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RU 43/2007 - SOS MOTHERS (Suite 16)

- France : The abortion butchery continues, day after day. No banalization can be accepted, because relentlessly « the cry of the innocents rises powerfully up to Heaven” (Pius XI). As peviously, RU has the honour and sacred obligation to publish here-under the last entries in the “journal of board” of the association SOS MOTHERS :


« Thursday Oct. 4, 2007. We call her Kiki, because her name is impossible to pronounce. She’s our 6th pregnant slave girl. She is aged 17, of far eastern origin, catholic. She sleeps during night in the basement of an African embassy in Paris, her legs CHAINED, in order not to escape. She’s pregnant since about 1 month, from a “turnover” with 5 men, inside the embassy ! The family of the ambassador keeps also in hostage her little sister, aged 10, in order to ensure that Kiki remains there and keeps silent. We succeeded to have this contact through an old lady living near the embassy. She took contact with us, as she knew us by common friends. That’s the story. The rescuing is quickly started: Sunday we shall meet on a bench of a public park in Paris, in order to plan in common the evasion. There is no general scheme of rescuing, every mother is a particular case requiring an adapted solution. With the help of God we shall get her out of there, with her baby, and also with her little sister, if possible, in order to avoid the exactions and revenge actions which are probable in such cases.


Monday Oct. 8, 2007. Everything has been programmed with Kiki. Wednesday afternoon Oct. 10th, when the family of the ambassador will be absent, except for the driver who will be hearing noisy CD music in his room full of cigarette smoke…, the two girls will escape from the embassy. Kiki said she wanted to abort her baby (“baby of a rape »), but we talked to her patiently and connected her own rescuing to the one of her baby: « We shall rescue you from slavery, and you can rescue your baby from abortion. What’s more beautiful ?” Kiki accepted, yet she wished – at least under the present circumstances – that her baby be adopted, immediately after birth, by foster parents. This could be arranged, but we shall see later on, as things progress rarely as one thinks. – So, next encounter the day after to-morrow, in the afternoon, in a park where we shall welcome the 2 slave sisters, then we shall channel them, the same evening, after the purchase of some cloths etc., out of Paris and even out of France, to another European country, where they can live safely with one of our friend families which accepted already 3 of our little mothers SOS! – Some people are objecting: why don’t you work with the CCEM (Committee against modern slavery) in Paris? Our answer: Well, can you ensure that those associations – which are pagan by nature – are against abortion? So it’s evident that only our association can take care of those pregnant girls and young ladies up to the baby’s birth; after that we may possibly talk with those associations, for instance to organize their return trip into their home country. A rather positive contact has already been made with the CCEM, in view of this, but there is no question of handing Kiki over to them at this moment. As long as her baby is in danger of being aborted, we shall be there, and this danger lasts for 9 months, God knows.


Thursday Oct. 11, 2007. The operation succeeded 100 % for Kiki and her little sister Lily. They are already outside France. Upon our recommendation, they quit the embassy without any luggage (except for their passports). So, if they had been captured – and that is a possibility because guards are showing up from time to time around the embassy – they could have easily said: “Look the nice sunshine, we just wanted to make a walk!”… and could have started again to escape on another day. Our auxiliary in Paris, Lea, could had a chancer to look at the wounds on Kiki’s back (aged 17), it was atrocious. She really had been treated as a sado-maso sex slave. Her little sister (aged 10), by the way, was in the same situation, a fact which we didn’t know when we planned the escape for both of them. We had given to each of them, 3 days before the operation, a ‘miraculous medal’ with a chain which they added to the little wooden cross they already wore as good Catholics since there departure from their country in East Asia.. This way, the operation was well protected. It seems now, by the way, that we shall not be able to send them back to their family in Asia, because this one is said to have more or less SOLD the 2 children to the slaveholders! Here we see the horrors where can lead the poverty in those countries! Well, the nightmare is finished for them, Deo gratias! And thanks to all of you whom we know constantly at our sides. The battle continues… » End of quote. –


Address : SOS MAMANS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France, Ph/F +33-(0)134120268, email: – Internet: (under SOS MAMANS)

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