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RU 43/2008 - SPAIN, USA

- SPAIN: A Dutchwoman wants to save women everywhere where they are prevented from abortion. Her name is Rebecca Gomperts. She founded a club called “Women on Waves”, with a boat called “Aurora”, a kind of floating abortion mill, to sail towards catholic countries. She made accost her boat in Ireland (2001), Poland (2003), Portugal (2004), Argentina (2007), Ecuador (2008) and now in Spain, precisely in Valencia (from Oct. 16 to 21). Each time she invites mainly immigrant or very young women to come on the boat for receiving – in international waters where the law of the boat’s flag (very liberal Dutch law in this case) prevails - the pill RU 486 to kill their babies, saying that “it’s less expensive here”.  In fact, she distributes these poisons which are mortal for the baby and often even for the mother, free of charge. - In one word, a death bringing woman! - (ru)

- USA: What to say about the super-abortionist OBAMA, “democratic” candidate for the American presidency? One can’t trust him in anything since it’s a professional liar. For proof, here is an extract of a striking article written by Alain Sanders in the French daily PRESENT of October 21st on this subject (translated into English by us): “My Father was only a simple and poor guard of goats.” Wrong! His father Barack Hussein Obama was born in the very powerful Luo tribe in Kenya. Belonging to the privileged class, he was to serve as senior officer, specialized in economy, in the Kenyan government. - “President Kennedy drew my father from Kenyan darkness and hoisted him up to the American dream.” - Wrong! When the father of Obama arrived to the United States, in September 1960, it’s Eisenhower who was president. The goal of this lie? To make pass into the collective unconscious that he would be a kind of reincarnation of JFK… - “My Kenyan grandmother was Christian.” Wrong! The grandmother of Obama was the woman of a man who had fourteen wives… By the way, in many interviews his grandmother herself explained that she was not Christian but Moslem. - “I never practiced Islam.” Wrong! Obama practiced Islam in Meteng Primary School in Indonesia where he was registered as `Moslem' under the name, at the time, of Barry Soetoro (Soetoro was the name of his second father with whom his mother, who had exotic tastes, got remarried). - “I speak fluently Indonesian.” Wrong! None of the professors of his youth remembers that he spoke fluently Indonesian. But to mention that in one’s CV lets suppose to the naïve people and ninny-hammers that the knowledge of this foreign language makes of him a specialist in foreign affairs… - “I know what it is to be an Afro-American.” Wrong! Obama is 50% white (by his mother, both paternal and maternal sides of the latter); and 43,25% Arabic (by his father, both paternal and maternal sides); and 6,75% black African (by his father, on one side). - “I was not a privileged child.” Wrong! Obama made Harvard! His grandparents were rich bankers, his mother a graduate academic, his second father a big shot in the oil industry. - Alain Sanders adds: “And these are only a few examples…” Thank you, Alain, to have opened our eyes upon the probable future U.S. president. Lying is the sign of a major perversion. Doesn't the Bible already call Satan “the liar from the beginning”? - (ru; cf. PRESENT Oct. 21)



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