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RU 06/2008 - FRANCE, SOS Mothers

- FRANCE: Quotation from the “Log book” of the association S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC):

“Friday, February 1st, 2008. Still another “terrible mother”! We met mother and daughter (aged 17) in a store, quarrelling about “abortion”… We intervened. Dispute. Finally we succeed to fix an appointment for the following day. The negotiation was terrible: the mother wanted absolutely that her daughter abort her baby. We tried to recall to the mother (of the pregnant girl) that the baby is a human being, and not a Kleenex to be thrown into the dustbin. “But she’s too young, I do’nt have money, no question to keep the baby !”. Her daughter Annie attended this horrible discussion in silence… and tears. The terrible mother wanted 900 USD per month until the birth, for giving up the abortion. We finally agreed on 450 USD per month, “as we are not the Bank of France”. Total: 450 USD x 8 months = 3600 USD. The main thing is: the baby is safe. It’s horrible, these bargainings over the youngest and most innocent lives which can exist. How does God support such dirty things? And for how long still ?

Thursday, February 7th, 2008: Some people blame S.O.S MOTHERS for doing nothing else than saving lives, without dealing with the afterwards situation of the baby and its mother, supposedly a life of misery! Two remarks on this subject: 1) on the one hand, it’s not true, since we help our little mothers always at least until the birth + 3 months, i.e. during totally 3 to 12 months, and in certain cases much more, e.g. a mother in great difficulties was offered by us a small studio in Paris of which S.O.S MOTHER is tenant, during 3 ½ years, until she found, with our assistance, a social housing; we followed another pregnant mother during 5 years to get away from drug, to find a job and to be correctly installed in a fine low cost housing in Paris; other mothers bring us their rescued babies, even several years later, for baptism, and we organize this baptism for her baby, sometimes even by providing a godfather and a godmother for life; we are lodging permanently 10 to 15 new pregnant mothers, that is to say either in our welcoming families, or in our studios in Paris - or in a house bought and arranged by our group S.O.S MOTHERS in Georgia, the already famous “green house” at Zugdidi, etc… - 2) on the other hand, we are somehow perplexed by hearing this criticism. What is reproachable if one saves “only” the life? Don't the firemen do the same thing? Would they take care of the “afterwards situation”? Would they look for refund of the fire damage by the insurance? Does a fireman have to deal with the everyday life of the widow whose husband disappeared in the fire? Should he have to marry a woman remained alone and isolated, after having rescued her from the flames, in order to do a “correct” work? This is foolish! The fact of saving life is in itself absolutely good, this sometimes very long life on the earth - and eternal life after death -, given as supreme gift by God who wants to make us take part in his Glory by sharing HIS DIVINE LIFE with us, especially if the human life does not remain only natural, but becomes even supernatural by the sacrament of baptism. In fact, we fear that this critic is based on an inadmissible argument, which consists to say that a life without “life insurance”, guaranteed love, sure happiness is not worthwhile. It is exactly what the Socialists say when they want to make us believe that abortion is justified when there is no “parental project” for the baby. No ! It’s not the parental project which gives dignity to human life, but the project of God Himself. Yes, we are proud to project these babies onto the ocean of the human life, initially by leaving it between the hands of his little mother who, almost in all cases, immediately finds back the love towards his baby and becomes an incomparable lioness of protection for it, surrounding it with a special attention for the remainder of its life; then later on, various encounters of the child will happen, often with marvellous Christians, devoted teachers, wonderful adoptive parents, saint priests or missionaries who lead it towards God. Yes, we deposit with great hope and joy these babies… in the hands of God and his Holy Providence, for the remainder of their lives, very often not being able to do more for them than SAVING THEIR MERE LIFE. In fact aren't, our poor Samaritan hands the prolongation of the merciful Hands of God? Aren't we a tiny pearl in the huge chain of graces by which the Good Lord, by his divine Love, wraps these children from the very moment of rescue, to lead them one Day to the Eternal Life with Him? Confidence, dear rescuers, courage, and let’s go ahead! Let the spectacle start ! “You are doing the most important work on earth”, told John-Paul II to our American friend Rev. Fr. Paul Marx OSB (founder of the international institute HLI for fighting abortion) who said it to us with great pride.” - End of quotation.

Here are the coordinates, for the case you are looking for them: S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, France, Ph/F +33-(0)134120268,, - (Ru)



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