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RU 16/2008: ENGLAND, Excommunication for T.Blair?

- ENGLAND: Tony Blair, one of the essential architects of the world culture of death, converted on last December 21st to the Catholic Church. In front of this public scandal, an analysis is necessary. Here it is, in 3 phases: Tony Blair before, during and after his “conversion”.

1) BEFORE: Already at the time when he was only member of the Parliament, he personally voted 3 times to permit abortion up to birth. As Prime Minister, he promoted the practice of secret abortions for schoolgirls without their parents being informed. He has encouraged use of the abortifacient morning-after pill for young women He championed destructive research on human embryos in the laboratory. His intrinsically pro-abortion, anti-family and anti-Christian Government was complicit in the U.N. population control movement. He personally brought to victory the objectives of the homosexuals in England - and elsewhere. In the religious sphere, Blair made close several Catholic adoption agencies of the country because of their refusal to entrust children to homosexual couples. He made illegal in the Catholic schools the moral education based on the 10 commands. He deprived of public subsidies many Catholic charity works by removing their status of association of public utility. The policy of Tony Blair – of the red-blood Labour party! - is continued today by his successor Gordon Brown. In short, John Smeaton, director of SPUC, the most important English pro-life association, declared in February 2007, when the first rumors of a possible conversion of Tony Blair to Catholicism circulated: “In general, there is virtually no area of pro-life or pro-family ethical concern which has not been made worse by the Blair government”. Terrifying testimony!

2) DURING: His request for conversion - “in order to be able to accompany my wife and my children to the communion bench” - was initially pushed back by cardinal Cormac Murphy O' Connor, archbishop of London. But Tony Blair turned himself to Benedict XVI whom he visited in Rome in autumn 2007, for receiving the authorization to become a Catholic, which was granted. Cardinal O' Connor obeyed by receiving Tony Blair into the Church on Dec. 21st, 2007, during a ceremony in the chapel of the private residence of the cardinal, leaving the Catholics perplexed, because no public repentance of Blair was known.

3) AFTER: On the contrary, one can read in the press that, on April 3rd, Tony Blair participated in London in the annual fundraising dinner of STONEWALL, England’s largest homosexual movement, where Blair had precisely delivered the main speech during the dinner of 2007. He accepted that a bid “to have tea with Tony Blair” resulted in a gift of 40,000 USD to STONEWALL. During the same week, Tony Blair is welcomed, in the Catholic Westminster Cathedral of London, as lecturer about his “Tony Blair Foundation”, which is supposed to “promote respect, friendship and understanding between the major religious faiths”, wanting to “promote religion as a positive force in the world”, while fighting against “the extremist and exclusionary tendency within religion today”: in fine, the program of NEW AGE! In addition, one can read in the press that the laws of Tony Blair are carrying always more bitter fruits: for the first time an Anglican bishop, Mgr Antony Priddis of Hereford, was condemned at the beginning of February by an English Employment Tribunal to a sexual re-education course and a fine of 47,345 Pounds Sterling for having refused the direction of a diocesan youth movement to a homosexual, on the base of the laws of Tony Blair.

If you respectfully wish to open your Catholic heart to Cardinal O' Connor, here is his email address:  - (ru; cf. of Feb.11, Apr.3 and Apr.4)

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