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- ENGLAND: The SUNDAY TIMES of London reveals emphatically that between 10 and 15 twelve year old girls have abortions in England every year. This figure is completely unrealistic, retorts the association S.O.S MOTHERS in Paris which saved up to now 424 babies from imminent abortion by helping their young mothers, including 12 year old school girls. “If in Paris our small team of S.O.S MOTHERS helped two pregnant 12 years old girls, there must be in all of England actually hundreds and hundreds of cases; but nobody in England - nor in France - wants to look straight into the face of reality, for better hiding the total failure of their sex education in school”, says a statement of S.O.S MOTHERS of this weekend. It’s true that the English government, since Tony Blair, claims that it wants to lower the number of abortions of teenagers, officially considered in 2004 to be of 35,000 per annum, the highest in Europe, by the miracle cure of SRE (sex and relations education) in school. Even the Minister for Schools, Mr. Jim Knight, has recently admitted that the Government never asked for a study to establish the relation between the SRE courses and their real effect on the number of abortions of teenagers.

To tell the truth, they are at a loss. They can only continue to preach “Education, education, education! ”, while pretending to be unaware of the fact that, by explaining to the children the operation mode of sex, they do not lower the abortion rate of minors, on the contrary! Let us take the case of gangsters who attack the banks: do those Sirs really believe, while explaining to such gangsters how function the locks and the safety devices of the banks, that they will lower the number of bank attacks? Those ministers, those governments, those teachers are utopians, dangerous ideologists! They impose their personal contempt of religious faith, of the Christian family ideal and of the 10 commandments as a state rule by forcing it on all citizens from their youngest age. Those people are neither “democrats”, nor “republicans”, but perverted individuals put to command positions by as perverse people, which they lead in addition to disappearance. That’s where we are. When a little girl of 12 is pregnant, then it’s the end of the world? An English justice, Mr. Coleridge, dared to say the truth to those hypocrites, getting nervous the British Ministry of Schools. He spoke about “the epidemic of the family failure”, and showed that the governmental approach towards the young people, sex and marriage is “a disaster for Britain”. He added that in his life of justice he experienced a “never ending carnival of human misery, a ceaseless river of human distress” in the form of broken families, and that “almost all of British society’s social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life”. - (ru; cf LIFESITENEWS.COM Apr.28)

- ITALY: Quite a different wind blows from Italy, a true pro-life storm caused by the legislative and presidential elections of April 2008: is it necessary to abolish the abortion law of 1978? Not less than 3 rigorously pro-life parties were born: the first one is called “ABORTION? NO THANK YOU”, founded by the agnostic journalist and former communist leader Giuliano Ferrara who recently recommended a moratorium on abortion in Italy as well as at the level of the U.N., an initiative which has been immediately supported by the Vatican. Cardinal Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, announced in January that he would himself pilgrimage to the whole world in order to promote this Italian initiative, while going first to Latin America, then to the United States, then to Canada, Africa, and the Near East and finally to Europe. “We’ll meet with governments of every ideology, including marxists and socialists, because abortion is not an Italian or European problem, but a global one, and the Holy See wants to eliminate it.” It has just been known that cardinal Trujillo died on April 19th (Le Figaro of April 20th). Is it allowed to ask for what reason he deceased? - This moratorium wants to be a reply to the one promulgated at the end of 2007 by the U.N. about the capital punishment (while ignoring the assassination of the babies before birth). - Two other anti-abortion parties mushroomed in Italy: SOLIDARIETA of the journalist Piero Pirovano (with a subsidiary branch in France which is called Solidarité France), and the catholic party CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT CENTER of Pierfernando Casini, close to Benedict XVI. - All these political initiatives led Silvio Berlusconi to support the idea of a moratorium on abortion and to recommend “the recognition of the right to life of each human being since his conception”. It’s well known that these options brought him the necessary margin to become president, in particular by the support of the anti-abortion parties. Let’s see what will happen now in Italy.

In France where the birth of the new party A.M.E.N. (ARRETONS LE MASSACRE DES ENFANTS A NAITRE = Let’s Stop the Massacre of the children to be born) will be announced at the UNEC conference of June 7th, 2008 in Paris, they only start, with some delay, what the Christians in other European countries already are doing. The essential thing is that the Christians finally get up to stop the massacre of the babies, in Europe and in the whole world. “What you will do to the smallest one amongst my brothers, it’s to Me that you will have done it”, announced Jesus. - (ru; cf F.C. Feb.13)



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