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- ENGLAND: The House of Commons decided this week, with a sure majority of 286 votes against 223, that human-animal hybrids are licit. Already two laboratories are practicing these bio-constructions in England, the university of New Castle and the Royal College in London, and it became necessary to delimit this activity by a vote of the Parliament. It’s true that the English researchers were preceded first by the Chinese - the 2nd medical university of Shanghai - which, already in 2003, created a hybrid, that one can also call a cross, by mixing human cells with rabbit ovules. In 2004 scientists of the private clinic Mayo of Minnesota created pigs with human blood circulating in their veins. And finally, in 2005 the university of Stanford in California created mice with human parts of the brain. They started with less than 1% of human cells, but they want gradually to arrive at 100%, by injecting human neurons into the brain of embryonic mice. The tests were until now “encouraging” and make it possible to go further.

Until where? The mass production of Mickey Mouses? No law defines these experiments in the USA, but in Canada, in spite of its high profile of moral laxism, the embryonic man-animal experimentation has been banished by law in 2004, in particular all transfer of a human cell into an animal embryo, and of an animal cell into a human embryo. - Why the English are so interested by the question? Because their scientists claim that the more an animal is human, the better it can be used as a means for testing drugs, and even for breeding “spare parts”, e.g. livers, or cerebral parts to be transplanted into human ones. This practice would avoid testing with human ovules “which are rare on the market”… The new English law, however, prohibits any experimentation beyond 15 days of existence, when the hybrid embryos are “to be destroyed”. For how long are they going to maintain this time limit? Some English parliament members, however, courageously opposed this hybrid legislation. Thus Edward Leigh, conservative MP for Gainsborough, exclaimed in front of the members of Parliament: “In many ways we are like children playing with landmines without any concept of the dangers of the technology we are handling”. The liberal democrat MP for Oxford West, Evan Harris, rejected the law by defying the deputies in the following way: “Explain to me the ethical difference between an embryo that was 99% human (hybrid), and one that was 50% human (admixed)! ”, because a considerable portion of the deputies decided in favor of the admixed embryos, but against the hybrid embryos. In any case, it’s only with horror and amazement that one imagines the future breeding of hybrid human-animals.

The scientists claim to want to neutralize by these utopias some diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer, but in fact they are opening the box of Pandora, while going directly against the order given by God to humanity in Adam and Eve: “You will not touch at the tree of LIFE!” Who protects us from these insane persons? From their Faustian and luciferian aspirations, without God nor Master? Perhaps would it be necessary to create hell for them? Well, this has already been done! The media are celebrating this week – with the U.N. leading the chorus – the fact that humanity reached the number of 6,666,666,666, but forget to explain that this is the mark of the apocalyptic Biest! Let’s bet that, by abortion and other genocides, humanity will try to defy God while maintaining indefinitely and artificially this figure. Humanity does not want any more to choose between God and Satan, between heaven and hell, she already has chosen: “Let’s make an earth without God, let’s create hell!” – Last Sunday afternoon the immense procession of Corpus Christi proceeded with the Blessed Sacrament through the avenues of the centre of Paris, like the Arch of God above the floods. - (ru; cf. TOL May 20 , LSN May 20 and 21, NGN May 24)  


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