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RU 33/2007 - RUSSIA in demographic crisis

RUSSIA : President Putin is pursuing a radically pro-life policy in his country which is ravaged by the demographic decline. Russia, the largest country of the globe, has at present a population of 143 million people (cf. USA: 300 millions; E.U.: 495 millions with 27 member States). The fertility rate is actually of 1.17 children per woman, one of the lowest in the world, particularly because of a horrendous abortion practice: 1.5 million abortions are declared each year, against 1.6 million births; as it is known that a major portion of abortions are not declared, Russia is a country which is progressively expiring. The experts talk bout 700,000 inhabitants less per year, leaving certain villages in the northern and eastern regions of Russia like phantom areas. At the horizon of 2050, according to a recent report of the U.N., the population of Russia could well shrink by one third !


Putin took fully conscience of the demographic crisis and speaks often about it without concealing the reality. Yet in May 2007 he identified, during a public speech, the demographic crisis as the biggest problem of the nation, also with regard to the vital needs of the elder ones (retreat, care etc.). He introduced several measures, for instance in favour of adoptions (166 USD per month for each family which adopts a child), and especially a unique bonus of 9600 USD after the birth of each second child and any subsequent children. These measures are courageous, in a country where the average monthly salary is of 330 USD. In the practice, this subvention to fertility is being translated sometimes in an astonishing way: thus, the national youth movement NASHI, created by the Kremlin and loyal to it, encourages the young people to do more sex. In a summer camp 2007 which receives 10,000 Russian youths, there are even special dormitories called “Love Oasis”. By the way, there are no condoms available in the camp. The marriages are encouraged, and during the first week of the camp 25 marriages were celebrated, 11 marriages are announced for the second week etc… - Another example: in the region of Ulyanovsk, 400 km to the east of Moscow, September 12th 2007 is declared “Conception Day” by the regional government, and the workers can stay that day at home. Why? In order to permit them to win a very special competition: the couples who succeed to have a child birth 9 months later – i.e. exactly on June 12th 2008 which is the National Holiday – can win anything from cash prizes to refrigerators to cars.


All this is done in order to fight against the demographic decline, sure. But one can regret that Putin doesn’t dare to see the elephant which is in the room: ABORTION, the first cause of the programmed death of the nation. As long as abortion exists in the country, under all its shapes, including the so-called ‘contraceptive pills’ which are often deathly for the babies and which will soon arrive massively to Russia (up to now the common Russian women couldn’t afford such a ‘luxury’), the globalists will not miss to make die Orthodox Russia, as they already try to do so in France and other nations which are known for their Christian tradition.


In fact, the first country to authorize abortion was Russia, under Lenin in 1920. Stalin abolished it in 1936, as he looked for ‘meat for the cannons’. Khrushchev re-authorized abortion in 1955 “in order to avoid the secret abortions which are often fatal for the women”. Today, the Orthodox Church wishes the total abolishment of abortion, for religious and moral reasons, and also some nationalist parties for purely demographic reasons, like the party of Jirinovski who proposed “a ban of 10 years on abortion”. Putin doesn’t dare to address this issue, as he is possibly already held by the invisible masters of the globe. For this issue also it would be necessary to create a large new movement, a totally Christian party, without compromises – it’s our projet SEC (‘Sauvez l’Europe Chretienne” - Save Christian Europe), intended to act in generous and courageous way in favour of the abolishment of abortion in all of Europe, for the good of the nations, certainly, but above all for saving human lives which all possess, from conception, a soul created by God for enjoying, during eternity, the beatific vision of the Holy Trinity. – (ru; cf. LSN July 30, LNC Aug. 15).



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