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RU 50/2007 - SPAN, AFRICA

- SPAIN: Probably for the first time in history, abortion has been presented in its crude reality (and not only on a screen of echography as in the film “The Silent Scream”) on a national television channel. That happened this week on the Spanish channel INTERECONOMIA TV. The scene has been turned by a journalist who presented himself as a doctor looking for a job in the private abortion clinic EL BOSQUE OF MADRID. The film shows two late abortions (22 and 23 week old embryos). Each time a nurse injects a mortal poison into the fœtus through the vagina of a pregnant mother; after this one can see the ejection of the 5 months fœtus, an age where the the baby is completely formed and is in the possession of all its senses. The personnel immediately covers the ejected foetus, because nobody wants to see it, and even less to examine it. Comment of the film: “The baby is born dead, his cradle is a trash can”. Questioned on the spot, the abortion doctor answers: “No, I can’t look at it, never, never, never again”. The lady doctor acknowledges then that “many of our patients” have no valid reasons for aborting their babies. But she ensures that the private clinic has a “psychiatrist” who will automatically sign the necessary forms to authorize an abortion because of “psychological need”, as required under Spanish laws. “Here they sign everything”, she says, “the test is a mere procedure”. And the TV spectators can hear the conclusion with their own ears: “Here, whoever wants an abortion, gets one”. In the film the doctor also specifies that normally it’s the nurses who practice the abortions, which is contrary to the new law: they have only to “wait until the woman expels it (the fœtus), and to take it out by it’s rear end. If the placenta doesn’t come out, they call me”. And then? Hey, she answers: “You grab the pincers, and ‘pin, pin, pin’, and that’s it.” - In France, in America and elsewhere, certain obscure forces prevent the presentation of the terrifying reality of abortion on the national TV screens, apparently thinking that they can prevent the truth to make its way. But it will make its way, like any truth. And thanks to God, abortion will be abolished. “The truth will make you free”, prophesized already the apostle St John. - (Ru; cf LifeSiteNews Dec. 13th)



- AFRICA: The First Lady of the United States, Mrs Laura Bush, recommended, in the Washington Post of December 1st, “the condom every time”. She recommends “to practice safe sex” and advocated the “correct and consistent use of condoms”, while adding: “not on some occasions, but always”. One cannot be more clear. By saying that, she believes herself to follow the example of her “African counterparts” who recommend, according to her, the method ABC (Abstinence, Be faithful, Condom). Well, let’s take two examples of those African counterparts, the First Ladies of Uganda and of Kenya, to prove that Mrs. Bush is completely wrong. - Mrs. Janet MUSEVENI, First Lady of Uganda, declared on the occasion of the AIDS day of 2006, in front of the students of the Christian university of Mukono: “I would not be caught advising you to take any shortcuts, or compromise your lives, by using any device invented by man, such as condoms, in order to facilitate any desire to go against God’s clear plan for your life; God’s plan for your life is that you should honor your body because it is His temple”. She encouraged her listeners to recommend to the other students to abstain from premarital sex, by “God centered self-control”. It’s a known fact that Uganda, with that government policy, achieved to lower the rate of transmission of AIDS from 18% to 6%, to the great displeasure of the world merchants of condoms. In addition, UNAIDS published in 2003 a study proving that the condom protects only 90% of time from AIDS. The condom promoters are thus in reality the true promoters of AIDS. - In Kenya, Mrs. Lucy KIBAKI, First Lady of the country, made a public call to abstinence and fidelity as the only effective means against AIDS. While addressing herself in 2006 to school boys and girls, she declared that the abstinence before marriage - and not the condom - is essential to save their life and their future. “Dear fellow-citizens”, she exclaimed, “this gadget called the condom… is causing the spread of AIDS in this country!” But in France and elsewhere, one continues to give to the young people that ‘Russian roulette’ which is the condom, this one going hand in hand with abortion: when the first one fails, one takes refuge to the other one. It’s evident that they are two effective weapons for killing. God, please liberate us from the culture of death! - (Ru; cf. LifeSiteNews Dec. 13th)

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