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- FRANCE: Here is the harsh reaction of a teacher living in a suburb of Paris, concerning our analysis (RU 46/2005) of the recent riots of the young immigrants: "Your analysis of riots makes me cry from rage. Have you become materialistic to the point of assembling such a problem by percentage rates ("only 0.02 % of the French car park has been burnt") ? One of my schoolgirls S.B. was burnt by an ancient pupil let to his instincts by the national education system: this is of course marginal, because it represents only a 6 billionth of the human livestock... I didn't know that you were emulators of the Anti-France gang of Giscardians. It's scandalous! - Your praise of Islamic girls is also frightening. Who burned last September a tower of L'Hay-les-Roses (Parisian suburb)? Three girls. Who stirred up, before the fence of my college, gangs of 40 to 50 girls aged 11-12 years, with quantities of razors, knives, scissors and other true weapons in their pockets? Three 12 years old street-girls! If they don't burn cars, they have other hobbies and the emergence of a precocious feminine criminality (after the one - legalized - of abortion of their elder sisters) should alert us... What about Islam in all of this? Of course, and I say it in spite of the Islamophilla of the intelligentsia, of the State's rabble and the media! Indeed, let's talk about association subsidies in our suburbs! Nicolas Lecaussin (IFRAP) drew the following parallel, which nobody emphasized after that: the Government wanted to cancel all subsidies to the associations when preparing the budget 2006... and the riots started the following week. They stopped when the Government stalled and restored this manna in the budget... Others mention a huge seizure of drugs that might have caused a shortage on the market... What you call marginal is in fact central, because every day, for the last 15 years, whole population portions of France live terror and hell, theft, rape, intimidation, humiliation, forced conversion... totally abandoned by all civil, military and... spiritual authorities (in case anything spiritual remains on an episcopal level). Shame on those who have taken cover, who jeer at the Front (National?) and who don't have the least compassion for those who are in peril every day. Truly yours, A.S., teacher in a suburb". - NB: Our analysis didn't minimize the facts, on the contrary, it emphasized that this was only the warning of much more warlike riots, which will continue to threaten us all as long as no politician really wants to save France. - (ru; cf. A.S. Dec.12).

- GERMANY: Here is a fundamental piece of news. The new Minister of the Family in Angela Merkel's Government, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, physician, mother of 7 children and thus a curious exception in the German political landscape, embodies above all, aged 47, a model which is disappearing in a Germany of demographic peril with its fertility rate of 1.35 children per woman, one of the lowest in Europe (in spite of strong immigration especially from Turkey), one of the lowest in Europe. As soon as she was appointed minister, she announced the creation of a parental salary of 1800 Euros per month, to be paid during one year to all women after a child's birth. Total: 1800 x 12 = 21,600 Euros per year (or 14 million Ancient Francs, for those who still know how to reckon). It is only the starting point, according to her, of a real family policy to counter the "Gebärstreik" (strike of pregnancy), a popular expression which designates women who refuse to have children, in fact 40 % of the German graduate women! - In Ukraine (general fertility rate 1.2), the new president Iouchtchenko who already managed to lower the rate of unemployment to 7 % (France: 11 %!), has just taken some similar pro-family measures: the allowance in favour of young mothers has been multiplied by 11! One remembers the recent emergency measures of this kind in several Italian townships. But in France, where the public is blinded by a supposed fertility rate of "1.8" mainly supplied by immigrant women, apparently no one intents to help the French women who wish a child, except the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen (and some marginal groups gravitating around his objectives) which postulates with insistence a permanent parental salary. The wakening will be catastrophic, but maybe it is not too late yet. May God rescue France, subito!" - (ru; cf. FC Dec.3).

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