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Double issue (2 weeks)

- FRANCE: We publish hereafter a letter which the association UNEC forwards currently to the 100 richest people in the world, for the defence of the millions of babies in danger to be aborted. Perhaps could you forward it to other rich people of your entourage, to their profit? “With the mammon, make yourself friends in Heaven!”, teaches the Gospel.

“Sir, Madam,

We are an association with European orientation registered in France since 1989: UNEC (Union of the Nations of European Christians). Our principal goal is the defence of human life, especially the one of the children to be born.

To carry out this objective, we developed two main activities:

First we founded our group `S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC)' which is going directly towards pregnant women and young girls placed in front of the terrifying question of aborting her baby, by approaching them on the public park benches, on the pavements of the cities, in the coffee shops, pharmacies etc, offering our material and moral assistance to them so that they can accept, love and bring to birth their babies.

Since its foundation so far, this group could save 448 babies from the violent death of abortion. The necessary financial funds (per saved baby approximately 1000 Euro / 1500 USD) come exclusively from private gifts, since the French abortionist State does not want to encourage such initiatives. The gifts are used exclusively for the women and young girls in danger, since our association does not have any other expenses (wages, offices, periodicals etc).

Recently, in June 2008, we also founded a political movement (party): “Arrêtons le massacre des enfants à naître – A.M.E.N.” (LET’S STOP THE MASSACRE OF THE CHILDREN TO BE BORN - A.M.E.N.), in order to defend even in the political arena the babies threatened by murder in the womb of their mother. This party is based, according to its statutes, on the 10 Commands of God and the Gospel, as well as on the bimillenary Social Doctrine of the Church, without being placed under any ecclesiastical authority. In this initial stage AMEN does not have any financial resources and would need immediately a help of 150,000 Euro (225,000 USD), in order to be able to participate in the European Elections announced for June 2009, at least in the region Ile-de-France (in and around Paris, 12 tons of ballot papers!).

Thus we should like to ask you, very personally, the question if you could make a financial contribution, either for S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC) or for our new anti-abortion party AMEN, in both cases for the rescue of the babies who currently - in France and almost in all of Europe - are thrown by hundreds of thousands into the `medical waste' of the abortion clinics, if they are not discreetly conveyed to the laboratories of medical – and even cosmetic - research. It’s necessary to put an end to this monstrous massacre which is in fact a collective suicide, a true European self-genocide and a return to cannibalism, without mentioning the babies who want only one thing: to live!

Waiting for your kind answer, and remaining at your disposal for any supplementary information, very sincerely yours, (signed: UNEC).

NB: Gifts and donations can be addressed to UNEC while possibly specifying “for S.O.S MOTHERS”, or “for A.M.E.N.”. Here are the coordinates: UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/F +33- (0) 134120268,, IBAN: FR76 3000 4013 0400 0005 1692 261. BIC: BNPAFRPPENG “ – End of quotation of UNEC’s letter.


- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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