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- FRANCE: The biest isn’t dead, on the contrary! The UMP deputy of Yvelines Mr. Jacques Myard made this week a constitutional bill project aiming at prohibiting any political party to claim itself of a particular religion. It’s the bill proposal No 843 of May 13rd, 2008, published on the National Assembly’s Internet site ( Here’s the text of the proposal: “Political parties can’t refer to any ethnical group or religion”. According to Mr. Myard, such parties could “in the long term threaten directly the indivisibility of the Republic”. According to him, it’s always necessary to remain faithful to the principle of secularity, i.e. of separation between Church and State, a principle which would “guarantee the national cohesion and the respect of the individual rights, while clearly placing religion into the strictly private sphere”. If this law is voted, there would be the grotesque situation that a great party like the German CDU of Konrad Adenauer or Angela Merkel, or the parties “The Christians” in Austria, “Christian Union” in Holland etc. would be prohibited in France.

Here you can see the true nature of the ‘Republic of freedom’, as she likes to present herself to the whole world, while hiding the most liberty killing practices in Europe. Actually, while preaching and imposing in a most totalitarian way the strict separation between Church and State, French secularity rises itself to the level of a pseudo-religion, in fact a dreadful revolutionary sect, with its high priests, dogmas, devotions and pilgrimages, and even its canonizations - transforming themselves easily, since the French Revolution of 1789, into cannonades. Secularity is the anti-Church par excellence, the satanic work of “the angel of the light”, Lucifer. As for the contemptible methods of this sect, they were analyzed with perspicacity since 1899 by Mgr Delassus: “When work (of agitation against the Church in the press) is rather advanced on a point or on another, the legislators, under the order of secret societies, come to force all the citizens under the yoke of a new law which will cause to restrict more, and always more, the field where Christian freedom could yet be practiced”. Nothing has changed since 100 years, even since 200 years; this old sect always uses the same methods, the goal remaining identical: “Crush the execrable one” (Voltaire talking about the Church), but God is with His Church.

That’s precisely what exasperates Mr. Myard and pushes him to propose this macabre text, dead letter in front of the Spirit. In this combat, the Christians must rather trust their Redeemer: “The one who is not ashamed of Me before men, Me also I shall not be ashamed of him before my Father”. Long life to the Christian parties, old and new ones! Still better: Long live the King! - (ru)



- EUROPE: A gleam of hope, Europe is shifting to the right! We didn’t say that, it’s the ‘Le Monde’ newspaper: “Since 2007, there have been ten general elections: France, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy. Everywhere where the right was in place, it remains there. In Italy, the right even seized the power. The only counterexample is Spain, where the left remains in power. In certain countries where there was an important left wing, like Finland, Belgium or even Greece, the social democratic or socialist parties suffered particularly important losses. It’s in this climate that occurred the elections of the mayors of Rome and London. All of this confirms what one can observe since 1996 all over Europe…”. 

If the people elect the rightists, the false rightists in power are well obliged to play the true rightists. It’s already that for sure! The new mayor of London, for instance, declared: “If one authorizes homosexual marriages, then why not to authorize marriages with three men and a dog?” While thus waiting, with some good reasons, for an evolution towards the true right, one can hope that the true Christian may return too. This conversion is in fact easier for a conservative right than for a revolutionary left. Deo gratias! - (ru; LM 3.5.)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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