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RU 35/2007 - Special edition: EUROPE

- SPECIAL EDITION (2 pages):


EUROPE : The European Union rejected – it’s by now a well known fact – any reference to Christianity in its founder documents. It’s definitive, because the deputy who gathered 200 members of the European Parliament, Dr. Joachim Wuermeling, who wanted to introduce this notion into the Convention of Giscard d’Estaing, declared in 2005 on Radio-Courtoisie that it was impossible to obtain, in that parliament, a sufficient majority, even for the milder formulation “Judeo-Christian roots”, particularly because of a “fierce resistance” of some French deputies. According to the word of Christ “Who is not for Me, is against Me”, it follows that the E.U. thus became a demoniac, if not satanic clique. Which is the basic tool of Satan? Lie. You can find lies everywhere on the political scene in Brussels. Let’s take for instance the issue they are fiercely occupied with, right now: the reform of the structures. Everything is lie. It’s sufficient to take any word in its opposite sense, and you’ll find the truth.


After the failure of the referenda in France and Holland on the Constitution, in 2005, they are preparing now a « simplified treaty » for October 2007. Well, it’s the exact contrary: it’s the “Sophisticated Constitution”. Because the exact content of the Giscardian Constitution which had been rejected, will be redistributed on the existing treaties by modifications (Maestricht, Nice…), or by cross-references which are by this way validated (especially the “Chart of the Fundamental Rights”). It’s a deceit of the French and Dutch peoples. Because of this sophistication and the – temporary – abandonment of some symbols (the word CONSTITUTION, the hymn of Beethoven etc.), the politicians feel free from the obligation to consult again the French people on the same text which it massively rejected already, and feel happy with a simple modification of the French Constitution between themselves, by calling the Congress to Versailles, probably doused with some hundreds of Rothschild Champaign. The trick worked, the people has been cheated, the mental fraud functioned, the French are snoring, the president is guarding: everything is all right, Madame Marquise! In the same way in Germany, Angela Merkel discovered the miracle solution (she declared that in English): “Keep the substance, change the words!” In one word: go and LIE! And everyone is applauding, right and left, France and Germany and everybody. Poor Europe!


The consequences will be desastrous. Here are some of them:


- The national Constitutions will be subordinated to the laws which will be elaborated in Brussels and Strasburg. – France will be absent from the European Commission during 5 years every 10 years. – The European decisions with a simple ‘qualified majority’ will be imposed to France and others. – The Union will have its own personality for making bow the recalcitrant members in more than 70 domains…


- Another example: the “Chart of Fundamental Rights”, which will be entirely taken over by the new treaty (under the form of a codified reference, it’s true, but fully validating them). Here also, the contrary is true: it’s in reality a BAN on Fundamental Human Rights. Let’s give some examples: the child to be born will never any more be able to be considered as a ‘person’ to be protected. – An ‘active discrimination’ will be set up favouring the total assimilation of homosexual unions to heterosexual marriage, including adoption of children. – It will become practically impossible to establish new confessional schools…


- Third example: the European “common defence”. The absolute contrary is true: Europe will be without any defence of its own, because tied up, hands and feet, to the directives of NATO, an institution which France, since de Gaulle, had rejected as a bloc during tens of years. One reads with stupor: “The common positions” (in defence matters) must be compatible “with the frame of NATO”. Good bye to the development of friendship with Russia, good bye to Europe “with two lungs” praised by John-Paul II, good bye to a vision of Christian Europe from east to west. All of this under the presidence of a cheated cheater who came from elsewhere, Nicolas Sarkozy. Not only general de Gaulle, but also Saint Lewis, Charlemagne, Jeanne of Orleans and Lewis XIII, for mentioning only those ones, would turn themselves in their graves.


Let’s adopt the pertinent conclusion which Mr Patrice ANDRE, from the association Promouvoir, drew on August 28th at the summer university of ICHTUS at the end of his conference on “the modificative treaty” which is to be signed in Brussels by this autumn: “With the process under way, this is no more a purely political issue: it’s dealing in reality about ideas of metaphysical content, aiming at transforming our continent, cradle of Christianity, into a modern spearhead for the merciless struggle which is going on  since always against God in favour of Man, when this one refuses his created nature. Much more than the founder fathers of the United States, those who detain today the power in Europe want apparently to accomplish a supernatural project; they realize this with an incredible tenacity, using all means, and especially duplicity, in order to arrive to their goals: it’s sufficient to listen to the incredible speeches which are pronounced here and there in order to make believe that France will be as sovereign and powerful in an integrated federal Europe as in a Europe of independent nations! Or the grim efforts which are employed for rejecting the Christian origin of Europe! “In deed, they want to make of the European Union the core of a global State including the whole world, under the whip of the Human Rights interpreted without God. In this sense, already Japan asked for joining the European Union (which bid has been bashfully rejected by the E.U., for the moment). Thus, the European Union will become the Union of European Origin and will have nothing anymore specially European. Its true name will be: BABEL.


Our answer can in no way be passivity. It’s necessary to create, now, a political tool, what they call a « party », totally Christian, in all European countries (belonging to the E.U. or not), so that the 70 percent of Christians that we are, may be able, with the grace of God, to brake the chains which are imposed on us by 30 percent of atheists who usurped the power in Paris, in Berlin and in Brussels…, for (re)founding finally Christian Europe which millions of men, women and children are waiting for, including the millions of babies face to abortion. You can consult on this subject of a new European 100 % Christian party SEC (Save Christian Europe!) on our site, file SEC (sorry, only in French).


But from where to take the force to fight against such a gigantic and superhuman – because demoniac – attack? From the supernatural Faith, Hope and Love which are spread in our hearts by the sacraments of O.L; Jesus Christ, which permit us to anticipate the contours of a fascinating, eternal and so much inspiring vision: THE KINGDOM OF GOD. - (ru; cf. PMC June 24, BG July 17, FD Aug.15, PA Aug. 28, IRE Aug. 31.) 

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -


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