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- GERMANY: Who is Angela Merkel? She was not born in Eastern Germany, but in Western Germany, in Hamburg, in 1954. Daughter of a Communist (!) Lutheran pastor, the latter moved 2 months after Angela's birth to the Communist paradise, the German Democratic Republic. There she did the standard course of the youths of Eastern Germany: first she entered into the 'Pioneers' (youth movement controlled by the Communist Party), then to the FDJ (Communist youth). Since that time she speaks fluently Russian. She studied physics at the Karl-Marx university of Leipzig, then she got in 1986 her doctorate on the thesis "Reactions of the elementary particles of hydrogen". Very feminine! She stated that she endeavored to keep a low profile, and never really joined the Party. Not really, you understand. After the fall of the wall, she quickly moved to the West, the country of economic liberty which she adored so much. She got married a first time, at the age of 26, to a scientist whose name is Ulrich Merkel - thence her present name - no children. Five years later she divorced, and lived then in free cohabitation and finally marriage in 1998 - yielding to the pressure from the CDU which criticized her free and un-Christian life style. Her new spouse is an east-German physicist, Joachim Sauer, himself divorced and 2 children, and her tutor when she prepared her thesis. Angela Merkel, chief of the 'CDU', currently Chancellor of the 'CDU' (Christian Democratic Union), divorced woman, without children, what is her doctrine likely to be? "Liberty; initiative; individual responsibility; competition... " Her ministers? In her cabinet there are 14 ministers, plus herself. The parity would normally require 7 red ministers, and 7 ministers of the CDU in this 'big coalition'? You didn't get the point: there are 8 red ministers, and 6 ministers of the CDU/CSU. Compromises and combinations, that's her strength, her only only intention being personal success! People are saying in Germany: "Leave Angela in a swimming pool alone with a piranha; only the fishbones will be left"... Chosen by Helmut Kohl as minister of the family (!) and to lead his party, the 'Mädchen', as he liked to name her, betrayed him immediately when exploded the affair of illegal financing of the CDU. Did you say 'Christian Democratic Union'? - One positive point: when she took the official oath in the Bundestag a week ago, she finished by the formula "Mit Gottes Hilfe" (with God's help), option that the socialist Schröder had always refused. There is a small hope. Otherwise nothing new from the eastern front. - (ru; cf. LF 11/2005)


- LIECHTENSTEIN: A referendum on November 27th on the question if the Constitution should protect life "from the conception until natural death" got 81,3 percent of 'NO' ballots. Yet both the Catholic Church, by the voice of archbishop Haas, and the Principality, by the voice of Prince Alois, had strongly engaged in this referendum while recommending the 'YES'. Against were 23 of the 25 deputies, the government and all three political parties. The Constitutional Court of Zürich had well diagnosed that, in case of a 'YES', it would be logical to forbid abortion, the pill of the next day, the spiral etc. This was too much. The people voted massively against. What is left are the poor aborted babies, suppressed and forgotten. - But Princess Sophia, who is from Bavaria, wife of Prince Alois, intervened 2 days before the referendum: she announced that she would establish a foundation, richly endowed by the Prince's house, to come to the rescue - especially financially - for women facing abortion. She declared her objective that "no woman in Liechtenstein should have to consider abortion for economic reasons". This courageous Princess declared that the foundation would be established independently of the result of the referendum. There is a Princess who takes care of the protection of more than orchids and butterflies. SOS MOTHERS (France) encouraged this initiative immediately and proposed its services to Princess Sophia, in the frame of its limited possibilities. - (ru; cf. TB Nov. 28)


- AUSTRIA: The Austrian State has just awarded a prize to the prodigal artist Hermann Nitsch. This 'artist' wallows in rubbish, makes the visitors of his 'actions' walk in bowels, crucifies living persons on carcasses of oxen and pigs, and other specialties. The auxiliary bishop of Salzburg, Mgr Andreas Laun, protested: "Why award a price to these orgies and 'liturgies' with blood and bowels? ... Politicians, they say, listen to the people's opinion. Do they really? Not so, when they favour the E.U.-membership of Turkey. Not so, when they state that it's necessary to give to the homosexuals the same privileges as to the married couples and families. Not so... when they award such prizes. Do you realize they are spending the money of people who feel sick faced with the 'art' of Mr. Nitsch? Why wouldn't the people understand anything? Furtwängler said: "Not the individual, but the public as a whole understands a lot!" Bizarre, why don't politicians listen to the people whom they are representing and by whom they want to be reelected? One will call me ignorant in art, because I don't consider as 'art' what Mr. Nitsch is doing? It's true, but if the price for me to be considered as adequate implies that I must submit to the politically correct, I renounce with a big thank you. No, I use my liberty and I say NO to this award to Nitsch. To this art one can apply the king's word in "Alice in Wonderland": "If there is no sense in this, it saves us a lot of work, because in that case it's not necessary to look for one". - Bravo Your Excellency! - (ru; cf. KN Nov. 25)

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