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Double issue (2 weeks).

- GERMANY: It was apparently necessary that the Germans, too, swallow the homosexual tsunami. After the English, Swedish and Canadian Protestants, it’s the German Lutherans who bend their knee before this new god called “gender mainstream”. They are about to elect their first openly homosexual “bishop”, Horst Gorski, Pastor of Hamburg, to be the Lutheran bishop of Schleswig in northern Germany. Gorski is known to be an inveterate pro-homo “theologian”, and he has even established “centers” for the homosexual clergy. “The possible election of Horst Gorski as a first homosexual bishop of Germany is an internal question with the evangelic Lutheran Church of the north of the Elbe”, declared in Geneva Pastor Ishmael Noko, secretary general of the LWF (Lutheran World Federation). He said that he did not wish to discuss the candidature of Horst Gorski for this position. “It’s not my task”, declared Pastor Noko. However, he admitted that there does not exist a consensus on the question of homosexuality among the Churches of the Federation. “Homosexuality constitutes one of the pastoral challenges with which we are confronted”, declared the secretary general of the LWF. - In front of these whimsical events and inadmissible deviations from the clearest principles stated by the Gospel, certain Christian associations - as UNEC in Europe - started to eliminate from their member lists the Anglicans and Protestants, while seeking to make cooperate only the Catholics and Orthodox on the questions which are as vital as the common fight against abortion or euthanasia. Because who can guarantee that those Protestants will not be, tomorrow, abortionists and defenders of euthanasia? As wrote Astrid Neumann, of the Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Surrey, British Columbia: “I leave the congregation because of the Church’s growing slide away from the traditional doctrines of Christianity. Everything has become `iffy'. We are left with the end and result that the Bible can’t be trusted, there is no Truth, and everything is relative”. Nothing to add! - (Ru; cf. LSN June 18, TC June 18)

- FRANCE: In the book “Paradox of Roubaix” of Philipp Aziz, published by Plon in Paris in 1996, one can read this astonishing (apparently imaginative) declaration of a Moslem: “Our peaceful invasion at the European level did not arrive yet to its term. We intend to act in all the countries simultaneously. We shall be your Trojan horse. The Human Rights of which you claim yourselves, you became the hostages of them… The laws of your Republic are not in conformity with those of the Coran and do’nt have to be imposed to the Moslems who can be governed only by the Charia. We thus shall work to seize the power which is own to us. We shall start with the city of Roubaix… After negotiation with the State and the Region, we shall declare Roubaix as an independent Moslem unit and we shall impose the charia (Coranic law) to all its inhabitants… If we are the strongest ones, it’s that God wants it so. We don’t have the constraints of the Christian obligation to carry assistance to the orphan, the weak and the handicapped. We can and must, on the contrary, crush them, especially if they constitute an obstacle, if they are unfaithful.” - Even if the mayor of Roubaix, Mr. Rene Vandierendonck, disputed certain data (e.g. there would not be 60% of Moslems, but “only” 30%), “Le Point”, “Paris Match” and “Le Figaro” largely made echo - and publicity - to this book. All that goes without comment. - (ru; cf. VS May 1, 2008; PF May 6, 2008; LMD June 1997).

- The VATICAN: The cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, president of the pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei which is responsible for the traditionalists in the Church, pointed out on September 30th, 2007, during the ordination of 4 traditionalist priests of the FSSP in the United States, that they must show “a deep respect for the ordinary form of the Roman rite”, that they must moreover “form integral part of the dioceses” and “concelebrate with their bishops at the time of the chrismal mass”. In spite of all the respect that we owe to this cardinal, well known to be one of the motors of the revival of the Tradition in the Church, it’s necessary to acknowledge that everything is wrong in this declaration. “Ordinary Rite”? It’s not understandable that a rite can be “ordinary” when it’s only an invention of 40 years ago, and that a rite can be considered as “extraordinary” when it exists in the Church since many centuries. Moreover, how to respect a guitarist rite which largely contributed to drive out, since it’s invention, 80% of the Catholics of the churches? Everything is needed, except respecting it: that rite should be abolished. - “To form integral part of the dioceses” and their bishops? Precisely of those who have, during 40 years, crushed the old rite of the Holy Mass like a cigarette under their shoes? Here the cardinal makes the new priests of the Tradition ridiculous. - As to the obligation made by the cardinal to the new priests to take part in the chrismal mass while concelebrating with the bishops, this is even an insult. Have they not just been ordered to celebrate the worthiest rite in the Church, that one called “Saint Pius V”, but existing since the great pope Gregory (540 to 604), and even since the times of the Apostles? Don't they thus have to row by all their forces against the poisoned current of the new mass imposed by holy obedience to the faithful ? And isn't that concelebration with the bishop the assertion of an evident contradiction? The new mass, in its extreme form which is the “concelebration”, isn't it the heart of that poisoned current? Would it be more communion with the whole Church than the ancient Mass? Here the cardinal dares to oppose directly our pope Benedict XVI who just presented, by his recent Motu Proprio, the ancient mass as a “source of communion and unity in the Church”. Nothing less! - (ru; cf FC June 14, PL June 7)

- IRELAND: Otherwise upright are standing the Irish Catholics. They just defied the atheistic European Union by a massive NO to the treaty of Lisbon by which the apparatchiks of Brussels wanted to impose only one State to Europe, by removing de facto the existing states and by capturing their sovereignty. Since this vote of the Irishmen makes the project impossible - one needs the agreement of all the 27 states of the E.U. for such a tough measure -, the distress is deep. But already one is murmuring in Brussels: one must force the Irishmen by the organization of a 2nd referendum. Question: why a referendum is to be remade when it’s negative, and never when it’s positive? This is a singularly totalitarian comprehension of democracy! - Those burned heads of Brussels – in reality they are moles coming from elsewhere - do not want to understand that the common Europeans want a little bit of Europe, but not one single European state. He wants, of course, that one passes without formalities and without waiting time by the borders, that one uses perhaps even a single currency in Europe in order to avoid complications (Charlemagne already introduced a common currency), that one uses the same type of electrical outlets in all of Europe etc. But they want to leave with each country its inalienable royal functions, and by the way they do not want that the “nation” is reduced to a mere football team. They want to remain German, French, IRISH! Now the thing is clear: thanks to this small catholic country the voracious Animal is for some moment thrown to the ground. Let’s hope that it’s a very long moment. Long Live Catholic Ireland! - (ru) 


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