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RU 35/2008 - WORLD, olympic figures

- WORLD: Christians, let’s be on our guard against statistics. Don’t get afraid by such or such survey, extrapolated curbs, or lugubrious predictions based on manipulated figures. The world likes the lie, according Saint John, and the statistics serve only, like all the rest, to its own interests, with or without being conscious about this fact.

1) Let’s take a recent example: the list of the Olympic medals in Beijing 2008. It shows “the best countries”, according to the number of the medals obtained: 1. USA (110 medals); 2. CHINA (100 medals); 3. RUSSIA (72 medals); 4. ENGLAND (47 medals); 5. AUSTRALIA (46 medals); 6. GERMANY (41 medals); 7. FRANCE (40 medals). What does this list state? That USA, China, Russia etc are huge countries. That, we already knew. But if one wants to show the sportivity of the various countries, we would need a totally different calculation. It would be necessary to draw up a list of distribution of medals in relation to the global population of a country. We thus could draw up the following surprising list: 1. FRANCE (1 medal out of 1.55 million people); 2. UKRAINE (1.72 million people); 3. SWEDEN (1.8 million people); 4. RUSSIA (1.96 million people); 5. FRG (2.01 million people); 6. ITALY (2.07 million people); 7. The U.S. (2.75 million people), etc. In this list CHINA appears at the very end of the list (1 medal out of 13.2 million people!). The first ones became the last ones, and the last ones the first ones. The statistics, indeed, say anything and the opposite of it.

2) Another field, which is much more significant: the life expectancy in the various countries. The official list starts as follows: 1. JAPAN (82 years); 2. SWEDEN (80.6 years); 3. FRANCE (80.5 years); 4. GERMANY (79 years); 5. USA (78 years); 6. POLAND (75 years); 7. RUSSIA (66 years), Admirable, is it? - But this list is drawn up on the basis of a scientific counter-truth: that human life starts with the birth, and not with the conception. One can’t understand what the birth would add to the genes and chromosomes of a conceived baby, so that it would become a human being as late as that, but for the statisticians, this is an established fact. The issue is not innocent, because all the reasoning on the admissibility of abortion is based on this counter-truth. Therefore, let’s take up again the calculation from the beginning. As the human person starts with conception, it would first of all be necessary to add to each value of the above list 9 months, i.e. the 9 months of pregnancy. Further on, it looks absolutely necessary to integrate into this calculation the number of abortions of each country, if one wants to be veracious. We did so. The new list which results from it, according to our calculation, is the following one, based on the official number of abortions in the various countries: 1. POLAND (75 years - unchanged because no abortions); 2. FRANCE (62.6 years); 3. ENGLAND (62.2 years); 4. SWEDEN (62 years); 5. USA (58 years), 6. RUSSIA (36 years), etc

3) However, the official figures of abortion are all wrong, because of the obscurity which surrounds this butchery which is committed in the name of the human rights. These abortion figures should at least be doubled, taking into account the abortive pills RU 486, the anti-conceptive pills having often an abortive effect (it’s a true Russian roulette), and other infernal tools such IUDs etc. By doubling the official figures of abortions in each country, one obtains this very confusing list of longevity: 1. POLAND (75 years); 2. ENGLAND (52 years); 3. SWEDEN (50 years); 4. USA (47 years); 5. FRANCE (35 years); 6. RUSSIA (24 years)… This is the reality in front of which people want to close their eyes and ears, in all countries. Jesus said: “They have eyes and they don’t see; ears and they don’t listen!”.  - (ru)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -



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