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- FRANCE: April 10th - a day of lawsuits against upright Christians in France, in the morning at Pontoise (Val-d'Oise department, near Paris), in Paris in the afternoon.

1) On April 10th, at 9 A.M., “the lawsuit of the condom”, with the County Court of Pontoise (95), 3 rue Victor Hugo, 95300 Pontoise. Final Convocation of the young Alexandre SIMONNOT, Taverny (95), who deflated with his car keys a giant condom of 10 m height set up by the municipality of Taverny, convinced that it represented a pornographic obscenity, an indecent assault, an attack on morality, and above all an object of scandal for the children. But the judges of the culture of death, sacrificing to the new God of moral perversion, are thinking differently. Alexandre was defended by lawyer Wallerand de St Just, in the presence of the witnesses Jeanne Smits (daily PRESENT) and Bernard Antony (association AGRIF). The district attorney didn’t plead for the reimbursement of 7,500 Euro (11,250 USD) which was the cost of the condom paid by the city of Taverny, but for a “symbolic fine” of 1000 Euro (1500 USD). The judgment is under deliberation up to May.

2) On this same day, but at 1.30 P.M., “Lawsuit of Telethon”, with the 17th Criminal Court (Palace of Justice, Paris) against Dr. Michel Villette who is pursued for defamation by the French Association against Myopathy (which organizes the Telethon money collection on TV). Dr. Villette is accused of having compared in November 2006 the culture of death of the Nazis, since 1933, with the one of today’s Telethon. But it’s not only Dr. Villette who denounces the eugenic drift of Telethon, but also the Professor Lejeune Foundatio, and Mgr Barbarin of Lyon. The witnesses of Dr. the Villette were: Doctor Dor, Dr. Dickès, Dr. Tremblay, professor Belaga, the retired judge Grenouilleau and J.P. Maugendre. The attorney, in the name of the French Republic, asked for … acquittal ! The judgment is under deliberation up to May. A press conference took place with the witnesses, on the steps of the Palace, at the end of the audience, with some necessary clear words about this provocation coming from the forefront of the culture of death in France. - (ru; cf.

- EUROPE: What had to happen, happened. In its next session from April 14th to 18th, the Council of Europe will decide on a a proposal coming from its “Committee of Equal Chances for Women and Men” which is directed by the frightening socialist and feminist Mrs. Gisela WURM, Austria. The proposal submitted to the vote - and everything indicates that it will be voted by the actual pro-abortion majority - includes especially this paragraph number 6: “The assembly affirms the right of all human beings, women included, to respect for their physical integrity and to freedom to control their own bodies. In this context, the ultimate decision on whether or not to have an abortion should be a matter for the woman concerned, and she should have the means of exercising this right in an effective way.” In addition, the proposal requires an access without any obstacle to the exercise of this “right”, in all the 47 member States of the Council of Europe (whose “laws” are not obligatory, but strong recommendations).

We are obliged to summarize the terrifying conclusions if this clause is voted by the general assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg: abortion as a RIGHT, abortion as an exclusive right of the WOMAN, abortion from now on free of any restrictions (time limits, indications, conditions like preliminary consultation, time for consideration a.s.o.). Everything is ready, in this clause, to define a henceful absolute and terrifying right. Not only one forgets the babies whose right to life is dramatically reduced to the occasional goodwill of any woman, but this amazing right of the WOMEN will also imply the total abandonment of MEN in the face of life, which is, by God’s grace, the most important thing on earth. In fine, cardinal Ratzinger was right when he identified, already a few years ago, the exacerbated feminism as “the greatest danger of our time”. One hope remains: the association UNEC will found during this summer a new party in France, called “ARRETONS LE MASSACRE DES ENFANTS A NAITRE (A.M.E.N.) - “STOP the MASSACRE OF the CHILDREN TO BE BORN (A.M.E.N.) ” - (ru; of March 17 ; under “AMEN”)


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