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- FRANCE: Last Saturday, November 15th, upon an invitation by S.O.S TOUT PETITS (SOS the smallest ones) which celebrates this year its 22nd anniversary, about thirty groups of Christians gathered in various city centers of France - Aix-en-Provence, Alencon, Angers, Angouleme, Arras, Auxerre, Avignon, Besancon, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Brest, Laval, Lyon, Mantes-la-Jolie, Nancy, Nantes, Paris in front of Notre Dame cathedral, Perpignan, Poitiers, Toulon, Vannes, Versailles -, of the Benelux countries (Brussels and Namur), of Africa (Congo and Ivory Coast), and of the Philippines, in order to pray the rosary for life and against abortion, often face to pro-abortion groups which spit hatred. Here is an example. A participant of the Grenoble prayer testifies: “Several pro-life associations or sympathizers gathered, of which of course S.O.S Tout Petits, but also Choisir-la-Vie-Isere. The pro-abortion group took, as usual, lots of photographs of the people who were praying. One of the most excited persons of the abortion group excelled by saying that all these pictures would circulate everywhere so that everyone could well memorize the heads… and that if one of them meets one day an abortion opponent in the street, he can jump on him and kill him, adding: `If I meet you in the street, you’re dead !' Fighting in favour of the death of innocent babies apparently invades these people by a spirit of murder for the other ones too…” - Another testimony from the Bordeaux gathering: “On the Pey-Berland square, at two steps from the city hall, about one hundred Catholics had come to pray and sing, kneeling down in the cold during one hour and a half, accompanied by five priests of the three principal traditionalist currents - the fact is sufficiently rare to be underlined -, who knelt down on a step of Saint-Andrew cathedral: Fr. Jean-Baptiste Guyon for the Priest’s Society Saint Pius X, the Fathers Louis-Numa Julien and Jean-Pierre Gaillard of the Institute of the Good Pastor, and the Fathers Denis Coiffet and Bruno Stemler of the Priest’s Society Saint Peter. There, too, a counter-demonstration tried to disturb the prayer for the children to be born.” - This November 15th was a manifestation of the prophetic role of the Church: “Thou must not kill”. All the worse for those who don’t like to hear it, but good for those who convert from death to life! - In addition, S.O.S MOTHERS, one of the associations which fight on ground zero level to save the babies from death, stated that they are always astonished by the promptitude of its rescues - 472 babies up to now since the last 13 years without a single failure - and that the only explanation is the fact that “our brothers and sisters in the faith, often very young people, are praying on their knees on the public pavements and elsewhere for those babies. Knowing that God is not deaf, this prayer is an invincible force which exceeds and sanctifies our poor means. Thank you!” - (ru; cf SOSTP Nov.18 , JML Nov.18)

- USA: The association ACIM, by an official statement by its president Jean-Pierre Dickes, made the following analysis from what has just occurred in the U.S., and we feel it necessary to publish hereafter the full message (translated by UNEC): The largest genocide of the history of Humanity is getting on the wheels with the election of Barak Hussein Obama. The first public act of the new president of the United States was to name, as general secretary, Rahm Emmanuel, a fanatic partisan of the culture of death. He is regarded as a kind of clone of Obama.

Already International Parenthood, the most important worldwide organization making the promotion of abortion, declares that it “exults” and requires that the subsidies, cut by the Bush administration in favour of the international organizations which are practicing abortion, be restored. This concerns especially the help to the forced abortions and sterilizations in China, but also the elimination of the little girls considered in that country as useless to society. Thanks to the United States, the recognition of the universal right to abortion within the framework of the human rights had been blocked with the U.N.. This bolt is likely to jump; then the culture of death will extend to the whole world. The countries which refuse, will be banished under the applause of the new world order, especially the poorest ones which depend on international or American assistance.

With Obama will arrive unlimited research on the embryos, the gratuity of abortion offered by governmental funds, the marriage of the homosexuals, the elimination of the alive newborns after late abortions, the euthanasia of those, and of the handicapped children, the help to assisted suicide, and the euthanasia of the people persuaded of their uselessness for the society. All this scenario belongs to the Obama electoral program.

Moreover the probable nomination at the Supreme Court of two magistrates in favour of abortion will upset the balance of this institution for a generation, insofar as the average age of the judges is notably lowered by it.

And before closing this subject, it should be known that only four bishops and about fifty priests opposed the election of Obama officially. So that the majority of the Catholics voted for him (note of the editor: 53%, it seems). The other bishops took refuge to silence, exactly as it was in our country at the time of the vote of the abortion law Simone Veil. We leave them alone with their conscience. “The tepid ones, I shall vomit them from my mouth” wrote St. John in Apocalypse 3.16.

The worst is always avoidable. Moreover, our friends from across the Atlantic, refusing to resign themselves, take already up the fight, explaining that the culture of death is that one of Babel; and that Obama will be unable to preserve and defend a society of which he encourages the negative drifts, thus going against the laws wanted by God and against natural morals. They recall that, according to Saint Paul, one must never ridicule God. And that the Apocalypse is for tomorrow if the Christians do not stand up from their lethargy.“ End of quotation. - (ru; cf JML Nov. 18)

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