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RU 41/2008 - USA, FRANCE

- USA: The American burger giant McDonald’s has just capitulated to a Catholic boycott. Let’s recall the facts: McDonald hade made, in May 2008, a donation of 20,000 USD to the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and entered the Board of directors of this pro-homosexual organization. Immediately the Catholic organization AFA (American Family Association), which gathers 2.2 million Catholics in the U.S., declared war to McDonald’s by promulgating a boycott of the Catholics to this fast-food chain: “Your vocation is to concentrate on making good sandwiches, and not to get mingled with anti-family and other moral deviations in the country, especially if your principal customers are the families”, could one hear. The boycott lasted 5 months. Now McDonalds declared: “It is our policy to not be involved in political and social issues. McDonalds remains neutral on same sex marriage or any ‘homosexual agenda’, as defined by the American Family Association AFA”. The latter one cries victory and stopped its boycott. - In France, the false and self-proclaimed country of freedom and human rights, people don’t have the right to organize a boycott. They have just the right to eat what they bought, but no comments please! - (ru; cf LSN Oct. 10)

- FRANCE: Here are the incredible and unforgettable facts. Between France and the Vatican there was a major diplomatic slow-down for 9 months which finished only now. In fact, president Sarkozy had proposed, as ambassador of France to the Vatican, Mr. Kuhn-Delforge whom the Italian media described as a “declared homosexual militant”, since he lived, in conformity with the French legislation, in ‘civil union’ with a man of which he shares the family name. The Vatican had, during long months, refused to grant its `placet' to this man. This disagreement had followed another one, concerning another doubtful candidate, the ‘Catholic’ writer Denis Tillinac, a divorced and remarried man, whom Sarkozy had first nominated as ambassador. - Frankly, it’s an insolence without name, even a lack of education, especially if it’s about the initiative of a Head of State: one does not send divorced or homosexual men as ambassadors to the Vatican! One could have wished that the pope, at the time of his recent visit to France, would have gone until the end of this salubrious firmness, by refusing to greet Mrs. Carla that the same Sarkozy presented to him - with exactly the same insolence - as `his (3rd) wife'. Instead of shaking hands with her, the Holy Father could have slapped her in public, with the same holy firm hand, because even the `oldest daughter' deserves sometimes a slap. Without mentioning little Nicolas whom Benedict XVI could quite simply have ignored in his Elysée palace, by letting him ruminate all alone about his very unpresidential insolences. A man who does not achieve to be faithful to one single woman - Sarkozy has divorced 2 times and got married 3 times - how can he honour a whole nation? - To close the incident, the Holy See accepted now the very last candidate proposed by France as ambassador to the Vatican, the Catholic Stanislas Lefèbvre, non-homosexual, non divorced. The honor of France is safe, thanks to the Vatican. Deo gratias! - (ru; cf LSN 8.10.)

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