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- EUROPE: According to the “Report 2008” of the Institute of Family Policy (IPF) on the evolution of the family in Europe, the European birthrate continues to drop. In 2007 the number of births fell by 5.2 million children compared to 1982. Fertility rate fell to 1.52 and the medium age of maternity moved back to 30 years. 1.17 million abortions have been practiced during the year of grace 2007, i.e. thrown into the waste bins of private clinics and hospitals, if not into their crematoriums furnaces - or still worse delivered to cosmetic laboratories – 3,200 bodies of babies shredded, crushed or poisoned per day! 1.17 million babies? That corresponds to the population of whole countries of the European Union, such as Cyprus or Slovenia. Swept off the map! And this happens year after year, without discontinuing. France, alas, comes at the head of this hecatomb with more than 206,000 abortions, England 194,000, then Romania 150,000, Italy 129,000, Germany 119,000 and Spain 101,000, without taking into account that these figures are truncated as it’s the case in France where one counts by no means the tens of thousands of abortions by the abortive “next day pill“, or simply by the abortive effect of what they cynically call “anti-conceptive pills”. The IPF report underlines that abortion, even with those reduced official figures, represents the first cause of European mortality. One can call that the auto-genocide of Europe. Who talks about it? Who cries these facts in the European Parliament, the European Council, or TV? Nobody.  Only our Holy Father raises his voice and his finger, and people answer to his warnings somehow amused: “He should not interfere in our bedrooms!” In France, a group of upright Christians is on the point of depositing the statute of a new party: “ARRETEZ LE MASSACRE DES ENFANTS A NAITRE – A.M.E.N.“ (Let’s stop the massacre of the children to be born – AMEN). One can encourage and help them under the following address: AMEN, c/o UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien. AMEN will belong to a Pan-European anti-abortion alliance, including countries up to Russia, which rescue Europe precisely where it perishes: in LIFE matters. - (ru; cf. M.P. May 17)

- QUEBEC: The mayor of the city of Saguenay, Mr. Tremblay, openly defies the Quebec Commission of Human Rights which asked him to stop the public prayers at the beginning of the meetings of his city council. Tremblay declared, without trembling, that this Commission has nothing to order to him and that the insinuation of the Commission represents a discrimination against the members of his Council who want to pray. In fact there are only 2 counsellors who deposited a complaint against those prayers, with 20 consellors who wish them. The mayor now risks a lawsuit near the Canadian Court of Human Rights. But the Court will face, in this case, a man who is convinced of the catholic traditional heritage of Quebec: “Quebec must revive the moral values and needs to retain its Catholic heritage”, he declared already in 2007. Further on he said: “The Catholic religion is one of the most beautiful values we have in Quebec!” To the Commission of Human Rights he declared: “We are a bit soft! When someone who represents 3% of the population, wishes to do something, everyone bends over backwards; but when the mayor wishes to have prayer, we tell him to stop in order to respect the principle of secularism!” - (ru; cf. May 16).

- Negative Meter: 1094th day of the maintenance of the “excommunication” of the bishops of (the greatest portion of) the Catholic Tradition by our Holy Father Benedict XVI.

- Positive Meter: so far the French association S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC) saved, one by one, 431 babies from abortion death, saving each time also the child’s mother.

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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