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Double issue (2 weeks)

- FRANCE, Quotation of the week: “It doesn’t work at all. Europe is anxious, and, worse, I feel that little by little our fellow-citizens wonder whether finally the national level is not more able to protect them than the European level! It’s necessary to change radically our way of building Europe”. It’s Nicolas Sarkozy, since July 1 turning president of the European Union, who declared that on the television channel “France 3” on June 30th, 2008. The breach! “To govern means to foresee”, is saying Jean-Marie Le Pen since decades in the desert. But little Nicolas didn’t foresee anything. In the Companies, when there is someone who is incompetent, one puts him into the ‘elevator’ towards the higher management levels where one can better dissimulate his incapacity. This is also true in politics. The majority of politicians think only about their belly, their career and their money, all the worse for the common citizens. A small party, which is since recent months under construction in France, wants to break with all that: A.M.E.N. (i.e. ARRETONS LE MASSACRE DES ENFANTS A NAITRE, Let’s stop the Massacre of the babies to be born). Its leaders make a triple oath: anti-freemason, anti-corruption and anti-worship-of-the-person. It’s the fight of David against Goliath. By consequence this party has already – with the help of God - the victory in the pocket, especially if one considers that it defends the millions of babies who have been murdered since the French abortion law Chirac-Veil (1975), and that it can thus count, right from the beginning, on 6 million ballots in advance, those “voices without voice”. For more information:, under the heading “AMEN”. - (ru; cf. upr July 3)

- ROMANIA. The event is terrible: a girl aged 11, called Florina Vranceanu, is 20 weeks pregnant, as she has been violated by her 19 years old uncle (this fact has been proven by a DNA analysis). The uncle disappeared; remains Florina with her baby. The Romanian law prohibits abortions beyond 14 weeks of pregnancy. The case of Florina becomes public: the media talk about it, causing a vast national discussion, but very quickly certain national and international pressures obtain that the project to abort the baby of Florina matures. An English donor lady proposes to pay for the expenditure of a trip to and intervention in England. In spite of the fact that the pregnancy continues without complications, according to a statement of the Romanian Ethical Committee, this one nevertheless gives on June 27th its OK for the trip of Florina to the English hell where abortions are allowed up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and finally the Romanian Orthodox Church, to which 80% of the Romanians belong, washes its hands by declaring that abortion is not necessarily morally prohibited in the case of rape, and that it’s finally up to the parents to decide in this case of incest. A group of Romanian parishes and associations publish an offer of free education for the child of Florina, even the adoption of the baby. However Florina took the plane towards London on July 2nd, lead by her mother who wants absolutely this abortion, and it’s in the King's College Hospital of this city that one assassinates in perfect legality Florina’s baby, upon the request of the sadly famous abortion shop Mary Stopes. Florina left the hospital on July 7th, without the baby. The body of this one lies at present in a puddle of blood in a bin of “medical waste” of the hospital, which is far from being royal. - S.O.S MOTHERS in Paris already saved two 11 year old mothers, with their babies, but made no noise about it. Good things are done in silence, not in the limelight of publicity. One can even say that any publicity in this matter is counter-productive. One of these cases concerned Mary, an 11 year old schoolgirl in Paris. Chased from home by her mother who treated her as a “whore”, Mary wandered around, in tears, and it’s S.O.S MOTHERS which could collect her from the street. As she had cousins in Brazil, the association enabled her to go there (Brazil is a young country where an early pregnancy can be more easily hidden and lived through). Of course, her sin is condemnable, but to add a murder to it would be worse. Mary gave birth to a wonderful little boy called Arturo. Returned to Paris, the mother of Mary, now grandmother, fell in love with the baby. Today it’s this grandmother who educates marvellously the little Arturo, and Mary declares to her girlfriends in the school: “To abort? Never! Dear friends, be courageous, like me!” - You can help S.O.S MOTHERS under the following address: S.O.S Mothers c/o UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, France, - (ru; June 26 and 27, June 26 and July 7.)

- ENGLAND: Everything seems to go wrong with the Anglicans, who are separate since 1531 from the Body of the Catholic Church - and in particular the pope - because of the famous adultery of king Henry VIII with his housemaid Anne Boleyn. The Anglican religion rose from a sleeping room, and there it goes back today: the Anglican “church” is shaken by homosexuality. Already one openly homosexual pastor has been installed in England as “bishop”, and the archbishop of Canterbury Mgr. Rowan Williams, chief of the worldwide Anglican Church, lets things go. “It’s getting worse – it’s going downhill very badly”, exclaims Pastor David Houlding, a leading Anglo-Catholic. In fact, the General Synod of the Church of England voted on July 7th the acceptance of the consecration of women as bishops, a thing which is already practiced in the Anglican Church in the United States. But the revolt is growing. The faithful of the conservative and traditionalist wing of the Anglican `High Church' met in June 2008 in a dissenting assembly to decide what to do. Thousands of faithful intend to leave the Anglican Church and to join the Catholic Church, including hundreds of priests, even tens of bishops and archbishops. It just became known that negociations took place between these Anglicans – one talks about 11 bishops and 1300 pastors - and the Pontifical Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and that an agreement would be in sight, despite the attitude of refusal of the liberal catholic hierarchy in England who wants only to accept `individual conversions', not mass conversions. Because those catholic bishops - of England and Wales - want to prevent that traditionalist priests and extremely well trained Anglicans join their parishes with their five centuries old liturgy – which was catholic in the past. These secret negotiations in Rome came to the knowledge of the English catholic clergy, and the surprise was total: “I had no information” said, perplexed, Mgr Andrew Faley in the beginning of July, who is responsible for the ecumenical questions in the Catholic Church of England. In Sweden it’s worse: to the Lutheran pastor Sten Sandmark of Oskarshamn who, in 2004, wanted individually to join the Catholic Church, the single catholic bishop of Sweden shortly answered: “Please remain Lutheran, this is better for ecumenism!” Sandmark was finally consecrated sub-deacon in the Catholic Church on May 30th, 2008 at the seminary of FSSPX (Mgr Lefebvre) in Germany, and will be consecrated deacon, if God wants so, on November 1st, 2008, and priest on June 27th, 2009. Deo gratias! - From July 16th to August 4th, 2008 will take place the Lambeth Conference, a gathering of the Anglican bishops of the whole world which takes place every 10 years. They will deliberate about the sexual challenges and risks of bursting in the Anglican Church. But already 5 out of the total of 38 Anglican primates and a large number of territorial bishops announced that they will boycott this conference, signs of their extreme distress and their hardly dissimulated desire to change over to the One, Saint, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome. - (ru; cf 7.7.)


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