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RU 01/2008 - POSITIVE EVENTS 2007

- POSITIVE EVENTS 2007 (according to our RU news dispatches): The editor Guibert in Paris publishes “The Holy Tunic face to Science” with the acts of the conference of Costa (Unec) of November 2005 at Argenteuil, conclusive with its authenticity (01) - On January 21st a magnificent “March for Life” gathers thousands of demonstrators in Paris, shouting the right of all babies to live; at the same time the presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen announces a courageous pro-family and pro-life program (03) - The Dutch Minister for Justice, Piet Hein Donner, shows that the western democracy is suicidal, by predicting the arrival of the Islamic Sharia law to Holland, precisely by democratic way (06) - Always new, always beautiful, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, built within 90 years (1160 to 1250) by a brilliant Christianity, defies time, proud of its 8 centuries of history (7) - One month of actions by COSTA (Unec) for the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil: press conference, diaporamas, presentation of the last researches on pollens, blood and the DNA found on the Holy Tunic, annual pilgrimage by the center of Argenteuil, interviews on Radio-Courtoisy (Serge de Beketch) and Radio-Silence… (08 and 10) – Imperturbably, the association S.O.S MOTHERS (Unec) carries on its way of the Good Samaritan, by saving one baby after the other directly near the concerned mothers; already 230 babies rescued from the mouth of the Moloch, abortion (12 and 43) - In Poland, 400,000 Christians go to the street requiring the total abolition of abortion, even in the cases of deformation, incest or rape, but the Christian government of the Kaczynski brothers does not fully comply (13) - The Russian Orthodox Church announces the reunification with its communities off borders - especially in America and in Canada - for May 17th (13) - Germany is proud of one of its holy women, indeed very few, Anna Catharina Emmerich, stigmatized, canonized by John-Paul II in 2004 (14) - Report of the splendid scientific congress from April 12th to 14th 2007 at Oviedo/Spain whose cathedral preserves the Shroud which wrapped the Holy Face of Jesus during the transfer from the Cross to the tomb (15) - Report of the annual pilgrimage (350 people) to the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil on March 25th, 2007 (15) - In the U.S., the Supreme Court is reconstituted, thanks to the nominations by president Bush, by replacing, one by one, old pro-abortion judges by younger anti-abortion judges, letting divine the future abolition of the Roe vs. Wade abortion law of 1973 (16) – In the Sports Hall of Paris, on April 15th, in front of 4500 people, a few days only before the presidential elections, Jean-Marie LE PEN shouts his program of restoration of France, a kind of cry of hope in the current despair (16) - Our dispatch RU recommends not to vote in any case for the blood-red candidate Segolene Royal; today RU is proud to have thus contributed, by its small stone, in the electoral elimination of this advocate of death who is 100% pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-suicide and anti-family (17) - The European bishops are challenged by many faithful - in particular in Austria (Graz) and France (Paris) - to get more engaged in the battle against abortion (18 + 30) - In the city centre of Munich, near the “column of Mary”, the SSPX community dedicates again, with thousands of citizens of Munich, Bavaria to the protection of the Most Holy Virgin, “Patrona Bavariae” (19) - The verdict of the presidential elections in France is absolutely clear: 53% for the rightist Sarkozy, and 47% for the blood-red Segolene who is very far from being “royal”; while waiting for the events to come, we classify a priori this information into the positive events, having avoided the 100% sure disaster (19) - Regarding the legislative elections of June 10th and 17th, Bernard Antony (Christian Solidarity) emits a clear program of re-establishment of France: valorization of family and school liberties, fight against Islam and the European Union destroying Christian Europe, opposition to the entry of Turkey into the E.U., re-establishment of the death penalty… (21) - UNEC celebrates 10 years of its weekly “RU” dispatches, which are Christian and  100%  independent (22) - The “log book” of S.O.S MOTHERS relates the last cases of rescue of babies from abortion;  S.O.S saves currently on average 2 babies per week, by working on the pavements, in the coffeeshops, in the subways, buses, laboratories… (22) – At Niafles, Mayenne province in France, a community of Catholics who are faithful to the tradition resists to the closing of their church by the village mayor and the local bishop, by celebrating masses in the street (23) - On June 23rd, UNEC publishes an insistent call for the foundation of a new European 100% Christian party to fight against abortion and for Christian Europe, called either SEC (Save Christian Europe), or AMEN (Stop the Massacre of Children to be Born): “we will go down to the political scene to battle in a Christian way; even if we should die there, at least we would die standing upright” (25) - The story of Noah's Ark teaches us that God will not destroy any more this world by water, but by fire according to the 2nd letter of St Peter chapter 3 (26) - UNEC announces the principles and the schedule of the new Christian party in project (27) - On July 7th Benedict XVI finally published the Motu Proprio restoring the ancient Holy Mass, but doesn’t dare to abolish the modernistic mass invented in 1969, which caused a universal loss of faith never seen before in the history of the Church (28) - 20 years ago the great time of the 18 church occupations and “wild masses” in the Val-d'Oise district (north of Paris) to obtain from the local bishop, Mgr Jordan, today archbishop of Reims, the attribution of an empty church for the Tradition (31) - Resurgence of the pilgrimages in France: Chartres, Rocamadour, Salette, Mount St Michel, Lourdes, and above all Notre Dame cathedral in Paris (32) - Putin pursues a resolutely pro-life policy in  Russia, but forgets to attack the abortion desaster (34) – The history of EWTN television channel established by Mother Angelica in the U.S.; world diffusion of the first tridentine Mass after the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI (34) – The Holy Father goes as a pilgrim to Austria (34) - At the beginning of September, intervention of 5 French scientists, to study the “Relic of the Sandals of Christ” conserved at Prüm/Rhineland (FRG) since Pippin the Short, father of Charlemagne (36) - In Canada, the law allowing the union (“marriage”) between homosexuals has no success: only 0.6 pourcent of all Canadian couples used this possibility since 1999! - Poland defies the E.U. in Brussels while recommending to include the abolition of abortion in the fight against the capital punishment (38) - UNEC publishes its “provisional program” for the constitution of a new European 100% Christian party to fight politically against abortion (40) - Qatar authorizes the construction of a Catholic church, “Our Lady of the Rosary” (42) - In Bavaria, a bishop – from the Lutheran church! - preaches against any common prayer between Christians and Moslems, “since they don’t believe in the same God”; it’s true that the Lutherans do not have to follow the decisions of the Council Vatican II (42) - At Amiens/France a group of 500 Catholics who are faithful to the tradition, celebrates each Sunday a holy mass on the street, in front of the cathedral or in front of an empty church, in order to protest against the refusal of the bishop to grant them only one of the hundreds of abandoned churches of his diocese (45) - Report of the “pre-pilgrimage” of UNEC to Turkey, a circuit of 3000 km in the north and the east of the country, in preparation of the great pilgrimage in September 2008 (46+47) - UNEC publishes its actions in 2007 and 2008: pilgrimages, Costa (about the Holy Tunic), Coeli (about the Shroud of Turin), Radio-Silence on Internet, dispatches RU, S.O.S MOTHERS, project AMEN… (48 + 49) - In Spain a chain of TV, INTERECONOMIA TV, finds the courage to present a film of 2 late term abortions, showing the bestiality of these procedures (50) - In Uganda and in Kenya, the First Ladies are pioneers against abortion and recommend to young people abstinence before marriage as “the only effective means against AIDS” (50). - (ru)



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