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- NEWS FROM AUSCHWITZ: They are becoming mad. Who? These gentlemen who don't have «neither God nor Master» and who are sitting in the medical laboratories to have fun playing without limits with the secrets of life: with their FIV, RU 486, DEPO-PROVERA and other magic formulas, they create all alone their dead end street in which will stop fatally one day their crazy race, as the dementia of Auschwitz has been stopped on a precise day of history, on January 27th, 1945. While waiting for this Day, here are 4 specimens of those madmen who are in the race (non exhaustive list): Germany, Italy, Denmark, and USA.

– In Germany, in order to feign hypocritically not to kill supernumerary fœtuses created in vitro, the law requires that it’s necessary to implant them all in the woman's uterus, with a maximum of 3. Then one kills freely in the uterus those who are too much, because the abortion law permits it to do so «upon medical indication», knowing that «medical» can mean a lot of things, for example «psychic complication for the mother». One kills therefore without complex one of the embryos, if two of them would make too much headache to madam. One also kills, practically «by obligation» - any embryo “guilty” of trisomy. Detail: these «physicians», to avoid all resemblance to «psychologically painful» abortion, kill the “guilty” embryo by a chemical injection– potassium chloride! – which is shot directly into the baby's heart, letting the cadaver of this embryo in the mother's uterus together with the surviving embryo, until the birth of the latter one! Then the cadaver is evacuated with the waters, and disappears thus discreetly. Ah, since Auschwitz, these German physicians of the death learned refinement!

Italy: in June 2007, in the case of a twin baby pregnancy, the abortionist physician suppressed the healthy twin, instead of the sick twin convicted to death. It’s only in August, at the time of the birth, that «the horror» was revealed: the newborn was trisomic. The physician apologized in beating around the bush, saying that the “guilty” baby changed place with the healthy one between the test and the operation… Too late, the healthy baby was already gone along the garbage tubes of the township, if it was not burned in the gas oven of the abortion mill, accustomed to make disappear unpleasant human garbage. When God will intervene, one Day, near those murderers 2007, all what we can say now is, that this will not happen discreetly. According to Pius XI, «the cry of the innocents is sweeping up to Heaven !».

Denmark: More cynically, this country does not only practice these monstrosities, but dares to make the accounting of its deadly achievements. In June 2007, a study appeared for the first time showing the increase of abortions of babies «guilty» of illness and killed after prenatal diagnosis (detection of the trisomy 21). Such prenatal diagnoses are proposed FREE, since fall 2004, to all ladies between the 11th and the 14th week of their pregnancy. The poor lady who would refuse to let abort such a «monster» baby, would be designated by the finger by everyone! Since this date, the birth of babies with trisomy 21 is said to have lowered by… 40 percent, says the study. Sad Auschwitzian statistics!

USA: Worse, in USA, recent studies demonstrated that even fishes begin to suffer from our contraceptive practices and abortion drugs. Here are facts: studies of fishes, notably of trouts, in several rivers of Colorado showed that the normal male/female rate of 1: 1 had radically changed. They found 82% of females, 10% of males, and 8% of a new unnatural hybrid for which it was impossible to determine if it was male or female. The scientists proved that this extraordinary «feminization» is due to estrogen, a hormone that they found in minimal quantity in the rivers of Colorado, but it’s known that a very small quantity of this hormone is sufficient to influence powerfully the sexual functions, as well of human beings as of animals. From where did this estrogen come from? An ulterior study demonstrated that it came from human sources, above all from the daily contraceptive pills, RU 486, Norplants and other contraceptive patches. These artificially injected hormones into the women’s blood - at doses of up to 400 times the natural dose! - are evacuated with the urine within 24 hours, which makes it necessary to renew the dose every day to be «efficient». Almost half of the women of the globe became thus, often badly informed or even against their will, hormone cows, telecommanded by alchemical mini-doses coming directly out of the kitchen of a luciferian Faust. In the public sewages these hormones are not metabolized, on the contrary they accumulate, without being eliminated by the purification stations which are not equipped for this purpose. The above mentioned study reveals for the first time the catastrophic effects on the nature. For the meantime one speaks of rivers – a survey of rivers in Switzerland demonstrated similar effects -, while waiting for the effects on the seas. Man dared to put his nefarious hand into the woman's very nature, and he not only harvests a decimated humanity (already 1 billion of babies aborted, according to a figure given by the U.N.), but he also disfigures nature, deforming it and vowing it to disappearance. The man without God, day after day, marks with the seal of death the very nature to annihilate it, and every package of contraceptive pills is a part of this satanic mechanism. We are far from Auschwitz, we’re already approaching the apocalypse… - (ru; cf. PRIR Oct. 2007, LT Sept. 2007, SOSL Sept. 2007).



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