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RU 15/2008 - FRANCE, progress of AMEN project

Special edition


- FRANCE: Many of you keep being interested about the project to set up in France a new political party which is 100 percent against abortion, and Christian without compromise: the project AMEN (ARRETONS LE MASSACRE DES ENFANTS A NAITRE – Let’s Stop the Massacre of the Unborn Babies!). In fact you will not find news about this project anywhere else. Here are the results of the last meeting of the “preparatory commission of AMEN” of April 4, 2008 in Paris.


* BANNER OF AMEN: The first 2 specimens of our banner AMEN were presented at the beginning of the meeting, to the great joy of all present. All the principal options of AMEN are symbolized on this banner: love of the babies (heart), our Christian principles (cross), the European if not universal dimension of our combat (European flag). Moreover, the symbolism of the heart of the Vendee is unambiguous for any French Catholic (the revolt of the Catholic Vendee region against the French Revolution has been suffocated in the blood: 200,000 people, women, and children were slaughtered in the years 1790). This banner incorporates perfectly our program.


* Internet: we reserved with the American authorities the domain name AMEN-NET.ORG. Startup of this Internet site by September 2008. - We also installed our email address This address is already operating.


* PLANNING: Our letter of March 19, 2008, to the Apostolic nuncio in Paris, with humble request for an audience, remained unanswered up to this day, and will probably remained unanswered. At least we did what we had to do, and the Vatican is correctly informed about our initiative. - In addition, the information meetings throughout France are continuing: after Paris and Lyon, we plan meetings at Agen (April 19, 2008) and Nantes (May 17, 2008), while waiting for other meetings at Lille, Mulhouse and Toulon. Frequentation: between 10 and 30 people, according to the place. The meeting program is always: diaporama S.O.S MOTHERS, then briefing of the project AMEN, and discussion. Our country needs a dense network of this kind of small meetings, which are creative of action groups and local initiatives, a thing which has been forgotten since long time by the existing fossilized parties. It’s necessary to finish with those mass meetings of the old parties, sacrificing to the golden calf - the boss -, and to rebuild a true basic Christian movement in all the country.


* CONGRESS of June 7th: Since AMEN does not yet have legal existence, this congress will be called “colloquium UNEC ”. It will be held at the hotel CAMPANILE, Porte de Clichy, Paris, in one of the conference rooms of the hotel. The session of the morning, from 10 AM to 1 PM, will be devoted to UNEC : diaporama of Christian Turkey (in preparation of the Unec pilgrimage to Turkey from Sept. 14th to 28th, 2008), then diaporama S.O.S MOTHERS, then a report about “the Social Doctrine of the Church”, principal root and basis of the action AMEN. - A long pause (from 1 PM to 3 PM) will allow not only personal contacts, but also the holding of a press conference at the hotel to announce the creation of the new French political movement AMEN with strong European orientation. - The session of the afternoon, from 3 PM to 6 PM, will be devoted to the project AMEN, with several foreign lecturers: Mr. Maciej Giertych (founder of the League of the Polish Families), then Dr. Rudolf Gehring (top man of the Austrian party DIE CHRISTEN), and Jan Leechburch-Auwers (founder of the Dutch Catholic party CHRISTLICHE UNION), and probably 2 other lecturers from Italy and Germany.  We need the example and the support of our Christian brothers in the other countries of Europe which have already some experience in this field. The session will end by the official declaration of the foundation of AMEN, with press release, including a short report on its motivation, its principles, its methods of action and especially of its political goal: the stop of the current genocide, the massacre of the unborn babies. - Entry fees for the day: 7 Euro.


* STATUTES: we received various comments and draft amendments. Using these contributions the already existing project of the statutes will be revised at a work session on April 19th, 2008. Then the modified text of the statutes will be again submitted to the Members of the preparatory Commission. These statutes have 2 principal goals: to conform to the present legal conditions concerning associations and parties in France, and to fix in an unchangeable way the essential principles of our movement for the future. It’s by all means necessary to avoid becoming a party like the others, i.e. compromisers and ineffective, compared to the principal goal of AMEN. The central role of the “group of the founders of AMEN” will be fixed in a permanent way in the statutes, in order to protect our movement from any perverse intrusion.


* FINANCING: it was decided during the meeting of April 4th that the general secretary should immediately launch a first wave of financing bids in favour of AMEN, by sending 3000 letters to the members and friends of UNEC. To finance only one regional campaign – Ile de France i.e. the Paris area - at the time of the European elections of June 2009, we shall need approximately 150.000 Euro or 240,000 USD (expenses for ballot papers, and professions of faith documents). According to the number of collected subscriptions of monthly bank transfers - or specific donations or even major funds -, we will also organize the electoral campaign of June 2009 in other euro-regions (there will be 8 euro-regions in France in 2009), e.g. in Alsace-Burgundy. - France will send 78 deputies to the Parliament of the European Union, including 13 for the area Ile de France, 10 for the Alsace-Burgundy area, etc. In order to obtain one deputy in one region, it’s necessary to win 500,000 to 600,000 registered voters, according to the region, or otherwise 250,000 to 300,000 expressed ballots, even less because only those parties will be taken into account for the distribution of the seats which got more than 5% of the ballots. Thus in Alsace-Burgundy e.g. it will be necessary to obtain 6.9 percent of the cast (!) ballots to obtain one seat with the parliament of the European Union. – One can easily see that the mailing of the 3000 letters is essential to be started now, by using a separate account Unec in favour of AMEN, as long as AMEN is not yet officially founded and that the accountancy of AMEN is not yet installed. The donations are thus, for the moment, to be sent to “UNEC (AMEN), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France”. Who will belong to the very first donators? You? - All the donators will receive a tax receipt, allowing a tax cut of 60%, at least in France. Forms for monthly transfers will be sent upon request.


* EUROPEAN PRO-LIFE LEAGUE: the base of this project will be established at the time of our congress of June 7th, in the presence of our European partners. It’s a project for the future period where we will sit, if God wants it, in the European Parliament. This League will have to agree about a common European strategy to stop the massacre of the babies before birth, all over Europe.


* SPIRITUAL DIMENSION: our movement will necessarily have at its sides a discrete and informal branch, to support our engagements spiritually. Its emblem will be the European flag with the image of Christ in the centre, according to the Holy Face which is miraculously and providentially visible on the Shroud of Turin. This group is a kind of phalange of prayer absolutely necessary, if we want to follow the intentions of God, and not our own utopias and little ideas. We will contact the Carmelite monasteries to take part in this supernatural action, but also the priests, the poor, the sick, the elderly, children etc, in one word all those who are the preferred ones of God. To form this discrete and informal group, the candidates are requested to make themselves known with UNEC (BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, France). An annual or six-monthly letter will ensure the bond between the people who will commit themselves to pray - in a way to be defined - regularly for AMEN in this combat that one cannot call otherwise than apocalyptic. - (ru)


- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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