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- SWEDEN: Two surprising - even contradictory - news coming from Sweden. One is that the city of Skänninge (close to Vadstena, Catholic centre in the middle of this Protestant country) installed a particular «jail» close to an abbey of the 12th/13th century: it consists of 6 «monastic cells», with oratory, canonical hours, individual garden work etc., like in a monastery, in cooperation with the chaplain of the Brigittines of Vadstena. This is an information which merits to be meditated! NB: the order of the Brigittines, also called of the Saint Savior, was founded by Saint Brigit in 1346, precisely at Vadstena (diocese of Linköping). Brigit, a Swedish princess, was canonized 20 years after her death. Saint Brigit is up to the present day venerated in Scandinavia, with many pilgrimages to Vadstena. - The other news concerns the perfectly perverse action of Sweden in Central America where this country tried to impose abortion while threatening to withdraw its financial helps, notably to the countries Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Peru. NICARAGUA: here the war monger is the Swedish ambassadress Eva Zetterberg. The deputy Wilfredo Navarro declared on her behalf: «The Swedes have been exerting pressure and conditioning all of their aid on meddling, principally the ambassador Eva Zetterberg… The basis for removing Swedish aid is the topic of abortion. Zetterberg is an open sponsor of abortion in Nicaragua.”  Zetterberg herself went to the Nicaraguan Congress to witness the vote, which was seen by some as an act of intimidation. But this didn't prevent Nicaragua from choosing the total ban on abortion, including in cases of rape, malformation and incest. Zetterberg declared that this voting is to be considered as a great inconsistency, «given that the European cooperation is based on the promotion of human rights and respect for democratic liberties”. Here one can see to what point the European poison is being channelled into faraway countries while profiting from their lack of basic means. The financial aid of Sweden, which is of 21 million USS per year, was in fact cut off, but was, by the way, partially compensated by Switzerland which recently tripled its annual help to this country without linking it to some barbaric conditions (henceforth 17 million USD instead of 5 million USD). - The same criminal policies have been led by Sweden, still by the same mechanism of threats on the issue of abortion, facing the countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Peru. Fortunately no one of these countries gave up its moral principles facing these Swedish threats, even if henceforth they will be obliged to decrease their state helps to vital sectors like education and health. Honestly, the Swedish policy is ignoble. Write, you also, to the embassy of Sweden in your country. Say to the ambassador that this European Union begins truly to give us the qualm and that we shall draw the consequences of this fact! - (ru; cf. IV Sept.8, LSN Aug.30)  



- POLAND: The European Union was to vote that October 10th  of each year be installed as a European day against the death penalty. 26 countries, out of the necessary 27, already gave their agreement. Only one country resisted: Poland. It announced its veto, invalidating by this veto the initiative. Why? No, the Poles don’t want to reintroduce the death penalty, but to put on this occasion a necessary question. Krzysztof Bosak of the League of Polish Right (LPR, participating in the rightist coalition in power), member of the European parliament, declared on this behalf: «Death penalty is already illegal in the EU. Maybe it’s time to consider protecting the right to life of other social groups. Maybe it’s time to establish a European Day of Life to protect also the weakest and most innocent – children before birth, especially those diagnosed with a disability; they are exterminated on a mass scale across Europe; but also to protect the disabled who are already born, the sick and the elderly - to save them from the tragedy of death on demand, or euthanasia”, said Bosak. Moreover he stated: “I think it’s hypocritical on the part of the EU to promote abortion, destructive lifestyles and euthanasia, and at the same time to pretend to care about the right to life in only one case – death penalty.” It’s comforting yet to see some men standing upright and to see them act, in the very centre of moral perversion in Brussels, and in the middle of a sea of blood rising up from the biggest genocide of all times: abortion. - Finally hypocrisy won this battle: as the EU (27 European countries) was unable to vote unanimously, it’s the European Council (46 European countries) who finally voted this European Day against Death Penalty, because the European Council decides with simple majorities… - (ru; cf. LSN Sept.18, LN Sept 18).

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