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RU 08/2008 - FRANCE, the future anti-abortion party AMEN

- FRANCE: How is continuing the political project AMEN, that new “anti-abortion party without compromise, 100% Christian”? Well, it’s going well ahead. A “preparatory commission” in Paris currently works out a charter, or platform, for the general public; another commission in southern France composes the statutes of the party which will be deposited at the latest in September 2008. A congress is in preparation for Saturday, June 7th, 2008 in a major Parisian hotel, from 10 AM to 6 PM, with several foreign lecturers of which most are founders of similar Christian anti-abortion parties. At this congress will be announced the creation of the party which wants to be the voice of the 7 million babies assassinated in France by murder cynically called “IVG”, and of more than one billion babies (figure announced by the U.N.) killed in the whole world by abortion. The 1st election campaign will be organized at the time of the European elections of June 2009, because from its starting point this party wants to be European, with the intention of a strong synergy between many recent Christian political anti-abortion initiatives in Europe. In France we are late, in particular by comparison to what(s already under way in Austria, Poland, Holland and Italy where these new parties are already fully active. A true tsunami will come from the United States where the Supreme Court will invalidate, soon or late, the abortion law “Roe v. Wade” of 1973, and this invalidation will start a landslide of abortion bans throughout the United States. And since Cocacola, all what is “made in USA” ends up arriving to Europe, the ban on abortion also. AMEN tries to get prepared for that. To give you a first glance of the aggressive style of this initiative, here are the first 9 small posters, which will be soon available on Internet, worked out by AMEN. It should be noted that these small posters cannot be bought: the active members of AMEN will charge them directly from Internet to their personal computer and printer, duplicate them and stick them by themselves to strategic points of their city or village. “Without money against the power of money”, is one of the – very Christian – principles of the future AMEN party. Under each of these placards one can read: “Vote AMEN – ARRETONS LE MASSACRE DES BEBES A NAITRE (Let’s Stop the Massacre of the Babies to be Born),”:


1) “Abortion KILLS YOU!” 2) “Who’s guilty of abortion? - Less the women, - much more the deputies, doctors and others criminals”. 3) “What’s abortion? – A Sin against God, - A Crime against Humanity!” 4) “Christian abstentionists: - here’s at least a party for which you can henceforth vote with good conscience!” 5) “Stop the Democrats: LONG LIVE THE KING! No French Christian king allowed the general murder of  babies.” 6) “Babies by in vitro fertilization? - Today they remove the bad fetus, - tomorrow they will remove all the physically disabled !” 7) “What’s well conceived, is concisely stated: - The “Our Father”, 49 words, - the Beatitudes, 97 words, - but the only U.E directive on duck eggs, 26911 words…” 8) “NO to the radars on the roads, - subliminal tool of global SOVIETIZATION of the individuals!” 9) “You like the Euro? - We prefer the valiant Francs ! Only a fully sovereign French State will be able to stop the genocide of the babies, without and against the European Union.”


Of course, this party will attract thunderbolts from all what is anti-Catholic - and even Catholic -, worse than what happened to the Front National of Jean Marie Le Pen. But at least the scandal of the abominable butchery of the babies will be clearly denounced, and the problem put on the table. And, on our deathbed, we shall be able to say to ourselves: “At least we tried to stand up, in the very centre of this genocide, by shouting the truth and by actively living the love for the massacred babies.” The rest is in the hands of God. If there are people who wish to get involved in this project, please apply to UNEC: We look for those who are not hesitant, disheartened, disillusioned, pessimistic and slack. AMEN does not look for your purse, but for your person, hope, love for the babies, and determination to stand up. - (RU)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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