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RU 36/2008 - USA, Mrs Palin

- USA: Her name is Sarah Palin, and she has just been selected by McCain as his co-ticket for the presidential elections in November 2008 in the United States. Mrs. Palin, 44, is Protestant, wife, mother of 5 children - and governor of Alaska since 2 years. She doesn’t fit into the standard image of a politician, leaving the political gang in distress how to deal with her. Moreover, she is pro-life (against abortion), and she talks clearly and strongly about it, to the great displeasure of Obama and the other defenders of the culture of death. Obama is annoyed: `The abortion debate is passé! ”, and yet: “I am absolutely convinced that the cultural wars are so ‘90”. The days (of abortion-opponents) are growing dark… We are tired of arguing about the same old stuff!”… And yet, the ‘old stuff’ comes back to the stage, in the form of a resplendent young woman, normal, wife, mother of 5 children, who is proposed for the election of the highest authority of the United States. To crown the subject, Mrs. Palin reveals that in her family they practice really the culture of life: her daughter Bristol, 17, is pregnant without being married - and rejects abortion. And her last-born child Trig, a 5 months old baby, is trisomic. Mrs. Palin acknowledges that she had been informed about the disease of the baby well in advance of his birth, but that, with her husband, they refused abortion: “Trig is a gift of the Creator, and a very big one”. Let’s recall that in the United States 80 to 90% of the pregnancies of trisomic babies are terminated by abortion, and in England and Spain it’s even 95 percent! Mrs. Palin explains: “Our family has the same ups and downs as any other, the same challenges and the same joys. Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge.” America is astonished by this testimony, and the prognostics of the elections are radically changing in favour of the “Republican ticket”: McCain, with his partner Palin, leads the game from now on, with 4 to 5 percent in advance over the abortionist Obama: according to a survey of USA Today (Gallup) of September 8th, the voting intentions are now 50% for McCain, and only 46% for Obama, leaving 4% undecided voters. The pro-life victory seems assured. And with Mrs. Palin as Vice-president, the days of abortion appear to come to their end in USA. And as, since the Coca Cola, all what is American ends up arriving to Europe, some hope is allowed even for the old continent of Europe which is currently calcified in the culture of death - since Hitler.

Let’s recall. In summer 1941, the cardinal von Galen, at the time still simple bishop of Münster in northern Germany, rose his voice against Hitler from the pulpit of his cathedral, to vituperate against the planned murder of the handicapped, mentally ill and trisomic portion of the population. His powerful sermons caused, on August 23rd 1941, the stop by Hitler of the action “T4” aiming at the extermination of hundreds of thousands of mentally ills and handicapped (“Untermenschen”), after having already secretly killed several tens of thousands of them, including approximately 5,000 children, in six special “institutes” in Germany and Austria. (To be noted, by the way, that the forms to be filled, for each patient to be eliminated, were provided by the nazi office called “IVG” – the chic name for the abortion crime in France today; Satan is very logical and permanent in his choices, up to the very wording!). The bishop von Galen had caused the stop of the massacre by his simple voice shouting the truth. From the pulpit he accused, during the sermon of August 3rd, 1941, by his name the Minister of Interior Department and the Medical Service chief officer of the Reich Dr. Conti (the “Minister for health” of that time) of the “intentional murder of a great number of mentally sick people in Germany”. He called that immediate measures be taken “to protect those patients by steps against the authorities (!) which are projecting their displacement and their murder”. At that time, he finished his sermons by those memorable words: “I know that people from the GESTAPO are hidden in the crowd: well, you can arrest me at the end of the mass!” As long as the Gospel is present - and it will be present until the end of times - there will be men like the cardinal von Galen in 1941, and women like Mrs. Palin in 2008, and many others more. There is hope, dear Christians, much hope! - (ru; cf. LNC Sept. 4 and 6).



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