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Double issue (2 weeks)

- AUSTRALIA: One may wonder why the Church maintains the WYD, vestige of a utopia of the last century, dear to John-Paul II, which was only an escape ahead when the churches of our cities and villages decayed mainly because of the absence of the youths. When one hears that several ten thousands of young Italian people made the trip to Sydney, wee see only two solutions: either they came for the pope - and that is really difficult to understand as the pope lives every day on their own territory in Italy -, or they came for the other young people - and that has possibly nothing to do with religion. With the Australian aboriginals who dance in front of the altar and of the pope, one wonders whether it is the same pope who very recently wrote the motu proprio on the dignity and the richness of the ancient mass? Why this extraordinary gathering to celebrate only ordinary masses? Why encourage the bishops of the whole world to facilitate the ancient liturgy more liberally, “incomparable richness of the Church”, and then refuse this richness on each special occasion to the young people who have hunger and thirst for it? Were the papal speeches - altogether rather pale -, worthwhile of such a huge gathering? When one saw, during the WYD, the high clergy of the Church “listening to the young people”, perhaps not in worship, but in adulation in front of them, one had the impression to be in a pagan school which follows the latest fashions of education, instead of teaching them from the rock of Peter. Instead of courting them with compliments like “You are the hope of the Church”, should they not better have told them: “Convert yourself!  The atheists and pagan are only 20% in the world. If there is such an amount of murder of little babies in the womb of their mothers - already 1 billion according to the U.N. figures -, this is largely caused by the 80% who call themselves `believers', and in particular by you young people! Stop the massacre, repent yourselves, convert!” The fact not to talk to them in this way, means to despair of the young people, and yet they are able of an admirable energy if only one apostle stays up to tell them the Truth. According to what has been reported, there was in Sydney at least one bishop who spoke the clear and hard language of the Gospel: Mgr Charles Chaput, archbishop of Denver in Colorado. He invited the young people to resist to laicism, and not to live as Christians a `double life' by limiting the expression of their faith: “Jesus did not die on the Cross and rise up from death so that we pray more at home, and that we are a little nicer with the neighbor next house.” Recalling that only the Church stands upright face to the dehumanization of the culture of death, he exhorted the young people as follows: “Religion, politics, social justice: these are precisely the things about which we should be concerned. Anything else really isn’t important. What can be of more importance than the religious faith, which deals with the ultimate direction of the life, and politics (!), which deals with the way in which we must organize our lives for the common good?” Until now one heard from the church pulpits: “By all means keep away from politics!”, thus leaving this domain entirely to the enemies of the faith. This way, abortion arrived… and all the rest with it. With the WYD 2008, the tone timidly started to change, in direction of the Gospel and the teaching of all the saints. All the worse for the spectacle! At least this merits a heartful Deo Gratias. - (ru)

- USA: Return to cannibalism? The American “Food and Drug Administration” has just authorized a new vaccine for babies, the PENTACEL, produced from aborted fetuses. The producer is the laboratory Sanofi Pasteur (!). It’s a combination of vaccines against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, meningitis and poliomyelitis. The active ingredients of the part devoted to polio are antigens fabricated from fetal cells obtained from abortion mills. The PENTACEL does not have any real advantage compared to the usual vaccines manufactured without utilizing aborted baby bodies, except the argument that it would reduce the number of injections, which is wrong. In truth, this new vaccine is based directly on violence, cruelty and cannibalism, which - in the ambient culture of death – is deemed to attract the crowds. Soon one will eat, in the smart restaurants, hors d’oeuvres made from aborted babies. Welcome the global cannibalism ! A few millenia ago somebody started to build an arch to prepare the arrival of a divine deluge. He had understood the signs of his time. And we, today, do we dare to face the abominable signs of our time? - (ru; cf. CPDH July 22)

- IRELAND: Nobody explained us why the good Irishmen - the only ones to be consulted by referendum - voted in June 2008 against the new treaty of Lisbon (which is only a hardly dissimulated reprint of the European Constitution that the French and Dutchmen had already splendidly rejected in 2005). Newspapers are talking about a majority of racists who do not want immigration, of little educated people who would have wrong concerns concerning unemployment, inflation etc. But some recent opinion polls reveal the truth which the politicians do not want to admit and which they want to hide at all costs. Thus the Irish Sunday Business Post announced on June 26th that, according to their survey, 58% of those who voted against the treaty were convinced that this one would support abortion, prohibited in Ireland, against 28% of those who voted in favour. Here we have a clear sign that the abortion issue was a decisive element in this rejection which, for the moment, paralyzes the totalitarian E.U. machine barricaded in Brussels and Strasbourg. Another element which come out from these surveys organized after the referendum of June: against all expectance, it’s the women and the young people who are mostly opposed. 56% of the women voted “no”, against 49% of the men. With the men alone, the referendum would have tipped over to “yes”! Same thing with the young people: 65% of the youths from 18 to 24 years voted “no”, followed by 56% of those aged 25 to 39 years, and only 52% of those aged 40 to 54 years. The majority of “no”-voters thus came clearly from the women and the young people. As long as, in Brussels, they stick their heads into the sand in order not to see the reality, for better letting themselves go to global and totalitarian dreams, the European Union will perish. And this dangerous utopia will have been overcome not by dangerous terrorists, but by a majority of women and young people who keep their eyes open and are more sensitive to the European genocide in progress, the one caused by abortion. Women and young people against the European Union? What a nightmare for Brussels! And what a glory for God who chose the poor and weak ones to fight against Goliath! - (ru; cf. of June 27th)

- NEGATIVE METER: 826th day of maintenance of the unjust excommunication against the bishops of (the biggest portion of) the catholic tradition under the pontificate of Our Holy Father Benedict XVI.

- POSITIVE METER: Until now, the small association S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC) in France could save 446 babies from abortion, by approaching the young girls and women in tears on the public benches, the sidewalks, in the coffees shops, medical laboratories and other places of everyday life.


- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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