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QATAR : The Emirate of Qatar – one of the most liberal Emirates of the region – authorized the construction of a church, “Our Lade of the Rosary”, the only and first Catholic church in that Islamic country. But please hold back your joy: the only people admitted to enter into this church will be Catholic immigrant workers, mostly Philippines. Moreover, the church is located in the far outskirts of the city. It must not have any bell tower, nor a cross which could be visible from outside. – Well, if we imposed, on the occasion of the next municipal authorization in France for the construction of a mosque : a) that it must be located far outside of the city, b) that there must not be any minaret tower, c) that no Islamic sign is visible or audible from outside, d) that no Frenchman can enter? The French Republic is behaving like a foolish, kneeling down in front of the Islam, except when it stands up to fight against Christianity. When finally Christian Europe will come (back)? – (cf. LBAN Oct. 1, 2007).


FRANCE : Yet worse, the Church herself doesn’t defend herself any more against Islam, on the contrary. Please sit down first, before reading the following story: The newspaper “La Croix” reported that the Catholic Institute of Paris will teach Islam to students, from January 2008, in order to become Imams. Already some 30 Islamic students are said to have registered for a licence which will include 400 hours of teaching course. Mgr Vingttrois, archbishop of Paris and, as such, chancellor of the Catholic Institute, as well as the imam Dalil Boubakeur, chief of the Grand Mosque of Paris and president of the French Council of the Islamic Cult (CFCM), already approved the project. Some years before, the previous Interior Minister, a certain Nicolas Sarközy, had tried without success to obtain such courses from the laic universities of Paris, but they all refused, particularly Paris IV, the Sorbonne, and Paris VIII (Saint-Denis). Nicolas must be satisfied now with his archbishop, created cardinal last week by the Holy Father. Are there enough tears to weep about the poor state of “the Church which is in France”, voluntary slave of a godless State and ready for all betrayals in front of the enemies of Christ? – (ru ; cf. LBAN Sept. 1, 2007) GERMANY: In Bavaria, very Catholic region of Germany, where by the way Benedict XVI  had the grace to be born, even the Protestants respire yet a rest of genuine Christian faith. Thus, the “bishop” of the Lutheran Bavarians, Mr Johannes Friedrich, declared in an interview to the Protestant press agency IDEA, that Christians and Moslems cannot pray together, “because they don’t believe in the same God”. The Christians believe in a trinitarian God, he explained, but for the Moslems it is “totally unacceptable” that God is said to have a Son. In reality, says Mr Friedrich, he often heard from the mouth of Moslems: “You Christians, you believe in three gods ». Mr Friedrich insisted, saying that even on the occasion of a great disaster, for example a mine accident, on the occasion of a public celebration or a minute of silence, a common prayer of Christians and Moslems was unacceptable. He also declared that he refused the expression that Jews, Christians and Moslems would all be « children of Abraham”, a term which, according to Mr Friedrich, does not respect the essential differences in their faith of God. Happy to say, the Protestants are not bound by the decisions of the Council Vatican II, especially not by certain ones between them ! – (ru ; cf. StJ Oct. 1, 2007) USA:  A last word, concerning Schwarzenegger, the famous governor of California. He just signed two laws which will henceforth oblige all public schools to present positively (!) to children since kindergarten age (!) the transsexual, bisexual and homosexual living modes. So, from the age of 5, the children will be harassed in this way, if the parents do appreciate or not. This is not astonishing, because Schwarzenegger is a red one, a sect which perverts all over the globe innocent children – if they don’t kill them – and who are called in the United States Democrats, even if some of them like to call themselves Republicans. – (ru ; cf. LSN Oct. 15, 2007)  


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