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- R.I.P.: Our friend Serge de Beketch, best Catholic journalist of France, died on October 6th, aged 61, victim of a liver cyrosis probably caused by the chemical treatment of his cancer. He received the sacrament of the last unction from the Church, administered by Rev. Fr. Argouarc'h of the Children’s Village of Riaumont, which is henceforth orphan of his main financial sponsor. - Serge, it was not the good time to leave us in this moment. What shall we do now? Who will say live on Radio-Courtoisie: «Minister Pasqua, go to hell»? Who will have the just and forceful word in the face of the ignominies which invade us every day? Who will have his heart on his hands like you, in the face of the small ones, the ones who are persecuted, and above all the unborn babies? Which journalist will be interested henceforth in our poor enterprises as our church occupations, our pilgrimages, our relics, our symposia, our radio on Internet and our «little mothers»? Who will answer, straight forward, to the gang of public criminals,  driven by a saint anger of the Just of the Gospel? Who will cry to the Heaven? Serge, it was not the good time to leave us now, but please know that we will fight as you showed it to us! Requiescas in pace. We express our sincere condolences to your wife and all your family. A last word: A BIG THANK YOU, Serge! May God protect you, and may He protect also us who are remaining awfully alone in the battle! - Signed: UNEC, SOS MOTHERS, RADIO-SILENCE, RU - (ru) 




- CHRISTIAN EUROPE: You know since our RU issues 25 and 27 of this summer that we are planning the construction of a new European 100 % Christian movement, or even party, to replace the wrongly called «Christian Democrats» of many European countries who became in fact abortion gangsters, and to launch on the political front a new generation of men and women who are decided to terminate the extraordinary genocide of baby murder in Europe, between other objectives. Our children should not criticize us one day that we haven’t done anything against this genocide, without mentioning what our Good Lord Himself is expecting from us. We are in the phase of «brain-storm» and of very encouraging European consultations, because in several of them, recent similar initiative are already well under way, notably in Austria, Italy, Poland and Holland, to name only those, and are waiting to be (con)federated for activating their synergy: it is the project SEC (“Sauvez l’Europe Chrétienne”, or Save Christian Europe). In countries where they don't exist yet, or don't exist anymore, new political parties are to be established, like in France and probably in Germany. To permit you to cogitate with us on the best political program which must avoid ALL COMPROMISES concerning the Christian principles, please find hereunder the program as it is at the present stage of elaboration:


Provisional program of the project «SAVE CHRISTIAN EUROPE» (S.E.C.).


1) FOR LIFE, AGAINST ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA, without any exception, because the life of every human being is sacred. The tacit death penalty imposed on the innocent babies is to be abolished. March 25th - feast of the Annunciation to Mary - will be promulgated ‘day of commemoration of the abolition of the so called «right of abortion» which caused the biggest genocide of all times: the mass murder of unborn babies. We will be the voice of millions of babies without voice, either already killed or yet to be killed.


2) SAVE THE CHRISTIAN NATIONS, notably France, and all European nations individually, while replacing the anti-Christian European Union by an Alliance of sovereign States, from Portugal to Russia: Christian Europe, excluding Turkey and all other Moslem countries. Consecration of France and Europe to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


3) RE-EVALUATION OF THE FAMILY based exclusively on a man, a woman and their children. Protection of their rights and duties, in particular in relation to the education of their children. Support of Christian private schools and parental teaching.


4) INSTITUTION OF A SALARY for the mother of the family, equivalent to the lowest legal salary, + 25% for the uncountable supplementary hours. By the way, this fundamental and necessary measure will solve the artificially created problem of unemployment. 


5) STRUGGLE AGAINST FREEMASONRY, modernism, materialism, hedonism, human rights without God, the corruption under all shapes, on the basis of the 10 commandments engraved by the Creator into every human conscience («natural law»), the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church transmitted by the Tradition. Anti-FM oath and anti-cult-of-the-person oath by all SEC leaders. 


6) PRESERVATION OF THE religious, cultural, artistic and architectural HERITAGE of every nation (especially of the church buildings). No to the wind turbines disfiguring progressively the received precious heritage to be transmitted to the future generations: our beautiful landscapes of France and Europe. 


7) ISLAM is to be tolerated, but not in public, nor under its most insidious shape: the massive silent and often illegal immigration. Interdiction of construction of mosques, except in case of a counterpart in the Moslem countries. 


8) FIGHT WITHOUT MONEY AGAINST THE POWER OF MONEY, our strength being first the prayer, then the Christian friendship, the action, and finally Internet. Our publicity? Our enemies will take care of it. Expenses for posters? No expenses, since PDF posters will be distributed to our militants by Internet. 


9) INTERDICTION OF MOTORCYCLES on the city streets, for reason of intrinsecal insecurity and nuisance, especially regarding aged people who suffer most of it. We say NO to the radars speed controls, symbol of the progressive Sovietization of the country. 


10) DON’T FORGET OUR DEAR ANIMALS, creatures as ourselves from the hands of God. No to the torture of animals, no to all cruelty at the time of their death (especially corridas), no to mass transports of livestock to slaughter houses! 


11) VARIOUS: The EMBLEM of the SEC movement will be the flag of the E.U., but with Christ's Cross in the center hole of the flag. – All of the SEC leaders must be practicing Catholics, since the Catholic Church is the main Christian denomination, acting by this fact in the name of all Christians. - SIGNING UNDER ALL SEC DOCUMENTS: O.A.M.D.G. (Omnia ad maiorem Dei Gloriam – Everything to the major Glory of God).”



Your suggestions to either modify or enlarge this program are welcome ( Our site, under section SEC, displays for your reflection an interesting collection of opinions from all sides and several countries, regarding our SEC project. Brain-storm meetings in Paris (December 8th, from 3 PM to 6 PM) and in Lyon (after the one in Paris) are maintained.



-         - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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