from us a form to fill out which we prepared for handing over to your bank;

- to organize a slides conference on S.O.S MOTHERS in your parish or association, or simply with some of your friends (between 10 and 15 people would be fine), in French, English or German language; we’ll come readily for that. Those small meetings motivate sometimes some good persons to form a new SOS group; why not in your city? 

- to engage in our new political party A.M.E.N. (Arrêtons le Massacre des Enfants à Naître = Let’s Stop the Massacre of the Children to be Born), in particular by sticking small pro-life posters in your city (one can print them from our site; if we Christians do not dare to enter into the public space, or even to go down into the political arena, in order to defend the innocent babies who are currently exterminated by millions, we are lost; annual membership fees to AMEN is 25 Euro;

- if possible, to lodge in your home - only in city centers - one of our “little mothers”, the time of their pregnancy; for that, an independent studio, or a room with individual access would be ideal;

- if you live in Paris, to put at our disposal a room, a cellar or a garage, to allow us to store there our baby dresses, children shoes, toys in good condition, baby carriages, baby cradles etc.; why not collecting these items around you (new collection for Xmas 2008);

- if you live in a big city of France and you have a car, you could propose yourself for small changes of residence which are happening rather often - and urgently - with our little mothers because of the precariousness of their situation;

- to set up and organize a small network of donators for S.O.S MOTHERS, either here for our Paris group, or for the future SOS MOTHERS team in your own city;

- to pray each day for the babies and their mothers in danger of death.


Thank you in advance, dear friends, and Happy Xmas!  Your team of S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC).

Coordinates : SOS MAMANS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien

Phone, fax, A.M. : +33-(0)1 34 12 02 68, (under section SOS MAMANS) «  End of quotation. – (ru)

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