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RU 42/2008 - FRANCE, the new party AMEN

France: In exclusiveness we have the honor to be able to quote hereafter the 1st press release of the new party A.M.E.N. (Arrêtons le Massacre des Enfants à Naître = Let’s stop the Massacre of the Babies to be Born). This is a Christian party which aims to do everything possible to stop abortion in France and Europe, indeed the worst genocide of all times. Here is the press release:

After one year of intense preparation, we have the joy to announce you the birth of a new political party in France: the statutes of “A.M.E.N.” have just been deposited with the sub-prefecture of the Val-d'Oise Prefecture at Sarcelles which registered it and planned the announcement in the J.O. (official administrative Journal) of November 2008. In December, there will be the first press conference of A.M.E.N., you will have news about that.

Is the abolition of abortion sufficient as principal objective for a party? Well, if under the Nazi occupation someone had wanted to found a party precisely against that foreign occupation, nobody would have dared to raise such a question. Today it’s worse: the abortion does not only kill our beloved France, but all of Europe, and becomes the worst genocide of all times: already 1 billion babies have been killed in the world, according to the figure given by the U.N., including 7.2 million babies destroyed in France since the criminal law Giscard-Chirac-Veil of 1975, by counting only officially registered abortions. Actually this figure is much higher. This crime against the human being is also a crime against the Creator who will not remain neutral, except if, with the grace of God, we stand up in order to fight like David against Goliath - also in the political arena - with all our forces against this plague.

We just opened today our Internet site Certain sections are still under construction, but already now you can find 17 small posters which everyone can print according to his own selection (e.g. on selfadhesive A4 paper or other supports) and display at certain strategic places of your city or village. It’s a system of publicity which is simple, ultramodern, without cost, militant, young-minded, full of future, typically Christian because faithful to our principle “without money against the Power of money!”.

Also think of becoming right from now on a member of A.M.E.N., in order to be counted as one of its pioneers. It’s sufficient to send, as contribution for the current year 2008, the sum of 25 Euro, by check or otherwise, to “A.M.E.N. (UNEC)”, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France. You won’t receive, for the moment, any party card, but you will be duly recorded, don’t worry. In fact, it’s UNEC which will manage for the moment the secretariat of A.M.E.N, which is a way not to spend money for the moment.

A.M.E.N. has the extraordinary chance to be the only party resulting from an association which has fought for 13 years, day and night, to save babies who are on risk of being aborted: S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC). It saved up to the present day 470 babies from the massacre in the womb of their mothers. Thus, the party A.M.E.N is talking about what it knows, without the “wooden” language of the other political parties. In short, we have a true tiger in the engine, and God will give the rest. Never forget that the baby to be born is not a problem, but it solves the problems of the adult people. It will solve the problems of France and Europe. The babies will also propel their advocate who is A.M.E.N.

You have a heart for the babies, for France, and for Christian Europe, so please adhere to A.M.E.N., support us, help us, become militant! One day, with the grace of God, the gangsters of the culture of death will be swept away, to restore a culture of life in France and Europe where so many people are longing for that.

Courage, hope! We count upon you.

For the team (incl. the president Mrs Jacqueline ROBERT and the treasurer Mr. François Storez):

Win WUERMELING, secr. gen. – A.M.E.N.”

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