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RU 30/2007 - AUSTRIA

- AUSTRIA: In Austria things begin to move in the Catholic Church. In front of the inactivity or even the failure of the bishops facing abortion - 200 Austrian babies are sacrificed every day on the altar of the 'human rights' -, it's an ex-president of the Committee of the Catholic Works of the Diocese of Graz, Dr Andreas Kirchmair, who raised strongly his voice in March 2007 by an open letter (cf. RU 18/2007) to his bishop Mgr. Kapellari, while accusing the bishops of Austria, with the exception of the diocese of Salzburg, of collaborating with the evil, for example while accepting honors and medals from the authorities of the state. Thus, on May 23rd, 2007, the bishop of Graz, Mgr Dr Egon Kapellari, and 4 other Austrian bishops accepted a distinction by the president of the Republic, Mr Fischer. It's yet this same Fischer who, in 1974 when he was the boss of the Socialists, had made the dirty work of Mrs Simone Veil in France: the introduction of abortion into Catholic Austria. The letter of Kirchmair of March brought about some result: even though his bishop didn't answer him directly, Mgr Kapellari requested in April 2007 from "all stationary and honorific collaborators" some "constructive ideas and propositions" for the pro-life fight. In this context, Dr Kirchmair has written again, in an open letter of July 25th, to his bishop while proposing many concrete measures, most of which apply also to the whole Church in Europe and elsewhere:

1) Dare to face realities: women and mothers let alone face to abortion; the baby without protection nor defense; the systematic discrimination of the single or non-married mother; the cowardly genitors; the wall of silence in the official Church and the Society; the traffic of money with abortion and foetus sold secretely to laboratories; lies from all sides; the developed countries which are rich because of abortion; the whole extent of the tragedy which is indeed an atrocious war, a genocide of a dimension never seen before. These realities require hard and simple measures of long duration.

2) Total change of route: clear and univocal words and acts; finish episcopal 'pro-life' palaver; refuse the 'wooden' language of the pharisees of the State ("interruption of pregnancy", "women's rights"); stop speaking solely of the mother, talk also about the baby, the father; don't protect yourself behind the mother's 'decriminalization', go to PROTECT and to HELP; stop the slogan "helping instead of punishing' serving to disguise the murder; speak the lucid language of the Gospel of Life !

3) Re-establish the Church's credibility: say your 'mea culpa' now, and not after 60 years (as you did for the preceding genocide)! Dare the rupture with cowardice; put acts of repentance; promote pro-life institutions and movements instead of cogitating about the necessity to repair church organs.

4) Bring back babies-to-be-born to the conscience: the birth is only an intermediate station in the life of the baby which begins with the conception; form some really Catholic counselors; review completely the concept of life in all Catholic schools, institutions and media; bless the pregnant women, and fathers; pray for the innocent babies which die by abortion, at every holy Mass; erect memorials and special tombs in all cemeteries (instead of letting the aborted babies disappear as 'special hospital garbage'); admit your 'silent collaboration'.

5) Promote the pro-life movements: appraise them, frequent them, listen to them; support them by all means (financial, spiritual, mediatic ones); encourage common actions, federate them for efficient synergy; help to foster mutual understanding, to eliminate tensions.

6) Act against the pressure which is put on pregnant women and their babies: this pressure is enormous, from the physicians, enterprises, legislators, media, parents, families...; stop leaving alone the women with the crushing responsibility of abortion; PROTECT them since the baby's conception, with all means of a modern State, Church and Caritas; make the State to become again a State of justice towards the weakest; punish everyone helping a woman to abort; organize in all parishes SOS MOTHERS welcoming women in distress; stop saying "yes but", and RUSH TO OFFER HELP!

7) Wake up the genitors: every baby has a father and a mother, even the child-to-be-born, but before the law, the fathers practically don't exist any more; speak to men in conscience and push them to ACT as responsible fathers; show examples; change ideas radically!

8) Operate pro-baby actions in the public domain, because it's in the public domain that countless anti-baby acts are committed! Organize prayer vigils in front of abortion mills; refuse demonstratively honors which are granted by the public authorities which are all abortionists; excommunicate Catholic pro-abortion physicians, jurists, deputies, ministers, journalists, professors ! Go to help the women who aborted and regret it... , and pray; it's absolutely necessary that this massacre stops! - (ru; cf. AK 28.7.)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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