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RU 34/2007 - USA, AUSTRIA

USA : The Holy Mass of all times (rite St Pius V) is making it’s comeback in various places. Even on TV. On September 14th, the very day of coming into effect of the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI of July 7th, will be live broadcast, over the whole world, a Latin solemn Mass by the American TV channel EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). Millions of Catholics will discover for the first time, on all continents, this “extraordinary” Mass which, though, was the daily bread of billions of Catholics since more than 4 centuries (Pius V), and even since 14 centuries (Gregory the Great). The Mass will be celebrated at the sanctuary of the Most Holy Sacrament at Hanceville/Alabama. EWTN invited the Priests Society Saint Peter to come all the way from their seminary at Denton/Nebraska: celebrant, deacon, sub deacon, acolytes, Gregorian choir etc. They will travel the pretty distance of 1000 miles to reach Alabama, go and back 2000 miles. – But what is EWTN ? It’s a marvellous adventure. A simple sister of the Franciscan order of Saint Clara tempted in 1981 a first video recording for a future Catholic television – in the garage of her convent in Alabama. Today her channel EWTN is the world’s largest private television chain : 124 employees, broadcasting on 24/24 hours, in English and Spanish. She uses for her channel 4 satellites: over the North-American continent, the South-American continent, Pacific Asia and Africa. Global audience: 118 million families, in 127 countries. Budget : 2 million USD per month « which arrive each month from the hands of God ». The focus is the teaching of the Catholic doctrine, and the liturgy is broadcast directly from the Saint Clara Monastery “of the Perpetual Adoration”, right next to the TV studios, of which Mother Angelica is the Superior. No politics, no charismatism, no ecumenism (there is a rumour that, when entering the studios, you will find a sticker: “No bishops; we are Catholics here!”). The talk shows of Mother Angelica have become famous: she, who is not a born conference speaker – she has been refused by several women monasteries when she wanted to become a sister -, she knows how to talk about God from heart to heart, and the modern man, especially the Americans, remain pasted to the TV screen when she appears for explaining the Gospel, the Psalms… So, on September 14th, it’s a Friday, the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, a solemn Holy Mass in the rite Pius V will be live broadcast by EWTN over the whole world, at 8 AM local time (ET), i.e. in Western Europe at 4 PM of the same day. One can look at that Holy Mass on the Internet site, by clicking on TELEVISION, and then on LIVE TV. Mother Angelica talked in her last book with admiration about the ancient liturgy, but did not dare to make it celebrate and broadcast on EWTN “by obedience”. Now the deadlock disappeared, and she jumps immediately on the occasion. There is nothing anymore which could embarrass her to chose henceforth the ancient liturgical rite for her Franciscan sister community, and this means for the daily Mass which is broadcast every day to the whole world by EWTN. Let’s see what will happen in the future. – (ru; cf. AC Aug.18).



Austria : The Apostolic nuncio to Austria, Mgr Edmond Farhat, who celebrates every year on the feast of the Holy Name of Mary a Mass in Vienna, will do it this year in the rite Saint Pius V which has been recently liberated by the pope. The Pontifical Mass will take place at the church of the Franciscans (address: Franziskanerplatz 4, Vienna) at 7 PM local time. Thus, it will take place only 2 days after the departure of the Holy Father from his pilgrimage to Austria. Here is, for your information, the schedule of the pope’s visit to Austria:


*Friday Sept. 7: arrival to the airport at 11.15 AM, welcome by the episcopate. At 0.45 PM encounter with the people of Vienna at the Mariensäule (Mary’s Column) in the centre of the city. At 1.30 PM by papamobile up to the Judenplatz, monument of the Shoah. In the afternoon the pope will go to the nuncio’s office where he will lodge during these 3 days. At 5.30 PM meeting with the president of Austria Mr Fischer, chief aborter (it’s the Mr “Simone Veil” of Austria). Then meeting with the Diplomatic Corps. Speeches.


* Saturday Sept. 8: by helicopter to the famous sanctuary of the Holy Virgin, Mariazell. At 10.30 AM Holy Mass on the esplanade in front of the Basilica. Dinner with the bishops. At 4.30 PM Vespers in the Basilica, with the clergy.


* Sunday Sept. 9 : At 10 AM Holy Mass in the cathedral Saint Steve in Vienna, then pontifical Angelus prayer in front of the cathedral. At 4 PM short visit to Heiligenkreuz, an ancient Cistercian abbey near Vienna, spiritual heart of the country. At 5.30 PM meeting with the Catholic social workers of Vienna. Return flight at 7.30 PM.


Nobody knows yet in which rite the Holy Father will celebrate his various Masses in Austria. Would he go for an extraordinary pilgrimage to Austria, for celebrating ordinary masses ? – (ru; cf. KN Aug. 3).



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