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BELGIUM: On September 11th a peaceful demonstration against «the islamization of Europe» has been brutally suppressed by the Belgian police. It’s true that the socialist mayor of Brussels, a certain Freddy Thielemans, had forbidden this demonstration while invoking «the chaos and security threats». Of the 200 Belgians – and also some international members of the European Parliament - who dared to show up at the demonstration, 150 have been brutalized and brought to police custody, from where they were set free after 4 hours. Security, the mayor says? It was precisely to the police to ensure this one; in reality it’s the police of Brussels who created that day a barbaric insecurity in the streets of the European capital. The well known Slovakian politician Vladimir Palko intervened near the Belgian Government, via the Belgian ambassador in Slovakia, to protest against these brutalities. He stated: «Until today, I thought that something like this is possible only in Lukashenko’s Belarus, in today’s Europe. Moreover, I do not understand why it is forbidden in Brussels to demonstrate against islamization of Europe. Islamization of Europe is a serious problem. We can have various opinions and disagree about solutions needed, but it is highly important to freely discuss about them.” The Italian Government also intervened noisily, to the Belgian Government, by reason of the illegal arrest of its European Deputy Mario Borgezhio during this demonstration, asking where is gone the immunity of its deputies in Brussels. It is true that the brutalities which happened were incredible. Watch yourself the witnessing video on the site “”, where one sees deputies and chiefs of parties, notably of the Flaams Belangs party, which is the second Flemish party of Belgium, how they are thrown violently to the ground, and turned over for handcuffing them, and one even sees how Filip Dewinter, chief of this party, is taken from behind by the scrotum for immobilizing him, before being thrown on the ground. One doesn't believe his eyes. The deputy Slovakian Palko finishes his complaint to the Belgian Government in this way: «I hope that in future we will not hear about such events any more and that the European Union where we live together, will be an area of liberty, not a soft tyranny». Let’s leave this MEP to his utopias. For our part, we are in favour of the immediate creation of a new European party, 100% Christian, without compromises, to finish with this revolutionary spirit of demonic essence, brand 1789, which forced most of Europe under the henceforth totalitarian label “European Union”. This party will be called SEC (= Save Christian Europe). The site where you can know more about this project (sorry, in French only):, section SEC. - (ru; cf. LSN Sept. 12) 




CANADA: Homosexuals exaggerate a lot. Of how much? Judge by yourself: in Canada, the most advanced country on the subject (gay common law unions since 1999!), there are 45,300 homosexual couples, either fully «married», or in common-law union. Of this total, the «married» ones are only 7465, or 16.5 percent. Worse, in spite of homosexual activist claims saying that they represent 10 percent of the population, the homosexual couples, «married» or living in free common law union, are only 0.6 percent of all Canadian couples. This is in fact, on behalf of the defenders of sodomy - because it’s like that we must call them in order not to turn around the issue with purely intellectual words -, an imposture which we have to unmask. Because by not unmasking their extremely small number, they recover important public honours, organize parades, get nominations, or even such positions like mayor, parliamentarian or minister. To unmask, here are some realities: in Amsterdam, a survey of homosexuals until 30 years of age, published in AIDS 2003, reveals practices which are at least astonishing, if not self-explanatory: “single” homosexuals (dares one to say «celibates»?) meet every year on average 22 different partners, and homosexuals «with a steady partner» deal with 8 different partners per year, while knowing that a «steady link» doesn't last more on average than 18 months. Risks of infection by AIDS and other sexual diseases are therefore multiplied by 100, and risks to the general population as much. Let's push them back to the true place they are occupying: even not one percent, all the rest is imposture! One percent? That represents 1 RU issue every two years. So we shall not talk again about them before the year 2009... - (ru; cf. LSN Sept. 12)



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