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RU 32/2007 - FRANCE the country of pilgrimage

- FRANCE: The recently elected French president Sarkozy designated as “President of the Commission on the Obstacles to Economical Growth” the ancient personal adviser of President Mitterrand, the socialist Jacques Attali. Socialist, I say? Let’s remember that the biggest book of Karl Marx, founder of that red sect, has not by chance the following title: “The Capital”. For the Marxists, the man is nothing else than an economic entity, with this terrifying consequence: the one who doesn't produce, is worth nothing. Too bad for the unborn babies, and the older ones, and maybe soon: too bad for the disabled, the AIDS infected, the illegal immigrants, the jobless... Those paths towards death, notably towards euthanasia, have been consciously prepared by men like Jacques Attali, from his personal office in the Elysee Palace during the era Mitterrand. Already in one of his first books, the apostle of death Jacques Attali stated, according to "The Future of Life" by Michel Salomon (ed. Seghers, Paris), these abominations: "I believe that the important thing in life will no more be to work, but to be in a situation to consume, to be a consumer among other machines of consumption". - "I believe that in the logic even of the industrial system in which we are living, the prolongation of life is not anymore an objective intended by the logic of the power". - "As soon as one passes 60/65 years, men live longer than they produce and they are then expensive for the society". - "Indeed, from the point of view of the society, it is well preferable that the human machine stops brutally rather than to deteriorate progressively". - "One could accept the idea of prolongation of life expectancy, provided that one brings the old ones back to the market by their work contribution." - "I am objectively for my part, as a Socialist, against the prolongation of life because it is a lure, a false problem". - "Euthanasia will be, in any case, one of the essential instruments of our future societies. In a socialist logic, to start with, the problem is as follows: the socialist logic is the liberty, and the fundamental liberty is suicide; therefore the right of direct or indirect suicide is an absolute value in this type of society". – “Euthanasia will become an essential instrument of government.” – In 2006, in his last book, Attali persists, declaring again: “Men will be sold like machines”, and announcing “the arrival of the trans-humans”. - Conclusion: Is it not probable that the banalization of euthanasia will cause new intolerable practices? For example by inciting some young people to put, without being forbidden to do so, under the Christmas tree of their grandparents - or of yourself? - a pretty gift box 'Die in dignity', bought as a kit from the supermarket, including: 2 doses of a medical drugs 'guaranteed reliable and without pain', 2 bus tickets 'go only' to the crematory terminus, and 2 prepaid coupons for incineration ? Our Society is starting to die, drowning in a self-fabricated “culture of death”, frozen to death by the self-chosen icy absence of God. – (ru)  


France, again : Sign of hope, other forces are surging in France, in research not of a culture of death, but of life, and even of supernatural life. Here are some figures (given by Le Figaro of Aug. 15th, 2007) : in 2006 one could count, in the cathedral of Chartres, 1.1 million of tourists of which 250,000 pilgrims; at Rocamadour 900,000 tourists of whom 45,000 were pilgrims; at La Salette 200,000 pilgrims; at Mount St Michel 3 millions visitors of whom 240,000 were pilgrims (entering into the abbatial church); at Lourdes 8 million visitors; and in Paris : Notre Dame cathedral 12 million visitors, Sacré Cœur Basilica 8 million visitors, Rue du Bac (Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal) 2 million pilgrims (!), with a total frequentation of the sanctuaries of Paris of 20 millions. For comparison : The Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima attracts 4 million pilgrims per year – and the Eiffel Tour 6 million sightseers. – (ru)


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