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- FRANCE: Sunday, January 20, 2008, immense success of the march for life - against abortion - in Paris, from the square of the Republic to the Opera, organized by several pro-life associations. According to the RG (secrete police), there were 10,000 demonstrators. The policemen had to cut the march into two blocks of 5000, in order not to paralyze the circulation in Paris center.



One often heard slogans, even songs, calling for the creation of a party for life, to fight politically against the massacre of the babies. According to the organizers, 7 million babies have been killed in France in the womb of their mother, since the disastrous law “Chirac-Veil” of 1975 liberalizing abortion in France. It was announced over the microphone that 6 French bishops sent messages of support, while preferring however for themselves to conform to the recent pontifical prudence, i.e. to remain within the palace when things get hot outside. It should be noted that ¾ of the demonstrators was young people. However the physical risks for the demonstrators - in the very center of Paris - were enormous, because the mafia of the culture of dead is hidden there, with a lot of very dangerous guys (they daily kill babies !). This youth is phantastic! The demonstration was closed by this powerful cry: “We will not release them any more!” - (Ru; photo Unec)



- SPAIN: Some among you asked for the email address of the courageous bishop of Tenerife Mgr Bernardo Alvarez, who had spoken clearly against homosexuality and is now cited before the court by all kind of anti-Catholic forces (cf. our RU 02/2008 of last week) : One can suppose that Mgr. Alvarez will be pleased to have your support. - (Ru)



- AUSTRIA: Same thing for Mrs. Susanne Winter (FPÖ), in municipal elections campaign at Graz, who is accused by all what is not catholic - and catholic! - because of her clear words facing Islam (“threat of a Tsunami of islamist invasion of Austria”). Meanwhile she received death threats in her letter box, with intimidating videos. Even cardinal Schönborn of Vienna, publicly requested by Gerhard Busek, eminent personage of FPÖ, to disapprove the statements of Mrs. Winter and who even dared to declare in the media that the cardinal “would deserve a spiritual slap in the face” for not having said anything until now, lowered himself by carrying this out. He menially did so in a small daily of Vienna, “Heute” (Today), by unctuously recommending the principle of “walking together” with Islam and while specifying: “May God grant that the troublemakers do not take the top”. Let’s summarize: `Islam? Please circulate, nothing to see here! And above all, no waves please!' With such chiefs, the war is lost in advance. Happy to know that there are not only officers, but also soldiers. When the first ones are laying down on the ground, alive or dead, the infantrymen take over the initiative, fortunately. So please find here the email address of Mrs. Winter: (or She also will surely be pleased to receive messages of hope and support! RU already sent it. - (Ru)

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